101 Ways to Make Money Online

Making Money... Literally

Making money online is easy… well not as easy as the pic suggests :)

Think you’ve got to be a web genius to make money on the Internet? Think again. There are tons of ways to make money on the Internet and here are just a few to chew on. The “MMO” possibilities are infinite on the world wide web. Pick one and make it happen.

1. Ecommerce: sell your product on eBay or your very own website

2. Affiliate Marketing: sign up free with networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare and Shareasale

3. Graphic Design: learn the basics and charge for service

4. Writing: charge webmasters for your content (use Elance or oDesk)

5. PayPal: ask friends or site visitors to donate to your account

6. Blogging: monetize by putting up ads that are relevant to your content

7. Create a Membership Site: charge for your content or services

8. Email List Marketing: sell your product to the contacts you buy

9. Create AdSense Sites: any website can bring in nominal ad revenue

10.  Sell Domains: buy domains that will accrue value over time, sell at a premium later

11.  Self-publish a Book: sell it on Amazon or to an eReader publisher

12.  Create a Recurring Podcast: put it for sale on iTunes

13.  YouTube: become a partner

14.  SEO: use your personal or professional experience to charge for consulting

15.  Online Consulting: start a company and recruit clients

16.  Create a Web Tool: like a plugin or WordPress theme

17.  Crafting: sell your homemade goods online at sites like Etsy

18.  Photography: sell stock photos online at istockphoto.com

19.  Journalism: write for a respected news magazine or paper online

20.  Fiverr.com: sell any service for $5

21.  Transcription: transcribe audio files for cash

22.  Create a Viral Video: promote it on TubeMogul.com

23.  Tutoring: teach others another language or skill online for a cost

24.  Build Niche Websites: sell them on Sitepoint Marketplace

25.  Promotion: help build local business online for a fee

26.  Software Installation: offer help online for a small price

27.  Interviewing: know any interesting professionals? Conduct interviews and sell them

28.  Get Creative: create and sell Twitter and MySpace backgrounds and ebook covers

29.  Are You Musical?: record a song then sell downloads online

30.  Use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: Get paid for doing HITs – Human Intelligence Tasks

31.  Life Coaching: it’s a great service to sell online

32.  Virtual Assistant: web workers need people to do their grunt work

33.  Be a Reviewer: sites will pay for reviews with cash or goods

34.  Build a Twitter Network: then sell your tweets to marketers

35.  Mystery Shopping: sign up, review, and get paid online

36.  Craigslist: great place to offer a service for a fee (think driving, painting, etc.)

37.  Logo Design: create some logos and sell them at places like digitalpoint forums

38.  Surveys: online survey houses pay in gift cards and cash for your time and input

39.  Get Design Savvy: sell your talent to t-shirt and promotional companies

40.  Good at Games?: build up a MMORPG account and sell or trade it

41.  Reward Programs: you can earn cash by shopping like usual

42.  Love Social Networking?: sell your expertise to small companies

43.  Directory Sites: set up a local business directory online

44.  Photo Editing: get good at Photoshop and sell your editing services to brides and photographers

45.  Forums: charge to host or moderate online forums

46.  Focus Groups: researchers are always looking for participants and usually pay

47.  Become an Expert: be the best in some online field then charge for appearances or instructional lessons

48.  Data Entry: work from the keyboard at home and earn cash

49.  Develop Software: if you find it useful, someone else will, too (and they’ll pay!)

50.  Translate: if you speak another language, translate documents online

51.  Become a Tester: review things like games, websites and software

52.  Blog Commenting: be a paid contributor

53.  PLR Articles: write Private Label Rights articles and resell them

54.  Be a Promoter: sell your social networking abilities for a fee

55.  Jury Duty: become an online juror

56.  Create Videos: offer to create videos for weddings, retirements and corporate functions

57.  Take Good Lecture Notes: then sell them online to fellow students

58.  Be an Editor: sell proofreading or editing services on the web

59.  eMagazine: start a monthly web publication and eventually charge for membership

60.  Apps: create and monetize a mobile phone app

61.  Admin: perform network administration services remotely

62.  Become a Critic: review a local field on a personal blog and trade the advertising for things like free meals or movie tickets

63.  Provide Research: do the legwork and fact-checking for people

64.  Email Handling: find someone to pay you to sort and respond to emails

65.  Create a Design Template: sell it at sitepoint.com or digitalpoint.com

66.  Illustrate: sell your designs online or to production houses

67.  AV Expertise: sell your audio/visual production services

68.  Voiceovers: offer your voice online for the blind

69.  PowerPoints: create professional PowerPoints for business and students

70.  Site Audit: offer to perform a content and SEO audit of a website in need of updating

71.  Create Link Bait: design Infographics or Top 10 Lists then offer them to relevant businesses

72.  Customer Support: perform job duties online from home

73.  Tech Support: know a lot about computers? Offer 24/7 tech support for a fee

74.  Order Processing: businesses will pay you to perform these tasks

75.  Move Websites: Offer to migrate website files or databases like websitemovers.com

76.  Blog for Fun: blog daily about something you love to build a valuable audience

77.  Multi-Level Marketing: build and SEO a site to garner MLM interest and signups

78.  Install CMS: help people install things like WordPress

79.  Join Pay To Surf Programs: Yes, some companies pay you for this

80.  Telemarketing: all you need is a phone and an Internet connection

81.  The Big Idea: sell a service through your niche website and take a percentage like SendUsOff.com

82.  Sell Keyword Research: learn Google Analytics and crunch some numbers

83.  Recipes: love to cook? Sell your recipes to food websites

84.  Online Newsletter: offer to create, update and run a company’s monthly newsletter

85.  Get Online: if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar company, it’s time to get rolling on an online component

86.  Invest: research and trade stocks online day to day for quick returns

87.  Personal Shopper: online shop for people for a fee

88.  Job Counseling: help searchers find jobs in a specific field

89.  Be the Middleman: if you’ve got the inroads, connect buyers to sellers (think linkedin.com)

90.  Sweepstakes: the law of averages says if you enter tons of online contents, you’ll eventually win

91.  Wake-up Call: offer to email or call in reminders to people like a personal secretary

92.  Build a Database: fill it with useful info and sell it at odditysoftware.com

93.  How-To Videos: educate people (think: dog training, baking, make-up application) through videos you lace with paid ads

94.  Swap: use networking or classified sites to barter and trade goods

95.  Shop for Cash: utilize online promotions to score gift cards and cash discounts when you shop

96.  Link Broker: become a link dealer for SEO and webhosting companies to use

97.  Sell Domains: offer to help manage the resale of unused websites for a commission

98.  Map Sites: Update map information regularly in exchange for credits that can be used as cash

99.  Summarize: read books and watch movies then summarize for sites like SparkNotes.com

100. Travel: offer to be a paid online travel reviewer for sites like Frommer’s or Lonely Planet

101. Media Monitoring: have companies pay you to monitor their online media mentions

Alex Sumerall

Alex Sumerall's work appears at AlexSumerall.com.


  1. Ivin

    Hello Emory/Team.

    This is quite a comprehensive and creative list. I have recently puit together a package where I put up a website/blog with social media profiles, rowing it and ranking posts offering services. I hope it works well.

    P.S. I love 101 lists and the ones I posted proved very popular. Good luck with this one, I am confident this post of yours will do well.

    • Emory Rowland

      Hi Ivin, Thanks, I enjoyed this 101 list as well. I’d like to publish other lists like this in the future.

    • KenB

      A great list for anyone who would like to try some of them out for making some money. Who knows, one might be able to make a lot of money.

  2. Chris

    The picture may suggest making money, but doing so illegally will not get you far in the real world. In addition to that witty observation, I think you have a compiled an excellent list of methods to making money online. I myself have explored multiple different avenues to making money online. I think it is so appealing because we can do these things generally from the comfort of our own home, and hopefully the money made can add to the money we already make from our day job.

    For better and for worse, I have sort of been pigeonholed into looking for avenues to make money online because a few months ago I lost my job, then was stricken with some medical problems which have rendered me relatively useless to society; and even worse I am not really able to go outside or “do anything”, especially for longer periods of time (over 20 minutes).

    To add, I did think you had some unique ways to make money on here. I especially noticed how you can build up a character in an online video game, then sell that character. That is really thinking outside the box, and if you look online you can see that working out very well for some sellers. Very interesting!

    • Emory Rowland

      @ Chris Sorry to hear about the medical issues keeping you indoors. Looks like you are keeping busy. IMHO, I think a lot of folks are still sitting on the sidelines and not leveraging the Internet for extra revenue, especially in the case of passive income that one can get from doing something as simple as maintaining a blog with AdSense.

    • Jamie Hord

      Anshe Chung built up a second life account and sold it for over $1 million USD and that lead to her getting a real life home based job as a manger for some business. Look it up. She is also in the World Genius Records as “The first virtual millionaire”

  3. Michael Hoppal

    Good starting list of ideas for making money online. Would have liked a little more detail, but I can’t fault the quantity here.

  4. I am definitely using some of these progressive ways to make money online one as a graphic and website designer and craigslist :)

  5. Ronnie Libra

    Personal Shopper would be interesting. I know this girl who seemed to do very well shopping for other people, and it wasn’t even online.

    Do you have any info on this or did you just shoot out the ideas?

    Ronnie Libra

  6. I have tried some things that you included on the list especially the blogging and other stuff. But I still have to try the amazon turk, make a review on games or selling expertise to small companies. I am not sure if there is available mystery shopping job in my location. Thanks for the interesting list.

  7. Emory Rowland

    Just noticed that reselling web hosting didn’t make the list. Lot’s of money has been made that way. And costs can be kept low as well.

  8. Ron Wagner

    Thanks for your list!

  9. Jobert R.

    There are lots of different ways to make money online, as long as you got the skills and talent. Working online is a great way to earn with flexible time. I also earn money online as a virtual assistant for a year now. One way you need to do when working online is to manage time effective, which allows you to do meet client’s deadline and expectation. The more tasks you’ve done for clients the more you can earn money. You could look for clients on different freelancing sites like oDesk.com, Staff.com or even on social media like Twitter or LinkedIn.

  10. This is 101% true man. nice blog post great!

  11. Look

    Great!…It seems that we got a bunch of ways to earn money online. Thanks for informative share!

  12. Awesome!!! It shows that there are several ways to earn money on internet. It does not require any special training or skills only your will to do things religiously. People may get distracted while going thru all 101 ways but they have to realize that which particular area they feel comfortable. Once you do that then just focus it and start doing the things… Believe me you will get success very soon.
    Thanks Emory once again for such a nice post…. hope see lots more in future..

  13. Sam

    You just devalued my degree and my profession (with number 3). Being a graphic designer is more than “just learning the basics”. I am offended by this and surprised that other designers have not responded in a similar manor to what was said. What you said is like me saying “just go learn the basics of dentistry and set up shop and you will make lots of money”. I am should (and will) report you to the AIGA and do everything in my power to make sure that people don’t visit clickfire.com. This is asinine!

    • Emory Rowland

      Sorry you’re offended but there’s really no need to be. I don’t speak for the writer, but I am pretty sure by “learn the basics” he didn’t mean one should bill themselves as a having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. There are plenty of talented people who cannot afford a degree. If there is a demand for their services, why should they forfeit that right?

      • Sam

        I agree that there are plenty of talented people in the world, and they may even have some talent in the world of Graphic Design, however I have seen this time and time again the value of what I do devalued. I have had time after time clients come to me to get a bid on work i.e. logo, website, video production, any printed piece and was appalled that I was going to charge them $50.00 per hour when they said that their _________ (fill in the blank; brother, sister, friend, someone they know) would do it for 10 or 15 bucks. These people don’t bill themselves as having a BFA, but because the can afford to buy a Mac and have Photoshop Elements they are a designer. Now I am in education, and I don’t want to hold anyone back from becoming a Graphic Designer/Artist. In-fact some of my best Designer friends have had no formal training in the field of Graphic Art. However they have put in the time. They didn’t just get on some photoshop tutorial site and “learned the basics”. They went into the field did some internships, worked at a local print shop, got involved etc. Not only did most of these people have a natural talent for Design, but the also put in the time. Learning the basics is only part of becoming a great designer. If a person is willing to put in the time (weather it be in school or just by gaining the experience through a lot of hard work) then I would be willing to hire them as a designer. I guess I am trying to say that the Author makes it sound SO nonchalant that anyone can do it to make a buck. NOT EVERYONE CAN BECOME A DESIGNER. IT TAKES MORE THAT AN APPLE AND A COPY OF THE CS SUITE (OR CC) TO BECOME A GRAPHIC ARTIST!

        • lee

          Sounds like a classic example of an industry with very low barriers to entry. Don’t air your dirty laundry on here because you decided to pursue a degree in art.

        • Matt

          I am in graphic design as well, now teaching it at the local college but prior to this I worked at a news station. There are different tiers of experience, but the honest truth is this: I went to college for design and worked my butt off to get where I am, but here recently I taught my wife a handful of adobe products and Boom! She is turning out designs better than some of those I worked with in this industry. The truth is that you can be a graphic designer very easily, experience and expertise is what comes with time/degree. People get what they pay for, dont be salty that the author of this article wants to mention the truth about graphic design. Honestly, the more rookies that get into the industry only make the more experienced designer look better resulting in a higher value in your work.

  14. Louis Cordero

    Great idea and with your permission, I will share you impressive list with my blog and give you complete credit for writing the list.
    I will reference that you posted it on stumbleupon.

    I know that there will quite a few people who will benefit from your work.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Emory Rowland

      Louis, So glad you liked the post! If you want to publish an excerpt, say the first 10 and give us credit through a link, that’s fine by me. Best of luck with your blog!

  15. The Improver

    Next time sort them by effort versus money earned.

  16. saleemulla

    i’m interested in selling photographs, would you be kind as keep me informed more about the photographic selling business. i’ll br grateful.

  17. Hi,
    exhaustive list. I am a programmer.
    do you know how to sell a program online.
    particularly what to sell.

  18. Emory Rowland

    Hi vinodh, have you considered listing it on software sites? Upload.cnet.com for example.

  19. Hi, nice long list of ways to make money online. I personally use Blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

  20. Great ideas! I run my own money making blog and it is great to see that making extra money is becoming more popular, instead of getting into debt! I have to say that you’ve given me a few new ideas! Thanks.

  21. Rhonda Harris

    That is quite an extensive list. Thanks!

  22. Hi Alex Sumerall,

    i am using some of them! great idea i will take points from here so that will earn more.

    Thanks for share such a good post.

  23. Ben

    Sam, sounds to me like you’re upset that people don’t need degrees anymore to get work. I don’t have any college experience. Never will. And I own two businesses. I’m an entrepreneur who hires unqualified people who are passionate about their work. They’re the ones that work the hardest. I have found time and time again that people with degrees (not all) tend to have a sense of entitlement. But people without tend to work twice as hard because they know once they have the job, they’ll do whatever they have to do to keep it. So… Stop whining. If people without degrees are doing good work for less money, that just means you’ll have to up your game buddy.

  24. sabujmia

    The make money online system is a very nice and powerful way of earning. I hope that I earn money online.

  25. Dean Bailey

    There is no such thing as a fast way to make money.

  26. SEO is a quik and easy way to earn money online

    • Emory Rowland

      Abdullah, I’m curious to know what are you doing to get quick and easy results with SEO these days?

  27. Ikram Haq

    Well done Chris. You have given me a few ideas. Most intelligent people would know of these ways of making money, but it’s nice to share together in this list format. A good reminder

  28. mdredwan

    Thanks for the effective and helpful post. By reading your post I have a great idea about kind of online earnings, especially SEO sector was very helpful. Thanks the owner of the site who has invented a effective site about types of online earnings.

  29. wallace phillips

    great article it didn’t dawn on me all the ways to earn online

  30. ikram haq

    Thanks for compiling this list. It is a good reminder for any person

  31. AS an SEO expert I do agree with the point about SEO consultancy, its all about experience it..

  32. I will show you real money make site.

  33. Great little list you have here. Keep it up.

  34. Great list, I will definitely try to upload viral video and make some money out of it.

    Good list buddy.

  35. Awesome list I ever seen. You have listed all the way to make money online. Thank for sharing this list.

  36. Joseph P. Chrzaszcz

    I know there is money on-line, at least to make a living. Just confused in which way to go, Blogging, stories, etc. I am retired not by choice. Well the reason I wrote is there anything to be done to make a small living.

    So my question to you would be, if you were just starting out and had know clue of what to do, what you do to start all over again. Is there any advice except become a expert on the subject or material I would like to sell to make a small profit. Everyone tells me the same thing become a expert at what you do. So again if you were just starting out with no training where would you start?

    • Emory Rowland

      Joseph, you don’t have to become an expert in an entire field. You could approach it this way, become extremely proficient in a particular software or tool. For example, you might become a master of a popular WordPress theme and offer customization services. Or become proficient in a certain SEO software like AHREFs or RavenTools and offer backlink analysis. Lots of possibilities out there.

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    Own and operate your own online real estate company and yes. List your customers homes everywhere even on licensed MLS Listing sites.
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  38. Sheri

    Hi , I do agree with all points, they all look quite practical and result oriented.

  39. That is quite the list of ways to make money. Thank you for posting this article. My favorite method is affiliate marketing.

    • Emory Rowland

      Justin, that’s my fave as well. Nice pic of you and Neil Patel on your site :)

  40. Sawaram Suthar

    Hi Emory,
    These are really good ways to make money, but if could describe in detail will make more sense. Customer support, blogging and Twitter are again good ways to make money online. I am making lots of money using my internet marketing blog – thenextscoop.com

  41. jeff thomson

    The animated video production for the online people is also a good way to make money online

  42. Hi,
    Wow ,thank you for sharing such useful list for different carrier ways.I am also working in digital marketing,but even i also don’t have an idea for such possible ways to earn money in digital marketing.

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