101 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

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With no doubt, WordPress is the most popular content management system. Even if you are not a WordPress developer, there are lots of opportunities to make a living with WordPress. Get inspired with these 101 ways to make money with WordPress.

  1. Sell themes on theme marketplace: Build a premium theme and sell it on marketplaces like Themeforest.net
  2. Sell themes on your own website: Recommended reading: What I learned selling WordPress themes independently.
  3. Start a theme club: Build a theme marketplace and invite developers to upload themes on your directory. Make money by taking a specific percentage of the amount for the themes you’re selling.
  4. Donation: Create free themes or plugins and start accepting Paypal donations.
  5. Support: Create a free commercial theme and charge for premium support.
  6. Upgrades: Create a free theme and promote premium theme upgrades.
  7. Theme marketplace: Build a theme marketplace and invite developers to upload themes on your directory.
  8. Theme that supports a specific plugin: Create a theme that support a specific plugin and sell it on their marketplace. For example, here’s how Woocommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce plugins features supported themes on their marketplace.
  9. Allow reselling your theme: Offer your premium themes for free exclusively to premium membership site subscribers.
  10. Sell plugins on marketplace: Create a premium WordPress plugin and sell it on marketplaces like CodeCanyon.net
  11. Sell from admin panel: Promote your premium plugins by inserting a promo link inside a free plugin.
  12. Installation: Create a free plugin and charge separately for installation. Read more about providing premium installation for a free plugin.
  13. Sell plugins on your website: Create a premium WordPress plugin and sell it on your own website.
  14. Sell add-on: Instead of creating a fully featured plugin, create small add-on plugins to sell separately.
  15. Accept add-ons: Invite third-party developers to create premium add-on plugins in order to extend the features of your popular plugin. You can even take a percentage of the sales of those add-on plugins if it is sold from your website.
  16. Develop add-ons: Create add-on plugins (extensions) for popular plugins and sell it on their marketplace. For instance, Woocommerce invites third-party developers to develop add-ons for the popular Woocommerce plugins. Here’s how to develop an extension for Woocommerce.
  17. Sell upgrades: Create a free theme or plugin and upload it to the WordPress.org official repository. Promote the proprietary version using the free products and make money by selling the proprietary version.
  18. Deal: Network with other plugin authors and sell both of your plugins under a deal.
  19. Affiliate marketing to clients: Earn affiliate commission by promoting premium plugins to your clients who have hired you. In this post, Syed Balkhi explains why you should promote premium plugins to your clients rather than using your license key for installing it on the client site.
  20. Premium support: Create a free plugin and provide paid support.
  21. Freemium SaaS plugin: The popular plugin Akismet is an example for freemium model SaaS plugin.
  22. Crowdfunding: Have an idea about a groundbreaking WordPress project? Then, why not to seek money for the project using crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.com?
  23. Plugin customization: Customize your free plugin for a client as per his unique requirement.
  24. Offer a money back guarantee: Sell a plugin with a limited time money back guarantee.
  25. Build portfolio: A lot of developers build themes and plugins for free to boost up their portfolio. This strategy helps them to promote their premium priced services to their clients.
  26. Different pricing packages: Create a premium theme with different pricing packages. OptimizePress is an example for selling themes under different pricing packages.
  27. Sell extended license: By selling an extended license for your WordPress products, you are allowing a purchaser to use it on his own products and to list the product for sale as well. Usually, there will be a huge price difference between a regular license and an extended license. For example, a regular license of this popular WordPress template on Themeforest.net is sold for $49 whereas an extended license is sold for $2450.
  28. Become a WP database expert: Become a database expert in a WordPress company. You should possess great programming skills and be proficient in open source data systems like MySQL.
  29. Website review: Offer a WordPress website review and help customers improve their SEO and UX.
  30. Product review: If you know WordPress inside out and have built a few popular WordPress products, you might be a good fit to offer a paid WordPress products review.
  31. Conversion review: Offer a conversion rate review for WordPress websites and help your customers optimize and increase the conversion rate.
  32. Become a WordPress developer: Join a WordPress based company as a developer. Proficiency in PHP and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript is a must. Learn more here: How to become a top WordPress developer.
  33. Find WordPress jobs on Jobs.WordPress.net: Are you a WordPress expert? Find and apply for jobs on jobs.WordPress.net under these categories: design, development, migration, writing, etc.
  34. Support engineer: WordPress companies are actively looking for candidates to craft and edit support documentation and assist their users by providing live or email support.
  35. Find WordPress jobs on WPHired.com: Find part-time or full-time WordPress job opportunities on WPHired.com. You can find a job in design, development, migration and writing categories.
  36. Mobile developer: As the web is shifting more towards mobile, there is a huge demand for mobile app developers in WordPress companies.
  37. Theme designers: If you’re good at Photoshop, HTML and CSS, you might be a good fit for joining a WordPress team as a designer.
  38. UI designer: Become a user interface designer in a WordPress company. Recommended reading: Becoming a UI designer. Integrating with WordPress UI: The basics.
  39. Sell WordPress templates: WordPress theme is an entire collection of templates, scripts, and functions that stands as a skin of your WordPress site whereas WordPress template defines a part of a web page. For e.g. index.php, single.php are default WordPress templates. You can make money by selling WordPress templates on your own site or on marketplaces like Themeforest.net
  40. Tester: Become a Quality assurance tester of a WordPress theme company.
  41. Join a startup as a WordPress expert: Interested in working for startups? You can find WordPress related jobs on startups here.
  42. Blog setup: Offer WordPress blog setup service that includes installing WordPress, setting up a domain name and installing necessary WordPress plugins.
  43. Refer a service: You shouldn’t be doing what you’re not good at. So if you are a developer, why don’t you refer designing services to your friend and earn a commission for the referral.
  44. Blog migration: Switching between blogging platforms is common. Make money by offering blog migration service to your clients. Learn how to move from Blogger.com to WordPress and WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.
  45. Maintenance service: Offer a WordPress maintenance service. Learn about various WordPress maintenance services here.
  46. SEO services: Offer SEO services specifically to WordPress websites. Tom Dupuis makes a full-time income by offering WordPress specific SEO services.
  47. PSD to WP: Offer PSD to WordPress theme development.
  48. Design & development: Offer customized theme design and development services.
  49. Plugin development: Offer customized plugin design and development services.
  50. Landing pages: Offer customized WordPress specific landing pages design and installation services.
  51. Retainer contract: Convince your regular customers to sign up for a retainer contract for their WordPress website and hosting maintenance.
  52. WordPress-Nginx setup: Nginx server is well known for its high efficiency. Offer WordPress installation on Nginx server.
  53. Create a gig on Fiverr.com: Sell WordPress related gigs on Fiverr.com.
  54. Offer services on Codeable.io: Build your profile on Codeable.io and start selling WordPress on it.
  55. List services on Envato Studio: List and sell your WordPress services on Envato Studio. From basic WordPress installation to advanced theme customization, you can offer any kind of WordPress services there.
  56. Bidding site: Start your freelancing career on bidding sites such as Upwork.com.
  57. Remote job: Find remote WordPress jobs from websites like RemoteOK.io or WeWorkRemotely.com
  58. Turn your blog into a WordPress service hub: You shouldn’t necessarily be a developer to offer WordPress related services. If you have been using WordPress for awhile, chances are you might be good at something in WordPress, be it setting up WP blogs or moving blogs from one host to another. Whatever you’re good at, you can make money by offering it on your blog.
  59. Upsell: Upselling is a process of selling add-on services or products to your existing customers. For example, if someone hired you for designing, you can convince them to hire you for development as well.
  60. Build a Membership site: Make money by turning your WordPress site into a membership site. Here is a perfect guide to start a profitable membership site with WordPress. For inspiration, read how to get first 1000 paying customers for your membership site.
  61. Sell WordPress development courses: Sell WordPress courses on your own website like Pippinsplugins.com
  62. Ebook: Offer WordPress ebook and sell it on your website
  63. Video: Sell premium WordPress videos on YouTube. Read more here.
  64. Sponsored review: Write paid reviews for WordPress products on your blog. WP Mayor makes about $99 per post for publishing a sponsored post/ review on their blog.
  65. Lynda.com: Offer WordPress training videos on Lynda.com.
  66. Instructor on Tuts+: Join as a WordPress instructor on Tuts+. You can apply to become an instructor on Tuts+ here.
  67. Monetize: Build your self-hosted WordPress blog and monetize it with advertisements.
  68. Make money from WordAds: Blogging on WordPress.com? How about monetizing your blog with WordAds?
  69. Affiliate marketing: Make money by promoting WordPress products using affiliate marketing.
  70. Udemy: Create WordPress lessons on Udemy.com
  71. Premium Tutorials on Tuts+: Create a premium WordPress tutorials on Tuts plus. You can apply to create WordPress tutorials on Tuts+ here.
  72. Full-time freelance ghost blogger: Become a WordPress freelance blogger on WordCandy.
  73. Part-time content contributor: Become a part-time WordPress blog contributor. Smashing MagazineCrazyLeaf and InstantShift are few great sites that pay for writing WordPress articles.
  74. Resell hosting: If your client is looking for a reliable WordPress host, you can either promote your affiliate hosting partners or resell WordPress hosting to them.
  75. Install plugins on client’s site: Install licensed plugins to your customers, so they may require your services later.
  76. Consulting: Offer premium WordPress consulting services to your clients.
  77. Vendor: Become a vendor on various WordPress marketplaces.
  78. Sell OptimizePress templates: Creating a well-structured feature-rich landing page using OptimizePress WordPress theme can be tricky. Here’s where OptimizePress templates come in. OP templates allow users to easily customize it on OptimizePress platform. You can make money by selling OptimizePress templates on OptimizePress marketplace.
  79. Offer your service on OptimizePress.com: Are you good at building landing pages and membership sites on OptimizePress platform? Then, make money by offering your service on OptimizePress.com.
  80. Resell a SaaS plugin: As a part of your consulting package, you can resell a plugin to your clients. The best thing is you can get plugins for bulk-pricing deals.
  81. Offer free service for an affiliate sale: Syed Balkhi offers free WordPress blog setup and free blog migration service from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress in return for an affiliate sale of WordPress hosting account. This is a win-win strategy for both the newbie bloggers and Syed. Newbie bloggers win as the setup comes for free and Syed wins as it helps him make money as an affiliate.
  82. SaaS software: Create a SaaS software like Hellobar and RaffleCopter and sell it to WordPress customers.
  83. Forums: Create subscription based WordPress forums with bbPress.
  84. Niche social network: Create premium niche social networks with BuddyPress.
  85. E-commerce: According to Datanyze, WordPress is the CMS of choice for almost 23% of ecommerce websites in the Alexa top 1 million sites. Create an e-commerce website with WordPress using Woocommerce plugin and make money by selling products from your site.
  86. Microblogging: Create a niche specific microblogging site with P2 theme.
  87. Start a WP Job board: Create a job board website with WPJobBoard and make money for listing a job on your site.
  88. Start a WP Coupon site: Create a coupon website with Magic WP Coupons and  start making money by selling paid deals and affiliate marketing
  89. Plugin marketplace: Build a plugin marketplace and invite developers to upload plugins on your directory.
  90. Sell a WordPress company: Sell your WordPress company for profits. In fact, selling WordPress companies are so common these days. Earlier this year, Woothemes joined WordPress parent company Automattic. Read the full story here.
  91. Sell website: Sell your WordPress website on Flippa.com.
  92. Appointments: Sell appointments on your WordPress site using plugins like WooCommerce Bookings 
  93. Magazines: Create an online magazine and monetize it with ads.
  94. Design: Sell designs, icons or graphics packages for a WordPress site.
  95. Seed funding: Accept seed funding for developing your groundbreaking product. Recently Versionpress raised $400k in seed funding.
  96. Pre-booking: Create hype and start selling plugins or themes even when it is in the development phase.
  97. WordPress coaching: Offer WordPress coaching to your students and make full-time income out of it like Kathy Drewien.
  98. Internship: WordPress occasionally accepts internship applications. WordPress is also a regular participant of Google Summer of Code, a student internship program sponsored by Google. Here is the codex page of Google Summer of Code program.
  99. Mentor: Become a WordPress mentor for Google Summer of Code.
  100. Developer license: Sell developer license for your plugin that allows users to install it on unlimited number of sites.
  101. WPMUdev: Find a WordPress freelance job in WPMU Dev job board .

Which of these are you going to do?

Shahzad Saeed

Shahzad Saeed is a freelance blogger and content marketer who has been featured in top internet marketing blogs like Problogger and John Chow several times. Connect with him on Twitter @shahzadsaeed and LinkedIn.


  1. That’s some list, Shahzad. Good stuff, Dave.

  2. Emory Rowland

    Dittos to that Dave @ Zude. Wonderful idea list for WordPress-related entrepreneurial brainstorming.

    Another great roundup post Shahzad!

    WordPress consulting, SEO services and affiliate marketing have worked for me. I’ve tried some of the others like theme design with not so great results.

  3. What a great list. I love product reviews but I feel like I suck at them. Do you have any examples of how to do one?
    Greatness here.

  4. Hey Renee,
    Thanks for the heads up.

    WP Mayor’s ‘Product Analysis’ service is one of the best examples of making money by reviewing a WP theme or a plugin.

    I hope you can learn many things from them.

  5. You can generate money in wordpress in many ways. Create a content and sell through plugins. Start developing your wordpress themes, offer some consulting services, blog setup service, content service and start your own blog.

  6. Quite an interesting post for making money with WordPress. I am definitely going to try some of these methods. The details are explained well along with the examples for the same. Thank you very much for sharing an engaging post!

  7. These are all excellent ways of making a fair living online. People (especially where I come from) are still skeptic about making money online, and I feel this post will help many people overcome this skepticism. Thank you for the great tips!

  8. Thank you for compiling this list, I’m sure it took some time.

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  10. Hi Shahzad Saeed,

    Indeed an awesome list. I can imagine the time you must have spent to prepare this list. Definitely, WordPress is a great way to make money online. You can use it for blogging or can sell your programming skills to customize it for your clients.

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  11. This is a really an awesome and maybe exhaustive list of methods to make money with one’s WP design and programming skills. Honestly, I knew couple dozen methods before I read this article.

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