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If you’ve surfed the Internet for more than a few minutes, you’ve surely observed the phenomenon of banner advertisements. Webmasters use banner graphics to herald their their websites through free banner exchanges , affiliate, or other advertising programs. You may have noticed that the standard size for advertising banners is 468 X 60 pixels.

Since the ultimate goal of banner ads is to get a visitor to click through and take an action such as buy a product or fill out a lead form, banners are often designed to get attention by annoying rather than by winning the hearts of visitors by complementing the website. These aesthetic banner backgrounds can be useful templates for creating website banners to advertise your own free or paid products and services. Edit them in your favorite paint program by placing text or other effects to communicate your message. All graphic files are saved in .jpg format with low compression. File sizes range from 4 – 12kb so you won’t need to perform a great deal of optimization.

Here’s an example of a banner ad for this web site created from the first banner background template below using Photoshop effects and Paint Shop Pro text.

Banner Advertisement Example

The banner backgrounds are free to download, use and modify any way you like. Right-click over any image to save to your desktop or


download the 50 kb zipped file containing all banner templates. If you create a cool ad with these templates, please send us the link so we can admire your work.

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

Banner Background Template

All banners backgrounds created with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

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  1. Michael

    Thank you very much for these backgrounds, i will send you a link once i have finished working on one banner. Thanks a lot.

  2. Great backgrounds. Thanks, very helpful

  3. I love the tanish background, I’m going to use a modified version of it to replace the one on my website: right now the banner looks terrible and cartoonish.

  4. wow. nice set of banner backgrounds. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    You don’t have to squeeze your head to create one

  5. thank you for the backgrounds

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    Fine banners Thank you

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