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Screen Cap of Biruality
I have been and playing around with this WordPress theme for a long time and am finally ready to release it. I call it “Biruality,” which means “blue” in the asian languages of Indonesia and Malaysia. The theme is a simple, 2-column layout with rounded corners. I love the look. It’s clean and fast. The design was conceived by Sergios Singeridis (send me your new site, please) and tweaked by me. Summary of theme features:

  • Tested with WordPress version 4.2.2
  • 2 columns
  • Right Sidebar
  • Widget support
  • Fixed width
  • IE, Firefox, Safari and Flock compatible
  • SEO friendly headings (a single H1 tag at the top level of each document’s hierarchy)

Biruality WordPress Theme



  • 1.4 – Fixed problem with tag page title not apprearing, 8/8/09
  • 1.1 – 1.3 – Minor fixes
  • 1.0 – Released 11/9/09

Please post comments and bugs you may find on the theme here. I hope you enjoy!

Legal: the WordPress theme is, of course, free to use and released under the GPL license. The theme is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty or implied warranty of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose.

Emory Rowland

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  1. Clean, simple, and looks to be SEO optimized. Nice work. I like it! :)

  2. Susan

    It is simple, but I like it!

  3. Stan

    It looks good. I’ve downloaded it and will be trying the theme out soon. Keep up the good work.

  4. flutter

    very nice work, it will be good for people who don’t want an out of the box wp theme

  5. rosh

    isnt theere any preview?

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  7. El Nino

    Yup, Biru means Blue, at first read i just guessed this template was made by an Indonesian / Malaysian designer :D

    But this is made by you. Nice template and i’ll try it.

  8. Emory Rowland

    Thanks, El Nino, I hope you like it (Istri saya orang Indonesia dan dia memberi ide biru).

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  10. Dr. House

    It looks really well :)
    Thanks i will use it on my next site :)

  11. whcafe

    Clean and simple. I will use on my next site too :)

  12. Claude Gelinas

    Others said it quite eloquently before me — this theme is clean and efficient.

    The highly legible text makes it a natural choice for content-intensive blogs.

  13. William

    I do have one question about the replacement.js that is in the header.php, it is not in the archive, is it really needed, and what would it be for?


  14. Emory Rowland

    William, that is a reference to a dynamic text replacement script that swaps out text with text images. The theme does not use this now. It is from a previous build. It’s fine to remove it and I will do so in the next release. Thanks for pointing this out!

    Update 3-1-09: Done. Version 1.3 uploaded.

  15. Saglik

    I’m writing from Turkey. Your thema is so nice. It’s very nice that you’re writing on subjects about seo.

  16. zxcv

    it looks like a premium template,
    SEO friendly though

  17. tanya

    WordPress is a great solution in my opinion, and with good plugins for example seo plugins work for webmasters very easy and comfortable

  18. Ally

    Really like this theme. Just what i have spent hours looking for but can it be made wider?

  19. Emory Rowland

    Ally, you are right, it could stand to be wider. I’m probably a little lazy to do that at the moment, though :(

  20. paul

    very nice! i not started using word press yet! but i got a good inclination to do it this week! so i think i will give this one a go! looks very good… well done! cheers

  21. jackie tiew

    Nice work. simple, clear & clean design theme. ^.< Thanks for the sharing.

  22. i want to learn how to create a theme in wordpress. but i am still new there so these themes can help me ;)

  23. Nice and using this however I am new to WordPress and having a few problems with some things I want to do.

    I want the homepage to be static, and now I have the word “Home” at the top.

    Any quick fix to this?

  24. Emory Rowland

    Debbie, you can edit the header.php file and change home to whatever you want if you find this line of code:


    Also, you can make a static page appear in WordPress under “Reading”

  25. Hi again,

    OK – got my “home” working. Now I want to add new pages but don’t want them added to the navigation. Some I want with the look & feel of the WordPress site and some I want to redesign completely.

    How do I solve these two issues?



  26. Magento Templates

    I like this theme because it is simple and it has a nice color.

  27. Irfani

    nice templates… Thanks fo share.

  28. How can I put ads on this theme? There is a lot of open space on the sides. Is there a way to put the ads in that area? Also where can I put a banner? Please help.


  29. Emory Rowland

    Helena, the best bet is to use one of the many plugins in the official WordPress Plugin Directory. You can start looking here:

  30. thanks Emory :-)

  31. simple design, nice template, thanks for sharing it with us

  32. Can i use it for my school wordpress uncle em ?… it is suitable with our brochure… nice template…

    • Emory Rowland

      stella, yeah, I sent you an email. Thanks!

  33. Jackson

    Great theme. I really like this and now I use this theme for my blog layout. (Terlalu Mantab dan Simple, Salam Kenal…..)

    • Emory Rowland

      Terima kasih, Jackson.

  34. michael chan

    simple theme,but I like it

  35. Simple and straight forward, the best way to be.

  36. Werkzeugbau

    very nice work,but I like it.

  37. nice theme….

  38. stella

    thank`s uncle em, I like the color

  39. Emory Rowland

    your welcome, stella!

  40. Gary Webster

    I Like! It is clean, SEO optimized and the blue is magnetic. GOOD JOB! I have been searching for a theme for a chair hire company and this looks just right.

  41. freehostingdays

    I like this theme
    Because it is very simple

  42. kienhau

    Thanks for sharing and I really like it

  43. Hi

    I have recently purchased a theme which has some bugs as some php functions are not allowed with my webhosting like “file_get_contents”
    They do support CURL as an alternative to url_fopen.

    I was just wondering if your theme uses these functions?

    • Emory Rowland

      Hi Henry, Biruality doesn’t use file_get_contents or url_fopen. Let me know if I can help further. Hope you like the theme.

  44. Hi Emory

    Thanks for your response. I have been using managed wordpress webhosting and they are very strict abot security loopholes. The theme I have bought is breaking up my website. I have been using virtual composer plugin which is responsible for the website layout.

    I am looking for a basic wordpress layout which I can convert later.



    • Emory Rowland

      Hi Henry, I have heard of WordPress hosting services like WPEngine that have strict requirements for shared hosting accounts, disallowing code that they think impedes performance or causes security risks – Probably a good thing for the long run.

  45. myntra

    I want to say thanks to Emory Rowland for providing better themes and sharing customers success story.

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