Blog Engage Bans Number 3 Contributor

Blog Engage Stats for David Leonhardt aka amabaie

Last week, several leading members of the the social media site for bloggers, were shocked to discover their accounts had been deleted along with all of their posts, comments and votes contributed. One of the most active supporters, David Leonhardt ranked at number 3 by Blog Engage was included in the bannings.

Blog Engage is a “community” for bloggers, a much smaller operation than Digg, but reminescent of the large scale Digg bannings that occurred not long before Digg v4 and the decline in traffic. Many recall the controversy surrounding Digg’s ban of its number 2 user, Zaibatsu for what was arguably a technicality beyond the users control.

In this screenshot Clickfire obtained from the Google cache, David Leonhardt’s Blog Engage stats confirm his investment in the site. If one could estimate it takes 1 minute to submit a story for voting, his time spent contributing would be a little over six hours. This doesn’t include the over one hundred comments and thousands of votes.

Why did Blog Engage ban Leonhardt? Leonhardt and other Blog Engage users ponder the question in a blog post about the social media “fail.” Unfortunately, no definitive conclusions have been reached or communication received from the owner of Blog Engage as to why the banning took place. At first, it appeared it was a technical issue as Mr. Leonhardt and the owner of Blog Engage reportedly had a friendly channel of communication. However, there seems to be at this date, no answer.

One Blog Engage user speculated that the owner was not merely joking when he remarked:

“Yeah great idea for an article, now I know who to ban and not ban at blog engage haha Joking guys! At the end of the day we have to find what works best for us. If you have the right people working for you and you pay well all these ideas can be successfully implemented.”

We couldn’t help but note the irony in the Blog Engage Twitter account description that states:

…Build your Backlinks with our RSS Services, Increase SEO, Comments, Traffic, Readers, and Build your Brand

Disclosure: the owner of Clickfire also had an account deleted at Blog Engage.

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