Is Your Business Using Video? 6 Reasons To Get Involved Now!

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Web video is rapidly becoming a key focus in the online marketing strategies of businesses and organizations, so why aren’t you getting involved? This article explores the essential reasons why web video is playing such an important part in the online marketing of businesses and organizations. Web video:

  1. Can Impact Your Search Engine Ranking
  2. Can Increase Traffic To Sites
  3. Universal in Popularity
  4. More Budget-Friendly Than Ever
  5. Communicates Like No Other Media
  6. Not Just For The Web

1. Web Video Can Impact Your Search Engine Ranking

Web video is playing a vital role in the search engine rankings thanks to Google’s Universal Search system. The new system pulls in news, local listings, images and of course videos that are relevant to your search. As a result YouTube videos are frequently appearing on page 1 of Google, rapidly taking over the rankings of standard website results. Video sharing sites like YouTube also have an array of tools that can be optimized for the search engine results. Making use of keyword heavy titles, tags, descriptions and closed captions when filling in the data on your YouTube web videos can help to get your content found and push your YouTube video to the top of both Google and YouTube search rankings.

2. Web Video Can Increase Traffic To Sites

Web video is being used as an online marketing strategy due to its great ability to increase traffic to websites and blogs. By embedding a web video onto a website next to interactive web-links you can increase the chances of those web-links being interacted with. As the audience’s attention will be sustained through the use of the embedded video the user will spend time looking at the content and information around the video such as the interactive web-links. By getting the web-link to tease the audience’s curiosity or by using it to provide information relevant to the video you will start to see more traffic appearing in your desired locations, which could help to improve those crucial conversion rates.

3. The Popularity Of Web Video Is Universal

Web video has become a staple in the online browsing experience for the majority of Internet users. Website YuMe gave some insight into the popularity of web video in February 2011 when it documented that 49% of Internet users watched web video daily. Now this wasn’t for just a few moments, YuMe reported that this percentage was actually on the basis of watching web video for over 7 hours per person, per week. With the popularity of video sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube rising every week, these figures will only continue to rise in the future.

4. Web Video Is More Budget-Friendly Than Ever

Web video is now so accessible and affordable to businesses that it can be easily commissioned and marketed within their budgets. Technological advancements, increased technological competition and improvements in free technological equipment such as software, web hosting and online distribution has meant that every area of web video is now more universally available to businesses of any size than ever before. For example your Webcam on your computer can record the video, if you’re a PC or Mac user you can use free software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to edit your video and you can use free hosting site like YouTube to distribute it to a worldwide audience for absolutely free.

5. Web Video Can Communicate Like No Other Media

Web video can connect with clients and consumers in a way that no other media can. DoubleClick reported that web video based advertisements saw their brand awareness improve amongst its audience by 10% more than standard print or audio ad formats. DoubleClick also noted that audiences appeared to favour the businesses with web video content much more than those without such content or using alternative content. DoubleClick stated that this change was because the web video represented the brand messages of such businesses in a simple and effective way.

6. Web Video Isn’t Just For The Web

Web video can be enjoyed off the Internet too. Digital videos will be saved in digital video file formats. This file format can be uploaded to the likes of Vimeo, YouTube and Daily Motion as mentioned previously, but it can be just as effectively offline as well. Video files can be put into Power Point presentations, distributed on DVDs, USB sticks, portable hard-drives and on phones and tablets for users to access at their own convenience. This flexibility makes web video a very versatile and useful media that can cater for the purposes for any business.


By understanding and taking in these essential reasons why businesses are using web video in their marketing strategies you can start to develop similar strategies for your company and start getting involved with video.

Andy Havard of Skeletop ProductionsThis post is courtesy of Andy Havard, a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based web video production company.


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Andy Havard

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions a UK based web video production company.

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