Cartoons Are Ideal For Any Online Application

Dan's Daily Cartoon

Cartoons are popular, and can be used in magazines, books, newsletters, newspapers, catalogs, greeting cards, brochures, direct mail pieces… you name it. It’s been happening for many years. Along came the Internet and the explosion of the electronic information age. Now the use of cartoons in any electronic format has been elevated to yet another level.

Gag cartoon humor and the Internet have developed a symbiotic relationship which supersedes many other forms of visual conveyance, whether it be a story on a web page, a blog item, an Intranet article or specific area in a website devoted to cartoons or humor in general. Cartoons lend themselves well for this medium.

Dan Rosandich

Cartoonist Dan Rosandich took control of his existing archive of cartoon panels and categorized them into a searchable database, so that publishers and other professionals can easily locate the type of cartoon they might be looking for. Whether it’s a medical cartoon or a cartoon relating to pets, Dan makes appropriate gag panel cartoon humor available. Dan makes appropriate gag panel cartoon humor available. Visitors can sort through an archive of over 3000+ cartoons at Dan’s web catalog, by clicking the daily web cartoon at the top of this article.

Professional web designers can also use the daily web cartoon offered by Rosandich, which updates automatically via php script at 2am eastern time 24/7/365 and all that’s needed is a simple line of code to paste into your HTML. Dan guarantees all cartoons scheduled are 100% family friendly and the daily image is a static 500 pixels wide, but the height varies from day to day.

Custom cartoons & humorous illustrations are also a specialty. Some of the other uses where cartoons are also popular are PowerPoint presentations, email templates and email “blasts”, ezines, electronic newsletters, ebooks and for web templates. Dan also launched several new sites which can be accessed at and he has introduced a free kid’s coloring book site at

Dan Rosandich

Dan Rosandich creates illustrations and cartoons for magazines, books, websites, T-shirts, fortune 500 company art directors and a many other projects.


  1. Ron Coleman

    I’ve been a professional cartoonist for about 40 years and have known Dan Rosandich’s work most of this time. He is one of the best in the business, in my opinion. His specialty has always been custom work for advertisers, businesses and anybody else who has a professional project to produce. He sees cartoon marketing opportunities that I have often overlooked.
    Ron Coleman

  2. I’m really impressed with Dan’s work as well. He seems to do a great job of marketing his talent on the Internet. Quite a nice guy, he is. I have asked Dan to create a few cartoons for Clickfire for webmaster, hosting and SEO humor. I can’t wait to publish them.

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