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Banner ads just seem to get deader and deader every day. A young upstart company called “Chitika” has just supplied the eulogy and a few sharp coffin nails to the once hot banner ads of the 1990’s. Chitika goes far beyond the static banner ad concept and into the world of contextual advertising made popular by the Google AdSense program introduced in 2003. The antithesis of the pop-up ad, contextual advertising from Chitika targets the content of the page on which the ad is placed, then displays advertising relevant to that page’s topic. If your visitors are pouring over an article about MP3 audio technology, they won’t see an ad for cosmetics. You can guess what they will see!

Who is Chitika?

The sexy sounding name Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) has nothing to do with bananas. Chitika was created by Venkat Kolluri (formerly of Upromise) and Alden DoRosario (formerly with Terra Lycos). The company appeared out of nowwhere in May 2003 to become a leading player in the emerging industry of contextual advertising. Chitika announced the release of eMiniMalls in June of 2005.

What is Chitika eMiniMalls?

Chitika eMiniMalls is described a million different ways on the Chitika web site and by enthusiastic webmasters. Among them are “Interactive merchandising service” and the “intelligent and interactive online product merchandising kiosks.” The creative term, “eMinimalls” does a great job of describing the service for everyone. To the webmaster, Chitika eMiniMalls is a snippet of code placed on a site that can target ads to the content and pay each time the ad is clicked by a visitor. To the web site visitor, Chitika eMiniMalls is an interactive informative ad related to the page being viewed.

The eMiniMalls Ad

What makes the Chitika eMiniMalls ads so irrestably clickable is it’s visual appeal, content and functionality. Part graphical, part textual and part interactive, the eMiniMalls ad scarcely resembles a traditional banner ad. The lightweight eMiniMall “ad unit” presents viewers with options for whatever buying stage they happen to be in via mouseover tabs. The effect is to pack a enough information inside the ad unit–product description, graphic, and review along with comparative shopping info and search box–that the potential buyer gets something userful without having to leave the site. The eMiniMalls ad gives a much more endearing user experience than static text links or graphic ads that fire off a quick sales pitch and call to action. With the mouseover tabs, the user doesn’t even have to make the commitment of a mouse click to get some benefit.

What About the Performance?

Chitika eMiniMalls promises to “outshine static banner ads” and give webmasters the power to “generate revenue beyond banner advertising.” Got a low performing, high traffic Google AdSense site? Run a split test and see which one performs better. Performance will vary depending on the types of site conten, ad inventory and bid prices. Chitika eMiniMalls ads can be displayed on the same page with Google AdSense ads if the contextual function is turned off with a line of code (ch_non_contextual = 1;). This is currently the the default.

At the time of this writing, webmasters are paid 60% of ad revenue generated. Webmasters tend to appreciate the disclosure of the payout percentage. Chitika makes payments 30 days after month end in US Dollars to the a publisher’s PayPal account once the balance reaches $50. Webmasters can run Chitika eMinimalls on mulitple web sites as long as the terms and conditions are met.

We’ve come a long way from banner ads. Who’s looking back!

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  1. I never used Chitika. But I think this one would be good. anyone know complete information about Chitika’s CPM & CPC rate?

  2. Miks

    i wonder whether chitika approves dating websites of indian publishers or not?

  3. Artisan

    I’ve been using both Chitika and Adsense and I’ve found that Chitika is much better in terms of revenue vs. Adsense. I ran a test and put Chitika ads on my blog and Adsense ads on my regular site ( and compared the two when they both reached 10 clicks. Adsense recognized the impressions and clicks, but no revenue was made from 6 of the clicks. Chitika paid me 11 cents for every click, which isn’t a lot, but it’s still more than I made on Adsense.

  4. rajendra

    Chitika is good website for earning max. revenue.

    If your site has valued content they will approve you. Thus way of earning opens.

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  6. analogstuff

    I have used chitika for quite some time, all i can say that i make not more than 0.11$ per click which is much better than lot of other companies, but still adsense is my best performer.

  7. guys chitika is very nice for good earning. I got $0.5 per click from chitika

  8. J

    Chitika is finished. income is going down daily.

  9. J, What makes you say that? Is revenue still going down? Are others experiencing a down trend also? Thanks.

  10. We are waiting to see some other ad network to come forward. Google with own rule dictates the adworld. Time is ripe some better replacement.May be it is chitika to replace google.

  11. just signed up for chitika. Hopefully they stick around.

  12. i want to know did chitika approved blog spot sites? technology news related? whats there traffic and PR criteria?

  13. Yes, they approve blogspot sites the revenue is not so bad either.. chitika should overtake adsense…

  14. My site generated 31 impressions but my account is still not credited. I had signed up 1 week before .

  15. tony sam

    Chitika Premium is one of the biggest frauds when we compare it with other pay-per-click programs. The ads don’t display for all visitors and even AdBrite performs better than it. A lot of sites receive plenty of international visitors but the visits don’t count as page views because the ads don’t display. AdBrite displays better ads and generates a lot of page views, so as a publisher you will earn some money even if the ads have not been clicked.

  16. I really hope that there are gonna be some really big ad networks in the near future what we could call real competitors to Adsense.

  17. streaming documentary

    i got banned from adsense..can i get what i got from adsense with any other company?

  18. Peter

    The worst revenues I have ever seen. About 1/100 of our Adsense revenue. 10cents a day, are you kidding me? And we have over 500k visitors a month. Can’t imagine how much they pay to smaller websites (1 cent a month?)
    Golden program – I really doubt it really exists. We tried to applied over 2 months ago and still did not get any answer. Support keeps promising to push it, but obviously there is no interest of Chitika to please their publishers.
    Immediately taking down Chitika ads from our site.

  19. Krish

    There are more than 3000 impressions, but till no one penny credited in my account.

  20. LOL, Chitika is the absolute WORST company I’ve ever dealt with online when it comes to advertising. Thousands of impressions, not one cent made or 15 clicks and 3 cents made. Anyone who wants to make money should avoid Chitika like the plague. It will take you months to even make their payment 10 bucks :)

  21. I have used Chitika ads on my blog both the CTR and ECPM are very low from 0.10 to 0.21, for about daily 10,000 of impressions. Have any suggestions for Improve the CTR and ECPM.

  22. srp

    i am getting paid good for US/UK traffic, if u r gold publisher you will be paid well by chitika

  23. offerscontest

    just signed up for chitika.

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