12 Hot Chrome Extensions To Speed Up Your SEO Process (and one that everybody needs)

If Chrome is your browser of choice and you’d like to streamline an everyday task, chances are there’s an app for that. Or in this case, an extension.

The world of SEO is no exception, and in my five years in the business I’ve collected and discarded more Chrome extensions than I can shake a well-optimised stick at. Here’s my rundown of a dozen that stood the test of time, with one super-useful tool that everyone needs in their life.

Majestic SEO

Everyone’s favourite go-to backlink analysis tool has its own Chrome extension. Installing this saved me literally minutes every day.

Click the icon and Majestic pulls in the data for the page you’re browsing, plus statistics for the sub-domain and root domain, all at the click of a button.

majestic SEO

Check My Links

Anyone who performs SEO audits on a regular basis should have this in their arsenal.

Click the handy toolbar icon and the extension will crawl every link on the page and label it with the relevant response code. The only drawback is that the tool can be slightly impatient, resulting in a disproportionate amount of 408 errors.

check my links


The SEOMoz Moz.com toolbar, but fancier. Known to mess up the layout of some WordPress themes, but otherwise a comforting companion on your journey around the web.

Will give you the usual Open Site Explorer link metrics, as well as a handy SERP overlay to show page and domain authority of each listing in Google’s SERP.

Squint Test

If Batman was an SEO consultant instead of a gravel-voiced vigilante, he would have Squint Test in his utility belt.

This is especially useful for conversion rate optimisation, as it will allow you to demonstrate how well or otherwise your call-to-action buttons stand out.


Screen Capture

If you’re still using ‘print screen’ and Paint for screenshots, you’re probably the kind of person who has an AOL email address and lists 11 Twitter handles with an unexplained #FF on a weekly basis.

I’m on the fence whether I prefer Jing or Google’s own screen capture extension, but the redact function is really handy.

SEO for Chrome

To continue the super hero theme, PageRank is to SEO what Aquaman is to the Justice League. However, if you really want to know the PR of your page, SEO for Chrome will give you this information, along with a host of more meaningful metrics.

Clear Cache

This extension has not only saved me time, it’s saved me a lot of embarrassment that used to come from insisting site changes hadn’t been implemented.

Cut out the seven or eight click process that it generally takes to clear one’s cache in Chrome and use this handy extension that even lets you select exactly which data is cleared.

Analytics woman

Just for fun. Tired of Google’s stock images when you land on the Analytics login screen? The lifeless eyes, the drab clothing?

Replace the image with something more exciting, like Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, Heath Ledger’s Joker or a Tyrannosaurus rex.



This is the latest addition to my collection and one of my favourites. This extension takes the mystery out of all those social referrals and helps people notice when you’ve shared their page.


This is a little complicated so I’ll quote the official site: “Credited can detect which web analytics provider or software a web page uses, then tags up the shared URL with your Twitter handle, name, website or anything you like. You’ll become a named traffic referrer in the website’s analytics reports.”

This is potentially great for relationship building, but relies on mass adoption to realise its true potential.


Highlights no-followed links with a subtle red dotted outline. Very handy for audits and link building.



If you have too much to read and too little time, Pocket’s Chrome extension is going to change your life.

Essentially a ‘read it later’ service, you can click a button in the toolbar and Pocket will save the content from whichever page you’re browsing at the time, allowing you to return to it at your leisure on your iOS device or at getpocket.com.

Even better, the app works offline as long as you’ve downloaded the content to your phone before you set off on your wifi-less train journey.


Link builders everywhere rejoice – Scraper is here to rescue lost research hours. Right-click any Google result, hit ‘scrape similar’ and this extension will export all data from the entire SERP to a Google doc.

PRO TIP: paste the URLs from the Google doc into Netpeak Checker and you can get all the data from Majestic, OSE and almost any other third-party software you might subscribe to.


…And one more that everyone can enjoy


Because the Internet is better without Nickelback.


This article was written by Matt Fielding. Matt is SEO Manager at Custard, a digital marketing agency from the UK helping businesses improve their online performance through SEO and PPC. You can connect with Matt on Twitter – @MattFieldingSEO

Matt Fielding

I’m an SEO guy. I don’t have access to all the dark and wonderful secrets of Google’s algorithm. However, I do know a few things, which I like to share.


  1. Thanks for the share Matt. Squint Test looks highly useful in web design stages. Installed!

  2. Hahaha Nickelblock!!! Totally agree :D

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    Nice joker.. i like this photo

  4. Well, these are really very much useful and effective extensions for sure.

  5. Great list of SEO Tools!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Glenn David

    Hii Matt, Majestic SEO was new to me but I’m using SEOquake which is also useful. You should have included that.

  7. Thanks Matt. I can also recommend Netcraft Extension to assist with risk assessments and PageRank Status.


  8. jim

    Thank ‘s for the Majestic SEO that ‘s very useful to the SEO work.
    And it ‘s very helpful web designing .Thank for sharing. :)

  9. Very useful post which are required, especially Pocket for bloggers.

  10. Interesting post Matt. Good to know about all tools.

  11. Excellent article, Matt. A superb list! They will certainly help step up your SEO efforts. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at hiverhq.com)

  12. As a quick update, Majestic SEO hasn’t worked for quite a while but has now come back online for paid subscriptions only!

  13. Christian Carere

    I wouldn’t leave the Nickelblock extension on forever-you have to let them into your life every once and a while….! I have been so much writing lately in my SEO efforts I would add the Grammerly addon to your list. It’s saved me a few errors I might not have see otherwise.

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