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Official press release announcing Clickfire web host review process.

Marietta, GA January 8, 2009 – Clickfire, a technology portal for Web site owners, bloggers and social media users, today announced its new, unbiased Web host review process.

The new Web host review process from Clickfire is designed to increase transparency and provide a genuine, trustworthy alternative to review sites that feature patently biased or largely promotional reviews. In many cases, these review sites are influenced by Web hosting marketers to the extent that objectivity has become clouded.

“It is important for a serious review site to offer a process that enables visitors to make well-informed decisions and ultimately become more savvy consumers. The lack of critical, empirical Web host reviews does the industry a great disservice,” said Emory Rowland, founder of Design Host Market, Inc., parent company of Clickfire.

Highlights to Clickfire’s hosting review process include:

  • Standardization – Clickfire now maintains a standard set of criteria to analyze and report on the performance of Web hosts. The aim is to reduce subjectivity within reviews and allow users to make informed decisions about Web hosting providers.
  • Experience – Reviewers are qualified professionals able to ask the right questions and actively seek areas of concern. By only hiring expert-level reviewers who follow prescribed guidelines, Clickfire assures a greater degree of quality and reduces overall variability in the reviewing process.
  • Emphasis on testing – Clickfire heavily relies on live account testing and customer support interaction in formulating Web host reviews. By requiring every reviewer to interact with support personnel, reviews are written with a more intimate perspective on the culture and capabilities of each Web host.
  • User feedback – Clickfire publishes both positive and negative user feedback to offer an even greater perspective for readers. Comments may be qualified to check for accuracy.

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