1. sama

    hello sir

    please help me with design of a good symbol which can be suitable for both a company and an educational institute.

    thanks and best regard


  2. admin

    sama, I’d suggest googling for a logo designer or look for one on a forum marketplace like sitepoint.com.

  3. ola

    hi I need logo to my company “kareem pharma”

  4. thien

    i need a logo for a european institute of buddhist studies. however we don’t want it to be asian. can you see if you can come up with something that’s more european. the students that come to our center will learn from buddhist scriptures and will put into practice. thank you

  5. thien, I am flattered that you would ask, but I think there are plenty of talented graphics people out there on the forums and elsewhere who could design the logo you need. Best of luck.

  6. Global Construction Pvt Ltd.

    Plz advise me a logo for following required company.

  7. P.Raghuram

    Sir we require a logo for a brand named digitron and a company named scales n sensors. it’s a electronic weighing machine company.

  8. Iris media solutions ltd


    Plz suggest me a logo which suits for livetelecasting company


  9. Ankur Dave

    Hi please suggest a Logo for a Medical Disposable company

  10. John Petrucci

    Good.. I really appreciate.

  11. sam

    Sir, I need logo to my company with provide services as well as doing jobwork. Name is Parshwanath

  12. Its really great…

  13. Cany anyone suggest a logo for my company – Robert Jackson Plus. Thanks.

  14. Although the concept in your designs and your effort was good (for a webmaster/programmer) how much time did you spend on it? If you are worth $40 / hr then you might have saved money using a professional.

    In general, a marketplace for logo design like DesignBay.com or a freelancer (from somewhere like elance.com) will get you a better result and save you time!

    (Webmasters/web designers with clients or employers asking them to make logos would also do well to outsource.)



  15. Emory Rowland

    Alec, I wrote this a long time ago and it was more of a personal journey/learning experience for me. Now, I think I would certainly do as you suggested and just hire a professional designer to create one. In fact, I did that with the current logo.

  16. rohit

    plz help me to gesn a new logo
    my co name is workppl

  17. Jamie

    Nice article about the progression that a logo goes through during the design progress.
    It seems you have given yourself some trouble with a potential workload, however!!


  18. anurag jaiswal

    i want to logo for my company. we have a company of beads.

  19. Md. Mainul Islam

    I want a logo for my new shop.
    My shop is for Showpiece, Handicrafts & Garments items.



  20. ranjith

    please help me with design of a good symbol in my event management company

  21. acap1992

    nice tips.. thnx sir! hee xD

    ive used one of ur themes…it was owsome! thanx

  22. pavan

    hello sir
    pls help me in finding a new pharma co name and logo.

  23. HP1985

    Please help me with a logo for a stainless steel fastener manufacturing company.


  24. Len Jennings

    Your final logo is “okay” to me. The obvious design solution for me lies somewhere with the cord of the mouse making up the Clickfire type in cursive. The dots over the “i’s” could be flames or balls with a flames around them. You could give this a try in 3D software (like 3DS Max) so it looks very realistic. But you might want to hire a 3D designer for that. You’ll still likely need a 2D flat graphic as well for certain applications. Your article was a nice read though.

  25. seema s das

    Sir I need logo to my company .Please help me out
    name his NEEL CONTROLS Our company manufacture electrical good only

  26. Johnson Scottish India pvt ltd


    I need a logo of my company,our company is telecom based.


    need symbol and slogan for brand LEGEND brand electronic weighing machines.

  28. raji

    I need some Logo for banks and shops and different companies

  29. rayshow

    please help me design my company logo

  30. sandeep ghaote

    i want a stylish symbol and logo for my FASTENER company pls suggest me

  31. tabata

    The clickfire logo has indeed evolved to a better looks in time. I think the text symbol fusion is the nicest approach.

  32. khawar

    i want logo for my own garment shop named HUSNAIN kindly send on my e mail thanks

  33. famous

    l want a logo for my company

  34. Sachin Rajgrihar


    My company name is (IGlobe Web Solution). Kindly suggest best logo for my company. Pls help me its urgent for my project. I hope you are give me logo. Pls send me on my below mail ID :- sachin.rajgrihar[at]gmail[dot]com

    Sachin Rajgrihar

  35. Winkle Salaria

    I would like to have ur favour regarding Logo design for my company – WYNN Eventz -(an event management company.
    mail id is wynneventz at gmail dot com.

  36. Hi,
    Kindly help us how to decide one company logo for a Consulting Services who’s dealing with various HR services, IT solution & Counselling.



  37. Eddie

    Can you please help me with a logo design for my clothing line called “Francheyz Designs”. Thank you.

    • Emory Rowland

      @Eddie, If you search clickfire.com for “logo” you’ll see lots of logo design software and design services, both premium and free (LogoSnap for example). If you find a good solution, please post back here, thanks.

  38. Clapper Jones

    Hello, please suggest a logo for a fragging company. Thankyou

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