1. Paul

    :-) really funny! may the force be with you in the serps! the dark lord has had his days, its time for the rebelion to overcome to goodness with properly done internet searches.

  2. zack@portable hot tub spa

    Haha The picture is really funny. I guess the owner of this blog is fan of STAR WARS movies. “May the force with You”

  3. Sell Online

    hilarious cartoon, kudos to the cartoonist.

  4. LGR

    Thanks for the laugh! That was great.

  5. Long Beach Air Conditioning

    Very cool find! This guy is OBVIOUSLY a Trekkie of the worse kind. Actually, I’m part-Trekkie myself, so I can’t blame the guy for illustrating himself as Darth. My the force be with you!!

  6. Dream Media Design

    very inspiring i want one done of myself if george lucus seen this it would tickle him pink lol please post some more :) “May the force with You”

  7. Chris

    I am picturing this character mixed in with Space Ball’s Rick Moranis’ Darth Vader. If you have his image stuck in your head, being held back in a fight as well, then it really adds to the humor here.

    I’m really enjoying these comics as well! They have been forcing me to hit up Google for answers as to what the internet lingo means. It sort of kills the joke if you need to look it up, but I can still find the humor after the fact. And heck, I am learning something in during the process.

  8. Mak

    Ha ha ha, excellent, what an idea……..

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