The 5 Digg Tools You Needed

I know. There are (were) more tools out there than you can shake a virtual shovel at. I’ve tried many. These are the tools I find myself going back to and using over and over again to build and prune my friends list and track stats.

These digg tools:

  • will help you become an influential Digg user
  • won’t risk getting you banned 

1. BiggBoard by Brainnovate

Biggboard Digg Tool by Brainnovate Screen Cap is a “real-time dashboard for”

BiggBoard lets you type in a Digg username to see how well your story submission is performing during the 24 hour period it has a chance to make the Digg front page.

Enter your username from Digg in the box at the top, and then select a story you would like to track from your upcoming list. There is no need to refresh the page, everything happens automatically and you can track your stories as they move from left to right and hopefully to the front page.

Digg has de-emphasized its category structure so that it is not always apparent what category or subcatory the user is looking at (ew, those yucky old web 1.0 pointers). Brainnovate lets you see how fast your submission is moving up the categories to the top compared with other stories. Use this tool to determine the best categories to submit to. For example, you may want to submit your story to “Microsoft” instead of the potentially more competitve “Software” or “Industry News categories.”

I used this to speculate about the Digg bury brigade and accomplish some therapeutic whining.

2. Friend Statistics

Friend Statistics Digg Tool
Do you expect your Digg friends to digg at least some of your stories? Do you have Digg friends who go AWOL? Friend Statistics let’s you keep tabs on how many of your submissions your friends are actually digging. Not reciprocating enough for your taste? Drop them. Or at least don’t digg their silly lolcats stories anymore!

Enter your Digg user name and this script will tell you which of your friends are digging your submissions – and which aren’t. will analyze your Digg friends list and tell you which of your friends have dugg the last 10 of your digg submissions, and which of your friends have not. It will also tell you which users in the digg community other than your friends have dugg more than five of your submissions.

3. Neaveru

Screen Cap of the Neaveru Digg Comment Tool
Are you the kind of digger who wins the hearts of your friends with witty comments and ascii art? Do you love making your political enemies mad until they bury your comments into oblivion? A lot of diggers use comments to charm other diggers into friendship. Neaveru let’s you see statistics on the last 10000 comments that you’ve made along with the actual comment itself. You can use this to see how popular your comments are with other diggers, even if they are not your friends.

4. Social Blade

SocialBlade Digg Stats Screen
Want to buddy up with Digg power users and win their friendship? First, you need to know who they are. Social Blade let’s you see who the real Digg powerusers are and were. Track where you appear on the top lists of users as you begin your journey to the top.

Input your Digg id into Social Blade and see a snapshot of all your digg story stats or the stats of others graphed out, active and non-active. I usually go straight to the top 1000 active user list to see if I’ve risen or fallen and who is above. Feeling nostalgic for your old friends who were banned from Digg? Enhance your reminiscing with the Digg Graveyard. There’s a lot more nifty stuff at Social Blade to check out.


di66 Digg Tool Showing Top Words in Titles, Last 30 Days
Like Social Blade, gives you top user data too but also gives up some other very interesting data that can help you determine how to craft your titles and descriptions.

  • Top Words in Titles
  • Top Words in Descriptions
  • Digg’s Top Sources
  • Most Popular Digg’s Topics

You can see all the top domains sources that any user is submitting. Pretty cool.

This tool has implications for my SEO brethren out there. Just look at this screen cap of the top Digg words in titles. Once you get past all the stop words and superlatives, you see what subjects users are voting to the top. You can choose stories within those topics in the hope that they will be received well by diggers.

Now where is that really cool Digg tool that does everything I want in one click? Twitter? Ah, that’s another post.

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  1. Zack

    Good stuff here. Thanks for sharing. I just wrote a post on digg a week or so ago.

    I’ll include a link to this page in my comment section so my readers can get this scoop as well.

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  3. Goopy

    Digg sucks

  4. TwitterFools

    Had no idea there were some many tools created around Digg. Will have to check them out.

  5. Alison

    Ohh, nice list….. you should add also!

  6. I “digg” your virtual shovel joke.. that is awesome.. and will have to come back to this once I get more of “digging”

  7. That’s great. I think these are great tools to increase your business. The other tools of Digg are already being used by web hosters.

  8. mario@valentine baskets

    Thank you for these links and for all the information.

    Nothing is impossible. Maybe I could be able to set up a sensible digg strategy and keep it from becoming too confusing after all.

    With your reviews, it looks possible.

  9. zoe

    I never use digg before. I come here to learn from you. and they are very helpful for me. later I will try these tools. thanks for information.

  10. Micheal Lee

    Biggboard and social blade works well for me, it’s very helpful, all in one tool, makes our lives easy, thanks for your review!

  11. Talking Ava

    These are great links! I think the I’d make the most use out of, it’s seems crafty.

  12. Holy schamoly – wish I had this list when I was active: these are great tools, and I’ve only played with one or two of them. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to be active on Digg and blog; for me, it’s near impossible.

    • Emory Rowland

      These are truly the only ones I ever use now. I don’t know what will happen to these tools when the new Digg becomes shovel ready, whether they will still work or even be compatible.

  13. Am a digg user..But this is anew info for me..Thanks for sharing..

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