14 Things I Dig about Digg 4

How could you, my fellow and former diggers, think there was so little to love about the latest version of the social media news site, Digg 4? There is plenty. Not seeing the ground for the dirt? I’m going to open your eyes, then and call a shovel a shovel. What’s there to love about Digg 4? /sarcasm ahead

  1. Digg 4 is Faster

    Not just because it is built on the same database modelling as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, but because Digg 4 is all about speed and efficiency. The cleverly engineered minimalist user interface, keep-it-simple-stupid functionality, and stripped down features mean faster load times and less drag on server resources. Who needs burdensome social media gimmicks anyway?

  2. No more “Digg Effect”

    Does your website get traffic from Digg, so much that it crashes your server? The “Digg effect” became a badge of honor to some bloggers, but most did not cherish picking up the pieces after making the Digg front page. It turns out that the Digg 4 effect is not the same as the Digg effect. With Digg 4’s new traffic mitigating architecture, you don’t have to worry about large numbers of Digg visitors rushing to your site. This means you can cut your site operating budget. Purchase cheap web hosting and still sleep well at night. You don’t need VPS hosting, a dedicated server or trendy cloud hosting. You can even remove those cache plugins from your WordPress installation.

  3. More Friends

    No more policing your submissions to see if your digg friends are really your friends. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is your friend on Digg 4. Add everyone as friends. Do it now!

  4. Digg 4 is Honest

    What if there was actually something that wasn’t Bush’s fault? Would anyone have the courage to say so? From BP ads to “there is a x% chance that this is programmer Doe’s fault” errors, Digg 4 has some of the most honest messaging in all of social media. I challenge anyone to show me a site with more unabashed, straightforward admissions.

  5. Freedom from Burynoia

    Don’t you hate it when you submit a great story that 99% of Digg users think sucks only to have your dream narrative tossed six feet underground in the same hole with Republican microsoft-loving spammers? Not in Digg 4. There are no bury brigades or left-wing smear campaigns.

  6. Arrive Home Safely

    Are your Digg relationships so important that you scratch your friends’ backs via the Digg mobile app in traffic? Worry no more. The digg iPhone app doesn’t work (oops, now it seems to wo–)

  7. No More Lost Password Worries

    Misplace your Digg 4 password? No problem. Take a deep breath. Wait it out. No need to panic. Digg 4 will be there exactly as it was before you got locked out.

  8. Liberation from Powerusers

    Do you dislike with a passion how the poweruser elites take advantage of you by submitting stories from your favorite site BEFORE you? Never worry about rushing out to find good sources of news to submit before MrBabyMan gets his hands on your story and takes credit for it. With Digg 4, you don’t even have to worry about submitting. Just sit back in your chair, grab some popcorn and coke and watch the autosubmissions.

  9. Better RSS

    Some people like living on the edge. Does the ability to manage your RSS feeds from your favorite sites give you a thrill that words cannot describe? Make you feel young again? You’re in luck because Digg 4 does an excellent job with displaying near real-time data from sites that YOU choose. You’ll never be forced to view the submissions of others with Digg 4.

  10. Reduced Bannings

    Violate the Digg terms of service? Not violate the Digg terms of service? Yes, I know you’ve worried about being banned either way. Digg 4 makes getting banned less likely.

  11. Programmers Can Move On

    You know that tool based on the Digg API that you put hundreds of hours of your time into building? It and the Digg API are “deprecated.”

  12. Popularity Contests Ended

    You know you want to be the most popular user on Digg, right? You want the celebrity status. Admit it. It’s driving you crazy and you’re making bad submissions as a result. You can’t think clearly. Your significant other is asking you why you are staring at your Digg statistics all day long. With Digg 4, you won’t develop OCD over whether or not the story you worked hard to find and submit went popular. A story is a story after all, right? And, by the same token, a submitter is a submitter, is he not? Be confident that by design, all submitters are equal in the perfect social world of Digg 4.

  13. No Training Required

    Confused about how to use the new Digg? Me too. I usually just sit there and stare for a while, then try and find an old friend or a story I like. Digg something. Feel confused. Leave. Come back. Rinse. Repeat. Some are saying that training would help. But why complicate things? Fortunately, there is absolutely no training required or even available to imply that you do anything you may not want to do. Digg 4 is about freedom.

  14. Digg 4 Has a Sense of Humor

    Tired of seeing the common attempts at 404 error pages that scrub sites offer? Can’t access a digg.com page? The Digg 4 errors will leave you rolling in the dirt laughing.

You can see that the new shovel-ready Digg 4 relieves the daily stress that comes from interacting in social media. Digg 4 provides you more time to spend with people in the real world whether you want to or not. Digg 4 gives you more time for working, playing, sleeping or whatever you want to do. In short, Digg 4 makes your life more efficient.

Emory Rowland

I'm editor and keeper of the flame at Clickfire, fanatical social media blogger and builder of Internet things from way back. My love for social media and success with organic search led me to start my own consulting company. Apart from the Internet, I could be considered pretty worthless. More...


  1. It’s a brilliant send-up: I’m actually wondering whether people will get the sarcasm or not.

    I should say that I do wonder what Digg could have done from v.3 to be better: I am eager to hear about what decent improvements could have been made.

    • Emory Rowland

      Oh, no. I was worried about the sarcasm not coming through. Your comment should give them a clue then.

      Seems impossible, but supposedly Digg is going to make it all right again. We’ll see.

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  3. Digg V4 is a pile of fail wrapped up in a blanket of sad.

  4. I actually visited Digg for the first time in forever a few days ago – they seem to be backtracking on the changes, and fast.

    You guys would know better than me: if they right the ship, can it be saved?

  5. Emory Rowland

    I wonder. I feel sure there is a large chunk of old users who are done, no matter what. For those who stay, there’s going to be the we’ve-lost-that-loving-feeling effect I would think.

    Can digg grow the user base? I’m undecided on that point. I think it’s possible if they can somehow return to the excitement of the original model that empowers users who can pop stories. Digg needs a tea party :) and to find a way to entice new users and reward them for participation.

    A little humility along the lines of “hey, we don’t know what we were thinking when we dissed the users and we’re listing now, we promise” wouldn’t hurt. Talk to the company psychiatrist or publicist, take your pick.

  6. I was never really behind the whole Digg revolution way back when, which is why reading their new upgrades makes it seems like I’m reading a foreign text. Do you recommend everyone to use and participate in Digg?

  7. buyer structured settlement

    I never used to use digg or back in the revolution either. Now I started to use digg, the question is will digg make it right.

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