Google Bedroom

Early Schematic of Google Bedroom, April 1

A new product from the search engine giant released April 1st

I don’t normally post a lot of news, but I heard that Google Bedroom beta is slated for a 2Q release!

This one has been kept under the covers, but from I understand, Google Bedroom is best described as a giant digital baby monitor for Internet users. Originally conceived as a highly extensible component of Google personalized search, the new product creates a trackable, search engine friendly, XML compliant live feed of every event that occurs in user equipped bedrooms from snoring to pillow fights. The new product has kept privacy advocates up late trying to figure out how far Google will go to deliver relevancy. The FBI is reportedly interested in learning how the new technology can be applied to politicians. A later phase of Google Bedroom will be integrated Google revenue generating products like AdWords and AdSense. There’s already a WordPress plugin. It remains to be seen if Google Bedroom will be the sleeping giant that delivers the final wake up call to the competition.

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  • Google Personalized Frisk
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And another batch just in…

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  1. Scott

    Google has had their eyes on me for a while since I got into SEO. I think they already have a camera in my computer monitor.

  2. Emory Rowland

    I can’t wait to see how Google will monetize this. Perhaps a pay-per-wrinkle model would work.

  3. Looking forward to Google Girlfriend myself. ;) lol

  4. I’m certain the rise of Google Bedroom could signal the dawn of a new age of personal Internet applications blanketing users who dream of cozier computing.

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  7. Merchant Cash Advance

    LMAO!!! “Google Colonoscomy” Great post! DIGG IT!

  8. so now google itself like god who can reach anywhere anytime :)

  9. This is really new thing for me.. I dont know anything about this.. This is really horrible… now your privacy in Google’s Database ;)

  10. What? Google will be searching for UFOs too?

  11. Website Design

    Google searches are full of spam nowadays.

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