Letter to AT&T Broadband

Rotary Phone, Ma Bell

Sifting through some files on my PC, I found this letter that I wrote to my AT&T Broadband expressing the need for high-speed Internet service. The file is dated June 27, 2002. The note makes me remember the defeating sadness of 56k modem Internet life. Despite having to endure a painful Comcast outage or two, having a high speed connection these last several years has made my life much more productive and fun. I think it is beneficial for us who are fortunate enough to have a high speed connection to take a moment and remember from whence our slow past.

AT&T Broadband
P.O. Box 2127
Norcross, GA 30091

AT&T Broadband:

I am a current AT&T Broadband customer and operate a home-based business from my condominium complex. I am in need of a high-speed connection but have been unable to find out when the service will be available in my area. Over the course of about 5 years, I have been given various projections of when service will be available, but none have proved to be accurate. Can you advise me on when and if service will ever be available in my area?

Thanks for your time,

Emory Rowland

Emory Rowland

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  1. Gorm News

    Agreed, broadband is now like water and we take it for granted :-)

    It’s incredibly frustrating trying to use dialup nowadays yet i know some people who still use it… not because they want to, but because they can’t get broadband or broadband for a reasonable price…

  2. Hi,

    I really think that broad band is a thing of necessity in this fast speed communication world. This will add a lot of speed in one’s internet and work will done faster.

  3. It’s funny that now AT&T wants to pay me $300 to take their slower connection. Too little, too late… again. Sounds kind of like the days of dial-up days doesn’t it?

  4. Emory Rowland

    I finally did make the switch to AT&T this past week. I took a speed hit but I can tell little difference so far.

    Comcast Speed:

    Comcast Speed (Speedtest.net)

    AT&T U-verse Speed:

    ATT Speed (Speedtest.net)

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