Logo Design Pros Review: Are These Really the Pros?

When it comes to logo designs, we’ve been around the block. We’ve seen a thing or two. So when you advertise yourself as being logo design pros, I want to see that you’ve actually got the goods.

Why be so strict about their labeling? Because when you label yourself something, and then charge a price for that something, your services better have the quality to back those claims up. And when you consider just how many logo design sites there are out there to offer something unique and high-quality themselves, you’d better also stand out from the crowd.

Does this site accomplish that? Let’s take a look in this brief Logo Design Pros review and answer that very question.

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Pricing, Pricing, Pricing

Perhaps the very first place I look to gauge the strength of a service or product’s sales pitch is the price. You can have a great product and make it unattractive with the wrong price, and you can have a subpar service but undercut all of the other guys with a free offering.

Pricing can also be a complicated thing, as $5 at one site won’t get you what you get with $5 at another site. So where do the Logo Design Pros fall in? Right about average: you can find their pricing packages here, or you can just finish this section of the review to find out all about it.

The prices range from about $200-$300 depending on whether you want a “Startup” package or a “Professional” package, though we don’t really know what has to be so unprofessional about a startup that needs a logo.

But as it turns out, it’s a nice price even for the startups because you’ll get unlimited revisions on your logos – a major selling point if there ever was one.

Guarantees, Features, and Turnaround

When you combine this “average” price – as I have dubbed it – with the bucketload of features and offerings you’ll get over at Logo Design Pros, the quality of your purchase actually looks pretty dang high. Some other logo design sites similar to this one will only offer you a few revisions – I’ve seen as little as two – for their more basic packages. At LDP, that’s part of their minimal package – which would also make an interesting name for a band.

But, as they say in the infomercials, that’s not all. You get a money-back guarantee on your logos – though why do you need it if you have unlimited revisions – and you get a few designers working on your logo, creating a quick turnaround of about two or three business days. Those features, combined with the price and the revisions, make Logo Design Pros an entirely enticing option for your logo design needs.

Heck, if you skipped looking at all of our other reviews here and simply opted to sign up with Logo Design Pros, we don’t think you’d be making the wrong decision. We recommend giving them a try – or at least give them a good look-over – for your business logo needs.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Rating

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.


  1. Karen James

    Logo Design Pros worked very professionally with me and my business partner. They Kept us informed on each step about the status of the project page. At this price range, I was not expecting this kind of service and professionalism. In the end they had given us the best logo design one could ever get.

  2. John Lanshe

    That’s bs! This bunch of scammers! logodesignpros review.
    Read about them. All SCAMMERS…

    Take your money and don’t deliver. 1 month no reply after taking my money.

    They are indians from india not american. Don’t be fooled.

  3. eesda

    Logo Design Pros are a Scam. Most of the positive reviews posted are by themselves to boost their online presence due to the large amount of complaints against them. They are desperate and will attempt to do anything. They will NEVER honour their refund policy. They operate under a PO BOX addresss, have no office location, i have visited their office and nobody exists by that name. They have english names but have indian accents, highly skilled scammers. say bye to your money. Very inexperienced designers but highly experienced thieves. They will never return your calls and force you to keep revising their first concept designs. They are not regulated nor accept paypal. They promised me a full refund but its been 9 Months and no refund and no design. Stay away from them. Eesa

    • chris

      Hi, we are a web and logo design company based in NY. We are offering web and logo design services without charging any amount upfront. We will provide you the services and request you the compensation after 100% satisfaction.

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