LogoSnap Review: Create a Logo In a…Well, You Know

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DatingSitesXO.com logo created with LogoSnap
This logo for DatingSitesXO was created for free with LogoSnap

I have to be upfront with you: I’ve had it up to here with the do-it-yourself logo makers that tell you about how free they are without actually being free, and I might take a little bit of that anger out on LogoSnap. Is that fair? Well, tell me if you think this is a little misleading, as per LogoSnap’s title tags: “FREE Logo Design…”

Free, eh? When you tell Google and all its search engine buddies that you’re a free service, I expect you to be free from beginning to end. If you’re in any way not free at some point during the process, it kind of eliminates the “free” idea as a whole, doesn’t it?

The truth is that LogoSnap actually forces you to give a “donation” upon downloading the do-it-yourself logo you’ve created. But if you’re like most Americans, you would probably see right through the “donation” stuff and realize that if you have to pay for your logo – no matter what you call the payment – then that logo ain’t exactly free.

Even with that in mind, we’ll still have to be honest in this LogoSnap review and judge it on its own merits. And when it comes to the do-it-yourself logo makers, this is actually not the worst service in the world. Hey, coming from me, that can be high praise indeed. So let’s take a look.

LogoSnap's main page, where you'll see the word'free' a lot.

Logos in a Snap? Sounds Good

You can’t deny that the initial sales pitch of these do-it-yourself sites is pretty enticing. Say you’ve been looking around the Internet, Googling phrases like “cheap logo design” or even “free logo design.” You’re in the market to get a logo on your site and you don’t want to pay through the nose – or at least, into the triple digits – to make that logo happen.

You come across a site like LogoSnap and get excited. Free logo design? I do it myself? All these great features, fonts, and templates? Sign me up?

Then you get far enough in the process where you see LogoSnap’s prompt to donate. And it’s not really a “prompt” – it’s more of a requirement. Either you can save the progress you’ve made on your logo and sign up to their site for free, or you can download a clean version of the logo by giving LogoSnap a donation.

Aw, shucks.

It’s happened a million times before, to be sure, but it’s no less heart-sinking when you’ve loved and lost again. So what do you do?

Well, in the case of LogoSnap, you may actually want to consider the donation. At a price of about $39 for the basic package, you’re looking at a do-it-yourself logo that’s actually cheaper than much of the competition – and in some cases, significantly cheaper.

Still, $39 is 39 more than you actually wanted to spend if you clicked on “FREE Logo Design…” thinking you’d actually get some free logo design. It’s a built-in flaw when it comees to these do-it-yourself logo makers, and it’s a misleading way of doing business I can’t let slide in any of their reviews.

But let’s move on to some good news, shall we?

Nice Add-Ons, LogoSnap

One feature I really like about LogoSnap is that they make it easy for you to incorporate your logo into business cards, stationary, and the like. In fact, once you’ve created your logo, these free – yes! free! – options are presented to you along with the overall purchasing package. I guess they’re not technically free since you’ll have to buy the package to acquire these additional features, but hey, it’s more than some companies are willing to offer. It definitely sweetens the deal.

By the way, here’s the technical list of the ways you can use your logo with their added features:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope

Not too shabby, and certainly more variety there then the other cheap logo designers on the web. Heck, even the ones who design your logo customized for you won’t give you all of these integrations right up front – they’ll make you pay more.

And we’ll also have to focus on the actual quality of LogoSnap’s designs. Like other do-it-yourselfers, it forces you to conform to pre-set fonts and clip art in order to craft your logo. No major news there. There are a variety of color options as well, but overall it’s just as stale and cookie-cutter as most of the do-it-yourself logo design sites you’ll find. In the end, my main reaction is just a big ol’ yawn.

Is There More to the Story?

But hold on a minute! There’s conflicting information on the pricing of LogoSnap. According to its own site:

Well, we can’t get much more affordable than free, right? And if you need another logo, just donate a small amount that you can afford. We are the first “free” logo design website on the internet, and hope that our efforts, and your generous donations will help us continue to create really cool branding tools to help small businesses look big.

What exactly does that mean – is this a pay-as-you-go system, bypassing the $39 package price I was able to find in my other research? Is there an option to donate “zero”?

What’s going on here?!

There’s nothing like a bit of confusion to end a review like this, so let’s put it in terms we all can understand: LogoSnap is, at the very least, flexible when it comes to pricing. That gives it another star in my book, even if it makes you “donate” upon downloading the logo that you’ve created. And since I’ve given the other do-it-yourself logo sites two stars, that makes LogoSnap an overall three-star service.

It’s not the worst review I’ve ever given, but there are certainly other ways you can explore logo creation online. Checking out freelancing and crowd sourcing sites should definitely be on your to-do list if they aren’t already. But if you do decide to go the “do-it-yourself” route, at least I have one place to point you: LogoSnap. They might ask for a donation, but hey, at least donations don’t usually cost a lot of money.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.


  1. Peggy

    I’ve sent Logosnap 2 emails about a problem purchasing my business card and they have yet to respond. They have no phone number, so I’m stuck. This is lousy service!

    BTW: I got my logos for free by not making a donation. It’s not required. I would have made a donation, but the checkout page is where I’m having trouble, so I didn’t.

  2. Thanks for reviewing LogoSnap.com. I just want to clarify that we dont force our customers to donate. You can select the no donation option and get your free logo.

    Zaheer Dodhia

    • matrixunloaded

      NOT TRUE ANYMORE. You cannot download your save work without a ransom payment.

      This unethical company takes you all the way through the “free” design and storage of a logo, collects all of your information, including your email and mailing address and telephone number (all required) and then when you then try to download the “free” saved logo design, there is a Mandatory “Donation” of $29 by credit card or PayPal. This is despite their website CONTINUING to advertise it is a free.

      When I contacted the company with the complaint they simply replied that they had changed their policy and now charged for it yet they continue to advertise on their website that it’s free.

      This is a deceptive trade practice and if I were ever considering using this company for a paid project, I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone this unethical as these people.


  3. Kim Vlchek

    Logo Snap doesn’t deliver. I paid my ‘donation’ but they did not send me my logo… even after my email requests and their promise to email it to me.

  4. Kim, you have to download your logo from the site after you create it. The logos are saved on logosnap.com for you to go back later and edit and download as you like. We just created a logo for a new site and chose not to make a donation this time (the minimum donation was $10).

  5. John Dean

    So Zaheer Dodhia tell me where this mysterious ‘No Donation’option is……I’m yet to find it.Must be very well hidden.

  6. Disappointed Customer

    I fell victim to Logosnap, too. I did design our business card logo for free and then knew I would have to pay for the cards to be printed. That’s just common sense. But once I hit the “purchase business card” for $29, that’s exactly what I got. ONE business card. I can get 200 business cards from my local print shop for $20. Logosnap is a scam!

    • Emory Rowland

      @ Disappointed Customer – Were you really charged $29 for one single business card? Surely something went wrong somewhere. Did you try to contact support?

  7. Very Happy Logosnap customer

    I came across Logosnap by accident. I have since downloaded 20 logos & have notpaid for any of them. When you get ready to download just click on the I dont want to donate tab & then say maybe next time. Has worked for me so far.

  8. Gabriel

    Logosnap has some great designs though!

  9. Tekela

    I am not a computer genius or the “techy” type. In fact, I have been taking classes every week at Apple just to get comfortable with my new Mac. Thus when I was referred to LogoSnap a felt like “Oh no how am I going to do this by myself…”. I hate free do-it-yourself programs because usually you have to be a computer programmer in order to do it yourself without anxiety. Nevertheless, I reluctantly went to the LogoSnap.com website and began the process. The numbered tabs stimulated my first internal sigh. As I followed the steps the sighs became audible and my desire became more of a reality. YES!!! I did it. Everything about it fits the premises of my organization EMBRACE. While it seemed to be intimidating for a novice it proved to be quite easy. Thank you LogoSnap for making creating my logo a snap!

  10. Change is a problem

    I have used logosnap before and it was very nice. I was also able to download without “donating”. I tried to create another logo today and discovered the “No Donation” button was missing. Maybe I just missed it, but I am pretty sure it is gone.

  11. John

    I tried to go back and edit my design after purchasing and printing. Afterwards I could not find out how to save and print again without being charged again. Have not been able to get any email response from logosnap. Can someone help me???

    • Emory Rowland

      John, there’s a phone number listed in the comments above in case you want to try calling.

  12. Patrice J

    I found logosnap on the internet. It is a website that helps you to create your own logo. I had fun looking though the designs and messing around with where to place things. Found the link through a very cool video on youtube, teaching you how to create a wordpress website and logo. I never heard of either before and I really appreciated both Logosnap and that wordpress web guy!!!!

  13. Charles Bonnier

    I just went through the logosnap process. It was straight forward and produced a nice looking professional logo. I did not have to purchase the logo. There are a ton of logo symbols to choose from and the fonts are crisp and really fantastic. You can’t really get much better than this.

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