My Blog Guest – Hype or Monstrous Backlink Machine?

Oh no! Run for the hills. It’s another backlink service!

Not quite! My Blog Guest ( is not some pay and spray link building service. There are no macros or other gimmicks involved. Actually, it requires some work on your part, but you’ll end up saving a butt load of time by leveraging with this service. Read on to find out how I’ve started making tons of high quality backlinks each month with this awesome backlink monster. Think of all the possibilities! Imagine! Screen Capture

My Blog Guest – Friendly Backlink Monster

Guest blogging is a great way to get high quality backlinks, but it can take a lot of work to find somebody willing to publish your articles. Creating a list of potential websites and writing emails to their webmasters is a tedious and time consuming task indeed.

I wanted to do more guest blogs, but I didn’t have the time to invest in researching sites and contacting all the webmasters in hopes that they might be accepting guest blogs. I set out to do multiple guest blogs a month, but things were starting off really slowly and I was losing hope in my guest blogging strategy.

However, things made a complete turn when I learned about a service called My Blog Guest. It’s kickasscular, broham…But I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first like I am with most new products and services. However, after seeing it work for me over and over I can tell you that it’s a really awesome way to get lots of good backlinks. The brains and brawn behind My Blog Guest is Ann Smarty. Major high five, Ann!

What is My Blog Guest?

It’s like the best kept secret on the interwebs! Duh!

Basically, My Blog Guest is a web service that lets you submit your articles to a database, and publishers who are seeking out guest blogs can view your articles and make offers on them for publication on their websites. My Blog Guest is very intuitive and easy to get the hang of after you’ve submitted a few articles.

On the flip side, if you’re interested in finding guest blogs then you’ll also enjoy My Blog Guest. You can freely search through the database and put offers on the available articles. My Blog Guest is free from the publisher’s side, and it’s twenty dollars a month for the premium membership if you want to submit articles to the database. If you want lots of steady backlinks then this is a fair price to pay though.

My Guest Blogging Objective

In the past couple of months, my objective with My Blog Guest has been to publish about fifteen to twenty guest blogs a month on high PageRank, well trafficked websites. I can tell you that I have been very successful so far. I’ve been able to publish as many articles as I can possibly write, and I could get more published if I wanted to write more. Article turnaround has been really fast for me generally. I usually publish a few articles at a time, and I sometimes get anywhere from five to ten offers within a day or two on each one.

Well…What Can I Get Published Here?

If you want to get a lot of good offers on your articles there is just one main requirement. Your articles need to be at least decent, well written, and interesting to the publishers that view the My Blog Guest database. Create good quality content and you will get good quality backlinks in return.

I’ve experimented with some of my article submissions to see what gets the bidders biting out there either more or less. At first I was worried about including too many authority links in the body of my articles, but soon found that it didn’t make any noticeable difference. People were accepting my articles with about five body links and respecting the integrity of the system by posting them exactly as they were presented by me in My Blog Guest.

I’ve never included affiliate links or promotional links, and I’ve only included one link back to my site. I include my backlink and anchor text either in the body or the footer section. Publishers have always respected my links and never made them NoFollow. One tip I would say about putting links in the body is to write in the Notes section how many links you have included so publishers know. This is important since publishers can only see a preview portion of your whole article before getting their offer accepted.

My Blog Guest is especially effective for those people who are writing about anything technology or internet related. There are a ton of internet marketers and bloggers who peruse the article database looking for content. I’ve found that they’ll try to snatch up a tech related article within hours of submitting one.

A downside to My Blog Guest though is that for many other topics there are not as many users or as much interest. This can make it difficult to create a large number of backlinks with My Blog Guest for certain topics. I have only posted technology, internet, marketing, weight loss, and dating content so far. Compared to the technology topics, weight loss and dating had less demand. It’s going to be different for each topic, and I still recommend giving the service a try if you’re interested in guest blogging about something other than technology.

My Results So Far

I’ve been able to churn my tech-related articles through My Blog Guest at a pretty rapid pace. I get so many offers sometimes that I just let them sit in the article gallery for weeks to wait for the best possible offers.

Here is a chart showing a snapshot in April – May of my results since I started using My Blog Guest:

My Blog Guest Results Graph

The average Google PageRank of the main page of these blogs came to 3.15.

From the chart below, you can see that PageRank 3 blogs were the most common. I thought about using other metrics like number of times retweeted or shared or commented on, which in some cases proved to be pretty sweet.

My Blog Guest Case Study - Chart Showing Main Page PageRank Percent of All Posts

Link builders rejoice! This tool really works. From my results, we can see that there is a strong demand for content out there. Of course, not all content is created equally. I’ve been putting out good quality articles somewhere between 500 and 800 words. My articles are hardly literary works of art though. As long as you’re not a knobhead, and you can string your sentences and ideas together into a comprehensible and interesting article you’ll be fine here. It also helps to write creative and attractive titles. Also include valuable authority links in the body of your content and leave out any cheesy or self-promoting links. You can promote your sites in the footer section.

By following these simple rules of content creation, I’ve noticed that my articles are getting picked up even faster. Either that or people are just super hungry for content that they’ll take whatever they can get. However I doubt this is the case. Low quality content is usually flagged and taken out of the database

If you’re still on the fence about My Blog Guest, then let me refer you to three other reviews.

Review One – This review actually motivated me to give My Blog Guest a try in the first place. If I had not read this review I might have passed this service by the wayside.

Review Two – Learn more about the Premium membership plan and how you can benefit from it with your guest blogging.

Review Three – This person explains how he used My Blog Guest to spread the word about his new start-up company.

If you want to do more guest blogging and get lots of high quality backlinks then I highly recommend My Blog Guest. It’s easy to use, you can get really nice results, and the price is right. Guest blogging is a really good way to build high quality backlinks and to diversify your link portfolio. If you’ve got content to publish and you’re willing to pay for the monthly membership then I believe My Blog Guest is right for you. Give it a try and you might be surprised by your crazy high results.


  1. It does work for link building
  2. Low cost service
  3. Content demand from high PR blogs
  4. No submission limits
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  1. Financial Advisor

    Thanks for the great post, Never heard of My Blog Guest before. Looks like a great place to not only get excellent content but also help grow your own brand.

  2. Leslie

    Like Ann said, this is a great case study! I see how this could work for my information related blog. I’m wondering if there is value for more product/service related sites like a resort. I guess ultimately it is about the quality of the content you write plus testing and measuring. Now I just have to find time to start writing!

    Thanks for the case study. Will definitely share this with my Internet marketing friends.

  3. Thanks for the awesome review and case study! I love it that you have shared *real* results!


  4. @Leslie, you are quite right: it’s all about the quality of the content you provide. So if you offer quality, you’ll be able to promote a commercial site as well!

  5. Emory Rowland

    One thing I noticed fairly quickly is that the word count itself seems to attract interest. Also stuff like going the extra mile to include media or markup in posts seems to help you get picked up by a good blog. I also wonder how much web publishers care about the authority of the site link in the bio and if that’s a factor. I suspect it is. Maybe that’s the next My Blog Guest case study.

  6. Works good for me, but because of forex theme of my project I usually have only few offers for each article.

  7. Ej

    Thanks for something that really works! Hard to find anything that really works nowadays.

  8. Diego Trujillo

    Once a publisher decides to feature your article, does the platform then allow me to “aprove” of this publisher?

  9. alexs

    Yep, it’s your decision to make as to who will publish your article. Publishers will make you an offer, and you choose the one that you like the most.

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  11. Kim F

    Our SEO team sent us this link to check out. Looks like MyBlogGuest is worth a try. Thanks for sharing this info, we create quality content daily and this looks like a great solution if these reviews are accurate.

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  13. Jym

    New one on me. But that sounds like a handy tool…

    The ‘no submission limit’ is pretty appealing, especially if you have the time to go hard at the writing.


  14. Agility Drills

    Thanks for the resource.. will check out the site for some guest bloggers. I would rather spend time building links that writing content.. I’ll see if i can get a few articles from the site.

  15. Emory Rowland

    You’re welcome, Jamie and glad you found value in it.

  16. Jamie

    I’ve been researching MyBlogGuest for some time now and was really looking for the average PR ranking of the sites that are looking for articles through this site. Thanks for taking the time to include such detailed info.

  17. I been searching for ways to get quality back links for my website company. Then i stumble upon this site. I am impress and would like to try my hand at this.

    • Emory Rowland

      @ Richerd – Please let us know how it works out for you, thanks.

  18. Dylan Johnson

    Has anyone else noticed a drop in activity at My Blog Guest?

    • Emory Rowland

      I just finished auditing a bunch of content I had submitted there over the years and was amazed to find that about one third of the posts were dead because the blogs had either removed it or had gone under – several of the blogs were expired domains. That tells me that they probably suffered under the wing of Google Penguin for over-optimized anchor text.

      Not to be negative about MBG; I think the model is not necessarily bad. It doesn’t seem they were successful at filtering out the large amounts of low quality submissions that came through. And at the price point of $20 per month, they probably felt like a good portion of their target audience wouldn’t be posting ultra high quality content. Raising their prices and going after super high quality content would have been a better strategy IMHO. Certainly lots of agencies would have been able to afford the premium service and would have taken it more seriously. MBG definitely tried and are trying to work things out to adapt. Gotta give them credit for that.

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