The App President Obama Doesn’t Want You to Have

There’s no doubt that as we trudge through slow economic growth – with the possibility that it will turn into a recession – that there is a lot of public dissatisfaction with politicians in high office.

It was only a matter of time that this dissatisfaction reached “app” status.

Known as the “Obama Clock,” this app is so hot that it’s the number-two app selling right now – behind only the World Atlas of National Geographic but above an app as iconic and useful as Wolfram Alpha.

The Obama Clock, which displays:

  • current national gasoline price index
  • unemployment rate
  • movement in house prices
  • the national debt
  • the countdown of Obama’s first term in office

The app also shows the President’s approval rating with the same style of a heart monitor.

Obama Clock App ReferencesTo no one’s surprise, this app is especially popular with conservatives, especially as the Presidential race heats up. If only during the Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Library next week (Sept. 7), one of the top candidates would hold up their iPhone and display the Obama Clock – it would not only be quite a moment for politics, but an iconic moment for mobile technology as well.

The application assumes that President Obama is going to lose re-election in 2012, counting down to his last days in office going into 2013. But what’s most interesting about the app are the other variables. A countdown clock is nothing most cell phones can’t handle, but watching the economic numbers change over the coming weeks and months could give this app more staying power.

The Obama Clock mobile app by Trojan Tree is available for iPhone and priced affordably for today’s economy at only .99 cents.

Emory Rowland

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  1. Emory Rowland

    It’s number one, now. I’m amazed at how such a simple app can be a best seller. It looks like Trojan Tree tapped into a pretty strong sentiment. Nice timing; pun intended.

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