7 Ways Spammers use Psychology to Trick Bloggers

These are the types of psychological appeals spammers make and someone you know always falls for. Most of this is produced through automated blog commenting software. Want to know how many times all of the SPAM messages below are returned in Google exact match search results? Try 574,266. This tells me that Google either can’t or won’t remove this stuff from their index. Why make SPAM searchable?

Example of a SPAM comment that appeared 13,400 times in Google for the exact match search
Example of a SPAM comment that appeared 13,400 times in Google for the exact match search


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A spammer named “Richard” attempts to convince bloggers with the comment that he can reduce their spam if they will only link to him from their home page. Excerpt:

hello, my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments,

I can help you with this problem. I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50%. In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site. The link will be small and your visitors will hardly notice it, its just done for higher rankings in search engines. Contact me icq [removed] or write me [removed], i will give you my site url and you will give me yours if you are interested. thank you

Emory Rowland

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  1. Ya I do agree to you its not a good thing to make spammers searchable on google. Policies should be made to stop or prevent spamming.

  2. Customer Support Geek

    Spamming is a negative thing but don’t you think that sometimes it brings your PageRank higher? As of the moment we can’t really tell if they are spam or not because sometimes there are genuine people who really read your blog, true right?

  3. Geo

    Hey, thanks for this.

    Actually, I’m grateful that these spam comments are searchable so I can verify what exactly it is. When a phrase that sounds unique shows up with thousands of Google hits, in the trash that comment goes.

  4. Just put this on Stumbleupon, and I agree with Geo, and would go so far as to say this: part of the “searchability” of spam indicates to me that Google is tracking it. There are lots of people leaving spam-like comments that aren’t really spam – their imaginations are just that limited. I’ve seen their sites, over a period of months, lower in PR.

    Any updates on how self-employment is going would be welcome. Eager to hear you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams.

    • Emory Rowland

      Thanks for the Stumble. I’ll be posting here about my successes and failures now that I’m on my own.

  5. manny

    google tracking spam actually lets them filter it.
    i seen some tools that also use google as one of their sources to track

    does your anti-spam word filters it all or still a few get through?

    i think i might use one of these once i get a blog/site up

  6. manny

    oh and after reading this i hope i dont become mentally obsess every time i read a comment thinking if its spam or not!! :/

    oh and the
    spammer named “Richard”

    that dude will soon be asking sites for money or try kidnapping your cat.

    i would call these cyberterrorism / black-spammers

  7. Emory Rowland

    Kidnapping cats sounds consistent with Richard’s profile. I still can’t decide if he’s serious or just having fun. I lean toward the latter.

  8. Thanks for this article!
    It is great to make spammers searchable so that spamming can be prevented.

  9. Emory Rowland

    This one has me baffled.

    Lorem Ipsum Spammer

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