SEO Cartoon: Layoffs

SEO Cartoon: Layoffs

Why do the wrong people always seem to get cut?

Emory Rowland

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  1. Deborah Spagnuolo

    This cartoon is missing that clever twist. The statement is we don’t need meta tags any more. But is there a problem with too many people using meta tags as opposed to urls? The joke falls short.

    • Emory Rowland

      This scene came from a real project I was working on where we were trying to get a client with notoriously bad URLs to consolidate them into a more search engine friendly canonical structure. As we got closer and closer to actually getting this all important SEO problem fixed, word came that there were massive IT layoffs. The dream of having good URLs was crushed. As a consolation, someone offered that the meta data people were still available for work–exactly who we didn’t need. Why didn’t they layoff the meta taggers instead of the IT group working on the URL problems? Would have helped the bottom line a lot more.

  2. joe


    Why you say that? Meta tag isn’t over yet (only meta keyword is, very old news) and title and des tag still play a big part in search engine visibility, not just locally but globally and it will be like this for a while until Google’s next big change or everyone already knew about SEO then.. Why? imagine how many web site born every second and how many web pages get publish. Compare those number to how little number of people who apply the use of Meta tags which is probably just 0.1%. If you do Meta tag, you will surely have a great start ahead of most web sites.

    I have sites that rank 1st on several keyword, Meta title and description were my big helper.

    With my sense of humor and always looking for ways to have a laugh, i find the cartoon quite funny. I see people saying stupid things about seo all the time at work.

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