Why Your SEO Campaign Is Doomed Without Video

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SEO has never been an easy job. In fact, it is arguably one of the most difficult jobs out there in the world of computing. Why? Well, simply because it changes so often and there is no exact formula to achieving the first page rankings that so many companies desire. It is also an extremely competitive industry and one that requires a well organised, smart, up-to-date SEO campaign in order to be successful.

You might think that you’ve got your SEO campaign covered and this may very well be the case, but for how long? In an industry that moves forward as quickly as SEO, you need to be one step ahead of the competition and the search engines if you want long term rankings, but how do you do this? The answer; with video.

Strangely, very few SEO’s appear to be using video in their campaigns at all. Many of them are viewing it as “the latest trend” but it’s much more than that. Video is almost certainly the future of the web and those SEO’s that haven’t yet realised the huge benefits of video are going to quickly fall victim to the competition with SEO’s that have.

Don’t believe me? Here’s 4 reasons why your SEO campaign is truly doomed without video.


#1 – People Love Video

Let’s face it, people love watching videos online and it’s doubtful this is going to change any time soon. Take the recent success of viral sensation, Gangnam Style for example. This video is closing in on a billion views which is crazy when you take into consideration that the global population currently stands at just under 7 billion.

Of course, people love a lot of things; chocolate, money, gold, the love of a beautiful woman/man and you might be thinking; “why should I care what people love? I’m just an SEO after all”. The answer to this question is because that’s your job!

Think about it. Why do you spend hours writing a guest post? Because people love reading great content and will likely link back to it if they love it. Why do you create stunning infographics? Because people love information presented in a visually appealing way and will often share this. SEO is all about creating what people love as this is what attracts attention and inevitably leads to high quality links to your website.


#2 – Google Owns YouTube

What’s the one search engine that every SEO is trying to please? That’s right, Google. It’s the Google algorithm updates that everyone pays attention to and we have to remember, Google owns YouTube.

Why is this important? Well, firstly, it shows the faith that Google has in online video content. Since Google bought the site back in 2006, daily video views have escalated to over 4 billion views per day (and this was reported back in January 2012) and Google has started incorporating YouTube results into their organic search results. Secondly, YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world (only second to Google). This means there are more searches every day on YouTube than on Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com or any other search engine. Obviously, this means people are searching for video content regularly which presents a huge opportunity for SEO’s and online marketers.

YouTube video views have been rising at an exceptionally high rate since the site first launched and there is no sign of this slowing any time soon. This further emphasises the point that video really is the future of the internet.


#3 – Online Video And Social Networks Are A Match Made In Heaven

As an SEO, you know just how important “social signals” are to Google and other search engines these days. Social shares on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks show that people are actually engaging with your content and therefore, your content must be high quality and also something that Google should be recommending to their users.

Obviously, getting genuine social shares is not an easy task, even with exceptional written content. However, it seems to be a completely different story with video. How many times have you seen a video in your Facebook or Twitter feed? Probably quite a few as people are constantly sharing videos; I see them on a daily basis.

Clearly, as more people see your video, it is going to attract more attention. This can often be media or press attention which can mean a nice, juicy link from their highly authoritative website.


#4 – Your Most Fierce Competitors Are Already Using Video

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm and when it comes to video and SEO, this might not be far wrong.

Every industry has competitors, both online and offline, and it is quite likely that your most fierce competitors are already using video in their SEO campaigns. The truth is that if you ignored every advancement in SEO (such as the importance of high quality guest posts, social signals etc), your competitors would soon start ranking a lot higher than you and quite soon, you (or your client) would start to lose out on a lot of business.

If you don’t start thinking about video now, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do when you realise that your competitors have already gone through the lengthy process of having a video produced and have also started to integrate it into their SEO campaign, resulting in an influx of highly authoritative links to their site.

Sure, you can try and copy them at this point but the fact you didn’t act first means you’ve already lost the battle. It means your competitors are more “on the ball” and are likely going to be one step ahead of you in terms of SEO for the foreseeable future.


The Final Word

Incorporating video into your SEO strategy isn’t as hard as you might think. You can start by setting up a YouTube channel, sharing your video on social media profiles, adding your video to business directories and of course, your own website. The more of a buzz your content generates, the more attention, links and ultimately sales it’s going to generate for your business.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands on a professional production to create something your target audience will relate to. In fact, some of the most successful viral ads in the world were produced on shoestring budgets. So long as you create something that represents the personality of your business and appeals to your target market, you’re good to go.

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Joshua Hardwick

Joshua Hardwick is the founder at The SEO Project, link building enthusiast, avid drinker of red wine, and lover of craft beers.


  1. Hi Joshua and Emory,
    Great post and I cannot agree more. Video is critical to SEO success. Thank you for providing such great content.

    Cheers, Carel.

    • Joshua Hardwick

      Thanks Carel, I’m glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. Excellent thoughts Joshua. SEO strategy indeed requires video, I totally agree. Great article. Thank you for sharing.

    • Joshua Hardwick

      Thanks Alex, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I’m glad you agree, video is definitely becoming an integral part of SEO :)

  3. Hello.
    I have to develop a product based website I have product named with wood-name1, wood-name2, wood-name3, wood-name4, wood-name5, wood-name6,
    here in many products in wood category
    can i create html file names like…. wood-name1.html, wood-name2.html, wood-name3.html, wood-name4.html, wood-name5.html, wood-name6.html,

    I am thinking that “wood” keyword is repeating many times so this would be a little bit spamm….?
    pls help…

    • Emory Rowland

      Personally, I’d tend to leave the “wood” out of the URL if you have keywords working for you in the copy, title, inbound link anchor text, etc.

      Spam is indeed doomed :)

      • So, I have to maintain the “wood” keyword in the pages and i have to keep file name without “wood” right ?

        • Emory Rowland

          Yes, I wood :)

  4. This is continuing to be an essential part of online businesses, video content is flourishing and in no way slowing down with YouTube having 8 billion visits a month. I have tried to ramp up my video content considerably in 2012 and continue to do so in 2013, but man it does take more effort to produce and edit video than to write content (at least for me).

    • Emory Rowland

      Agreed, Justin. Standing out in a crowd of billions is a daunting task.

      It takes me forever to edit a still image to perfection in photoshop. Give me a video editor and I’d never be seen again.

  5. Way2Tweet

    My website way2tweet.com hosted 1 month back but still google bot not indexed at least 1 page my website is perfectly developed according to the Google guidelines.
    Please help me how should I tell to google about my website.

    Thank you

    • Emory Rowland

      Way2Tweet is a nice looking site. It’s not indexed by Google because there are no links pointing to it from other (indexed) sites. As soon as you are able to attain a few, you’ll see it indexed.

      You may also want to check your robots.txt file to make sure it follows the standards set forth at robotstxt.org. Right now, it doesn’t appear to. Best of luck.

      • Way2Tweet

        Dear Emory Rowland

        Thank you for your great information.
        I came to know that google index even 0 back link websites also and please check if my robots.txt is also good. My SEO Analyst is saying that there is some other problem with my website.

        If possible please check
        Thank you

        • Emory Rowland

          Hi Way2Tweet,

          I suppose it is possible for a site to be indexed but not have backlinks. Perhaps a site linked in once, then removed the link. If you want your site to perform well, consider getting some backlinks that make sense over time.

          This is what the allow all should look like (check robotstxt.org):
          User-agent: *

  6. Anuranjan


    I am also working in SEO from last three years but now I am so upset because now I don’t know exactly what I do. I am trying regularly updated with Social Media only. Any suggestion for me?

    • Emory Rowland

      Hi Anuranjan,

      It seems a lot of experienced people in the search industry share your sentiment. Here’s my ultra-quick advice: keep building your audience on social media and try experimenting more with Google+, go big and beautiful on content and only get links from super high quality sites (not high pr).

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