Social Media Signs of the Times

Twitter Cartoon - Signs of the Times

Emory Rowland

I'm editor and keeper of the flame at Clickfire, fanatical social media blogger and builder of Internet things from way back. My love for social media and success with organic search led me to start my own consulting company. Apart from the Internet, I could be considered pretty worthless. More...


  1. paul

    :-) yeah, very good! do u do all these drawings yourself? they are very good!i think twitter has hit off quite big, i have been going to different places and i hear the people talking about it. even more so than face book! i have seen advertising all over buses here in the uk.

    seems to be growing very big!

  2. Emory Rowland

    paul, I’ve done a few but most to date have been contributed by 2 very talented cartoonists: Dan Rosandich and Dave Cantu. Agree with you on Twitter–it’s so huge.

  3. Chris

    I really like this comic. Twittering has become just as pesky and borderline ridiculous when people do it multiple times a day to keep the world updated on their (unimportant) ventures. The comparison to an old man feeding birds just feels really accurate as well. I’m actually kind of thinking of the legality of banning to usage of Twitter/banning the ability to feed birds in a public place. It’s easy to imagine our government trying to limit these rights, but they surely won’t go without some uproar.

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