Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker FAQ

What is Metty?

Metty is a little program that makes it easy for webmasters to create meta tags that help search engines index web pages.

Why the name and logo?

Metty is short for the “meta” in meta tag. Metty’s head and features are shaped like the less than and greater than brackets “<” and “>” which are used in meta tags. See?

Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker

How much does Metty cost?

Metty is free to use and distribute. See the license agreement for details.

What meta tags should I use?

More does not mean better. Just use the ones you need. Use the Metatags and Their Uses page for a reference for the most general tags. For an explanation of each tag, see the Metty Help Document under Help in the program interface. Check out the article, A Meta Tag Adventure, for a fictional case study of how to promote a website using meta tags.

How can I support Metty

If you’ve benefited from Metty and want to support the program, choose from one of several easy ways to help at the Support Metty page.

How can I share comments about Metty?

Comments from Metty users have contributed greatly to development. Feel free to speak your mind or comment at Clickfire.

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Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker

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Meta Tag Help

Search engine technology has become more sophisticated and no longer puts the weight on meta data that they once did.

Directories may get meta data from the title, keywords, and description meta tags to display a site listing.