Metty Reviews and Testimonials

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. I have been using Metty for years, and even though I am now a professional web designer, I still use it for every site I create. It is to me the easiest way to generate your entire head section of tag content. – Eric VanLandingham

“This is an incredible application that should not be left out of any web developer’s toolbox.” – The Freeware Review

“This is one of the best meta tag creation tools we have seen… we cannot find a better tool for creating them [meta tags] than Metty.” – Excerpt from Completely Free Software Editor, Graham Pockett’s Review of Metty Version 1.21.

“Having spent a considerable time on my web site I felt ready to seek out search engines and publicity. Although my site is aimed for the community of my town I have over 1,000 links to other sites so I have visited quite a few and know how important meta tags are. I have tried many sites that advertise help in getting a site noticed but in all honesty the best and easiest to use was METTY. I can recommend it highly for all those that are new or experienced in web designing. The site is helpful
and I have learnt a lot from logging into Clickfire. Great that there are people out there willing to share their knowledge.” – Brian Carroll. Barnet4u.

“Just wanted to thank you for your Metty freeware program, it has been very helpful. I had read about putting meta tags into my html to get my site found by search engines and had vacillated about getting started. Your program got me started and it has made it easier than I thought it would be. And the program makes it easy for me to keep improving my tags until I get them just right.” – Greg Campbell

“I want to thank you so much for your Metty Program. I just bought a computer only 8 months ago, primarily to develop an evangelical site/business plan… Your program is by far the easiest to use out of the hundred or so that I looked for on the web. As a novice I found it VERY helpful to start the Meta tag process on my site before submission to the search engines.” – Michael Herold

Thank you for sharing your fantastic program with “the rest of us” on the net. As IT Manager. for a non profit agency, I maintain several sites. Through the generosity of folks like yourself, I can do my job both effectively and “on budget” I have researched this topic thoroughly and found no products that come close to yours for less then $50.00 US. Please keep up the great work! – John T. Holly, MIS – BETHESDA

“DUDE! thank you VERY much for this tool. ‘Twas exactly what I was lookin’ for and more. :) I was on the verge of building one myself when I met up with Metty. Definitely couldn’t have done a better job.. :) [bows]” – Patrick

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Meta Tag Help

Search engine technology has become more sophisticated and no longer puts the weight on meta data that they once did.

Directories may get meta data from the title, keywords, and description meta tags to display a site listing.