Here’s What Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Your Ecommerce Site

Apple is hands down the best at fostering brand loyalty.  Don’t you want to be Apple? In life, there are clear winners in every category.  Muhammad Ali was the Greatest, the best boxer of his time.  Donald Trump has been a winner of many things… real estate, media attention, and lately, elections. In consumer branding, there’s one clear winner, too, …

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Tim Cook Driving The Apple Car

If Apple Built Cars

Bloggers have warned about the dangers of Microsoft and Google forays into the automotive industry. Did you know that Apple could be making cars by 2020? That’s right, your favorite (or most hated) tech company might be the biggest name in automobile manufacturing within the next decade. While it might sound ridiculous, Apple simply …

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This Wix review is intrigued by the possibilities of free flash.

Wix: Easy Websites in a Flash

Free flash. The concept sounds so excellent on paper and yet has so unflinchingly disappointed us when we entered it in to Google, finding only the web sites that promised big things but delivered on none of them.

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20 Text Generators for the Uninspired Masses

Feeling uninspired? Got writer’s block again? Or you just need a shot of creativity? Well, take a look at our list of the top 20 Text Generators. They’re sure to provide you with the inspiration and creativity needed to spark your next project.

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Logoworks isn't so hot once you discover what they charge.

Logoworks: The Place For Your Logo?

All you have to do is plug in a search like “logo designer” into Google and you’ll find a bucketload of different ways you can have some poor schmo on the other side of cyberspace run through Photoshop for you.

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LogoBee Review: Is This Bee Worth the Buzz?

If you’re building a web site in today’s day and age – or heck, if you’re building any type of marketing campaign or brand at all – then you’re probably in the process of thinking about a logo for yourself. Grab some start-up capital and let’s go.

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A Logo Design Guru review with a 'tude.

Logo Design Guru Review

Logo design can be like a recipe. You’ve got to start off with a good chef, sure, but if you don’t put together the right ingredients and follow the process correctly, even the good chefs out there can turn out some pretty bad food.

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SiteCube Review: Internet Pizazz in a Can

If websites had personalities, SiteCube would be the outgoing car salesman who’s always trying to get you to add extra features. Okay, GoDaddy would be too, but this isn’t a GoDaddy review. What else do we make of SiteCube’s flashing buttons, attractive woman flash videos and plethora of exclamation points?

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LogoYes Review: Is the Verdict a Yay or Nay?

We arrive at the site of LogoYes, another web site aimed at bringing us in to design our logo and sending us out with a fresh new order placed on our credit card. If I sound a little suspicious, it’s because I am, and you should be too.

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Intuit Websites Review

Intuit is a sitebuilding service that targets small businesses who need not only a web presence, but an actual system of getting things done online.

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JavaScript: Getting Started

Starting with JavaScript Tutorial

Attention beginning JavaScripters. Here is a chance to dive into this web only scripting language with simple explanations and sampleimages. All you need is some HTML knowledge and an understanding of basic programming logic.

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ZPaint Screen Shot

ZPaint Review

No need for a button maker software program if you have ZPaint, a graphics program that draws “3D-looking” shapes like buttons, rings, and boxes.

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Stile Screen Cap

sTile Seamless Tile Creator Review

sTile Review – a review of the Windows freeware seamless tile creator. The program allows fast creation and testing of seamless tiles. It’s a useful tool for ridding your image of ugly edges.

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IrfanView Example

IrfanView Review

Review of IrfanView Windows freeware picture viewer. A very nice image viewer that also edits images with functions like crop, rotate, flip, resize, increase/decrease colors and effects like sharpen, swap colors and many more.

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Hammurabi's and XHTML Code: Strict

Hammurabi’s Code and XHTML Rules

Are you a rebel? Do you hate following the rules? From the Ten Commandments to the Prime Directive, we’ve been binding ourselves with rules in order to attain higher standard of life. XHTML is no exception.

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Webmaster Scrabble

Becoming a Webmaster

You may have tried to define what a webmaster actually is and found the question still nagging you later.

The story of a webmasters self discovery and defines a webmaster’s role. Also explains the job skills of a webmaster.

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Favicon Example

Favicon Tutorial

Favicons are easy to create and install if you follow the simple specs. This tutorial describes how to design and integrate icons called favicons into websites.

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