32 Powerful Free Web Generators for Bad Designers

1. nameboy Domain Search


Looking for a new domain name? Just load up the Nameboy Domain Search generator and you’re ready to put your search into overdrive! Enter the primary and secondary words you want in your domain, and the tool will suggest a list of domains based off of those words and their synonyms. It also color codes the results to show whether a domain is already taken or not.

Super charge your domain search now!

2. StripGenerator


Get creative with StripGenerator, the easy way to make comic strips for your website. Design your own comic strips, insert characters, and use dialogues to present your information. It’s easy and fun for you and your readers.

Start making your own comic strips now…

3. Cool Text (Logo Generator)

This graphics generator is great for websites that need an impressive looking logo without going to the trouble of designing one from scratch. Just select the type of image you want and fill out the small form. You can make your own custom logo image in just a few minutes.

Make an impressive logo on the fly!

4. Gradient texture Maker


In just three simple steps you can create your own custom gradient texture. Customize the gradient direction, size, and colors to your specific tastes. Use this tool instead of any complicated art software.

Create gradient patterns now!

5. typoGenerator


Create cool text-jumble images with typoGenerator! Just type the text you want to display into the box, select your settings, and generate! Keep re-generating the program until you get the look that you like.

Start making your cool text-jumble image…

6. htaccess File Generator


Don’t know how to manually create an .htaccess file? Then use this generator to create one. Fill out the forms and check the configurations you want then click generate at the bottom.

Make your .htaccess file now…

7. Robots.txt Generator


This generator is really useful and easy to use. It creates a robots.txt for your website. Just fill out the configuration boxes and you’re good to go!

Generate a robots.txt for your site!

8. Lorem Ipsum Generator


Need some Lorem Ipsum? Generate it here to fill in your website. It couldn’t be easier to fill a page with some garbled Lorem Ipsum than with this generator.

Give me my Lorem Ipsum!

9. Quick Ribbon


This is a really cool generator that creates a ribbon to go in the top right corner of your website. Ribbons can be a great eye-catching promotional image on your site. Just load up the generator and fiddle with the configurations until you make the perfect ribbon for you.

Make a cool ribbon now…

10. TabsGenerator


This is a cool little generator for making nice looking tabs for navigation bars. Quickly and easily customize your tabs by sliding the configuration bars around and selecting the orientation and colors you prefer.

Generate tabs in a flash!

11. Stripe Generator 2.0


Stripe Generator 2.0 is great for creating fun and colorful backgrounds for your websites. Create a sleek striped design with this easy to use generator.

Begin striping up your website…

12. Web 2.0 Badges


Attract the attention of your viewers with these cool web badges. Display a message on your web badge. These types of badges are really popular on any type of web 2.0 site.

www.web20badges.com (site has been down recently)

13. Loader Generator


Need a cool looking animation for your loader? Use the Loader Generator to create the perfect one for your site. Pick the colors, sizes, and transparency.

Create a cool loader!

14. Rounded Cornr


This is a really cool generator that creates boxes with rounded corners. Just enter the specifications you want, and this tool will generate the code for you. Then just cut and paste into your website.

Round your corners here…

15. SimWebSol Logo Generator


Create a nice, sleek banner with this generator. It’s very easy and has some nice effects like reflection.

Make a professional logo in a minute!

16. Gradient Image Maker


This is about the most in depth gradient generator you’ll find! If you’re tired of not being able to make a gradient you’re really happy with then this is the tool you don’t want to miss. There are tons of great options to create your perfect gradient.

Fine tune your perfect gradient here!

17. JotForm – Easiest Form Builder


Quickly create a form for your website with the JotForm generator. Just drag and drop the pieces you want where you want, and get the embed code or source code to implement it into your site.

Form creation made easy!

18. Dialectizer


Convert English text to any of several different comic dialects such as: Redneck, Jive, Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, and more! This is a really fun tool to use, and you might find yourself spending time using it just for a good laugh.

Get your Jive on!

19. CSS Typeset


Just enter your text and modify the style and layout that you like. This generator will give you the CSS code immediately for you to put into your website.

Styling text has never been easier!

20. Unique – Custom Avatar Generator


Design a customized character or avatar to your specific liking. Choose everything from the facial features, to clothing, to skin color. This can also be really fun to play around with creating avatars.

Make a custom profile avatar in minutes!

21. PicMarker


Add a watermark to your images with PicMarker. Just upload your photo, apply your watermark, and get your finished product. It’s that simple really.

Watermark your photos…

22. Button Maker


Here’s another cool button generator for all your button needs. Enter your text, link, and choose the button stye you want. Then generate and save!

Make more cool buttons!

23. Read The Words


Need something you’ve written down spoken to your audience? Simply paste it into this generator and convert it into spoken voice. Once you’ve converted it to speech, then share it with your friends.

Convert text to speech!

24. Idee’s Multicolr Search Lab


This is a really cool little tool! Select some colors and it will pull photos from the Flickr database that have the same colors as the ones you selected.

Find pictures with the right colors for your site.

25. Favicon.cc


Make a favicon with this generator. Either upload an image you already have or create a new one in the editor. This is possibly the best favicon generator out there. Simple and straightforward to use.

Make your favicon now!

26. Color Combination Tester


Need to test out some color combinations for your site, or need some inspiration? Use this tool to try out your color combinations, or generate random ones to get some ideas.

Find the right colors for your site…

27. Da Button Factory


Dabutton Factory is another great button creator! There are a lot of options to choose from with this generator. You are sure to build a button that you like!

Build more buttons!

28. Color Wizard


This is a color matching application for anyone who wants to create designs with great looking colors. Submit a base color and the application will give you matching colors for the one you submitted. Great little tool!

Match your colors just right with this!

29. Color Scheme Designer


And if you still need more help selecting perfect colors, this one is sure to fix your problem! Color Scheme Designer is an awesome color scheme tool that chooses colors for you and lets you preview them on an example page.

Get all your color needs here!

30. Free Online Sitemap Generator


Need an XML sitemap for your website? Use this generator to get it made fast! Just enter the url of your site and choose your specifications and you’re ready to go.

Sitemaps in seconds!

31. Snippet Generator


Create a newspaper snippet with this one. Just enter your newspaper title, date, headline, and story and it will generate a realistic looking newspaper snippet.

Create a new headline here…

32. Dotted Background Generator


Create a unique background for your website with this tool. Select your preferred colors and dot size to generate a cool dotted background in seconds.

Make a custom dotted background!

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  1. Those are some great generators. I could have used many of them when designing my blog instead of figuring out how to manually create some of the items.

    It’s amazing how many different generators are available for doing some of the tasks are are too complex, too technical or too time consuming.

  2. Thrasheri from tabata timer

    Very nice post. I have had some trouble with my website design because i dont have an artistic eye. These generators will sure help me out.

  3. jason

    # 24 was a really cool thing. I signed up for the bronze (free) package and am listening to one of my documents that I would have had to otherwise stop and read taking time out of my already busy day. Thanks for the list.

  4. Wow really great tools for a web designer. Thank you.

  5. Emory Rowland

    Here’s another unusual and creative generator that I’ve been playing around with – the Pulp-O-Mizer pulp sci fi book cover generator.


  6. Alex, these are awesome. Some such as the rounded border generator is something I was looking for. Are these babies really for free? Very well done and I am bookmarking this page for future reference. Thanks so much!

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