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Free flash. The concept sounds so excellent on paper and yet has so unflinchingly disappointed us when we entered it in to Google, finding only the web sites that promised big things but delivered on none of them. “Free flash” has disappointed us so often, in fact, that it’s really become synonymous with “cheap” and “not worth it” – in fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what a lot of Free flash companies now enter in as their sponsored keywords.

And while we’re having this depressing discussion at the corner of the bar, in walks Wix, a free website builder intent on changing that public perception and nailing the niche market of people who want flashy websites with none of the canned-Flash juices.

So how does Wix deliver? Well, like so many free website builders, it’s based on a fairly easy-to-edit, easy-to-publish template system, which doesn’t leave room for a lot of originality but can be pretty satisfying indeed. Here are a few more notes on the Wix system.

This Wix review is intrigued by the possibilities of free flash.

Flash-Can Juices or Delicious Pan Drippings?

After checking out Wix and its templates a bit myself, I was able to discern that this is indeed a Flash editor (really, there’s no Flash creation going on here, because you’re frequently working from their templates) that can deliver you that brand-ready website you’ve been craving without a lot of the hassle of going through a professional Flash designer. Flash design can be a fickle thing, and it takes a good amount of skill to execute well – in many cases, a bad Flash sight is more distracting than a bad HTML site.

So if you already know that you’re the Flash type, you’re ready for Wix. But there are still two things to consider:

You want your website on your Flash terms, right? So how are you going to deal with the Flash templates that restrict your overall vision in to the presupplied tables and backgrounds they provide? You’re going to need a bit of skill. That’s not daunting for many people, but if you’re someone who’s intent on getting a professional-looking website for cheap without having to work on it hard yourself, I’d probably recommend a different website builder. Such is the fickle nature of Flash.

Is the Flash Worth It?
Seriously. If you aren’t doing Flash right, it probably isn’t worth it. You’d be surprised just how little your potential customers or readers care about you having Flash, as long as your website delivers what they came for – the content, the shopping, whatever you’re offering. Is Flash really worth the extra effort it might take?

Is It Really So Hard?

To be fair, there’s nothing Wix does that makes the process of Flash editing really hard. The thing is as simple to use as Microsoft Paint, for crying out loud. But with simplicity comes the sacrifice of options. This is indeed Flash for the masses, and if you’ve got bigger ambitions, this might not be the Flash provider for you.

Still, ultimately I can recommend Wix because of the following features:

  • Price. There is none. You simply sign up, start working – you don’t even have to verify your e-mail – and that’s it. It’s really hard to knock a service that doesn’t ask, well, anything of you.
  • Simplicity. Yes, it can be a double-edged sort because simplicity means sacrificing options, but let’s be honest – if you really wanted a Hall-of-Fame Flash site, you wouldn’t be reading this review right now.
  • Quickness. Quick Flash is not an easy thing to pull off, and Wix does it. If I’m honest, it’s the first I’ve seen accomplish this feat.

So yes, ultimately I give Wix the thumbs up and the luxury of a positive review. Even I am not immune to the charms of Flash.

Rating:4 out of 5 Rating

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.

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    I think Wix is a good example of a decent website builder. Thanks for sharing!

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