Yahoo Error 999

Same Error, Different Search Engine

There’s something scary about enountering a number 999 Yahoo error message. The error looks a lot like the Google Error that has been the subject of much discussion here. The error is reported to occur when automated software programs scrape search engine results. I encountered the error when doing a Yahoo search in Internet Explorer. Others report encountering it while using other Yahoo products. I looked through Yahoo’s Search Content Quality Guidelines and didn’t find any language forbidding the use of automated rank checker software programs. I’m sure Yahoo doesn’t like it. Google doesn’t.

Yahoo Error

The full text of the Yahoo error reads:

Unable to process request at this time — error 999
Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. This error is usually temporary. Please try again later.

If you continue to experience this error, it may be caused by one of the following:

  • You may want to scan your system for spyware and viruses, as they may interfere with your ability to connect to Yahoo!. For detailed information on spyware and virus protection, please visit the Yahoo! Security Center.
  • This problem may be due to unusual network activity coming from your Internet Service Provider. We recommend that you report this problem to them.

While this error is usually temporary, if it continues and the above solutions don’t resolve your problem, please let us know.

Return to Yahoo!

Please try Yahoo! Help Central if you need more assistance.

Emory Rowland

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  1. bequi

    error 999… how can this be fixed? i already called my isp and they refer me to yahoo. cant contact yahoo tech support. i already did check and scan your system for spyware and viruses. i even optimized browser but then again error 999 keeps on coming up.

  2. Emory Rowland

    bequi, usually the yahoo error comes and goes. I’ve only seen it twice. I think usually it is more related to Yahoo suspecting that they are receiving too many automated queries from one IP address.

    • bernardo salomoni

      But it is being happening for a week now!

      • Emory Rowland

        bernardo solomoni, are you able to release your ip address or switch to another? That’s something I would try if it’s persisted this long.

  3. bill

    have this problem with I know, but no other option available where I am. using works for yahoo search, anonymizer might work also. Free proxy

  4. mike

    I used “shove it” to get into the yahoo games and the error 999 came up. Would doing that cause this error to happen?

  5. cj


    When error 999 occurs:

    -click the ‘back’ button to return to the link or object
    -press and hold ‘CTRL’ on the keyboard
    -click the link or object

    A Yahoo! login prompt will appear and 999 will not recurr in the session.

    Best wishes,

  6. Tristan Gemus

    Thanks cj, worked for me you’re great!

  7. Hi this type of error is common as me to faced the same error yesterday while i was searching in yahoo. Thanks CJ for giving the guidance as i will try it when facing the problem again.

  8. Rakesh

    Basically yahoo 999 error occurs for every 28 to 33 searches in the browser it takes 30 minutes to recover from that error other wise we have an tool known as Tor which is free online with that we can show our IP address change to yahoo server by this the problem can be solved.

  9. J


    HELP!! I’m using xB Browser-formally known as “TORPark” I received the yahoo 999 error a few times while trying to login into my Yahoo email account. I tried the suggestion in an earlier answer to the yahoo error 999 below.
    When error 999 occurs:

    -click the ‘back’ button to return to the link or object
    -press and hold ‘CTRL’ on the keyboard
    -click the link or object

    After doing the first part I get back to the Yahoo mail username/p&w login screen. Then after entering my username & p/w and holding down the “CTRL” key I click on “Sign In”. It
    then takes me to the same yahoo mail sign in screen with my username showing this time, but it asks me to confirm my p/w. After entering my p/w and clicking on “sign in”, it keeps looping back to the same confirm p/w screen over and over again. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. forisanctil

    yahoo 999 error.
    I can get into my email, but not Calendar or Notes…..

  11. Hi Hate this error! it is the most annoying thing, it forces me no to want to use the yahoo search box ever!

  12. self help book

    argh! i just got the 999 error for yahoo answers ~.~

  13. needlovealltime

    Hi , i’m facing a hell of a problem my yahoo messenger doesn’t work when I enter the password and athe user name, although all the other chatting programs are working and keeps giving me error number 800 and some other numbers, for the yahoo mail I have the 999 error. Tell me what can i do.

  14. Emory Rowland

    I don’t know the answer, needloveallthetime, but here are a few options for seeking help:

  15. jb

    Renew your ip adress ,this will resolve errror 999

  16. Nichole

    I don’t use any other Yahoo programs, so I don’t know about all that, but I get this error frequently while trying to enter Yahoo chat because of the captchat crap they’ve got going on. If a room is full and I have to keep trying over and over, I know it’s using more bandwith, but it’s ridiculous. Is there anyway to get around the captchat to avoid the bandwith usage, or maybe another way around it? The error has been popping up for over an hour now, and I’m going insane. Not even that I want to chat anymore, simply that I want to make the d*mn thing work.

  17. xura

    i can’t sign in into my yahoo messenger..the error 999 appear.. what can i do? please somebody help me..

  18. JERRY



    I have experienced this 999 four days in a row- while using the library”s computer- I have said something to the administrators but they have done nothing about it- Its frustrating having to wait several hours to access my email while waiting on Yahoo to fix the problem

  20. sara

    plz help me.i can’t use the chat room :(

  21. ac

    I got it using yahoo answers. i tried the control thing- didn’t work. i tried logging off and closing down my internet and logging back on- didn’t work. i changed my ip address- didn’t work. i switched browsers- didn’t work. i didn’t even use the stupid yahoo search or email or groups or chat or games. i signed on just to ask a question and when i did, i got the f-*** error code. it makes no sense! screw yahoo. i’m going somewhere else.

  22. I was answering questions in Yahoo answers and adding as a source my URL. after about 30 answers with the URL we received error 999, after much searching we found out that if we back paged and took out our URL and resubmitted the answer we did not get the error. So there seems to be a limit on how many times you post your URL in your answers. There was no advertisement on this URL. No profit making.

  23. Norman Jacobs

    Several times A day I was getting Error Code 999 on Yahoo Mail every 4 E-Mails I read.

  24. ghulam mustafa

    hi i am trying from few days on yahoo mail i am not abele to send any mail when i open my mail showing error999

  25. samer

    the error problem make me mad all the time,,,, i realy cant do any thing to avoud this trouble
    pls inform me whats i have to do??

  26. Shahul

    During this error try to switch yahoo classic mail.
    This error mainly due to server bandwidth

  27. Shahul

    I have tried by using Yahoo classic mail instead of ALL new mail during this error,it worked out well.
    If you have still problem let me know.

  28. Jo

    Hello, I am getting the 999 error, I was deleting my emails from about a year ago…called yahoo and they said email the tech online did that. called my ISP they helped and said you would need to wait 2 to 24 hours until it would open again….it has something to do with bandwidth or over usage…does anyone else know what to do??. She told me to go to hotmail or something else they do not have any “caps” on there accounts!…Please let me know, you can email me at:

  29. Banning

    i got this d*** error when i was trying to use their RSS news feed for my site… looks like i’ll have to go back to i was all excited about using yahoo… i hope they do something about this bs.

  30. Emy

    thanks shahul, your advise worked with my mail.. i jst switched to classic mail, then its ok now..

    thanks again…ur great! mwuahh…

  31. Emy


  32. master g

    error 999 . . wat a nitemare . . switch 2 classic mail and it should solve your problem. . it did for me

  33. Krisha

    I feel a lot better now that I know other people using “Yahoo Mail” are suffering too!….Not because “misery loves company”….but; I thought I was the only person doing something wrong. This problem has cost me hours of work time….and I’m supposed to meet clients later…that
    mentioned on a phone message that they left me a “Detailed
    Email Message. I can not retrieve this…..For God’s Sake,
    “If you are a “Competing email Provider”, FIX IT! NOW!!!!!

  34. joe

    try unplugging your internet cable from computer and wait 5 minutes, this would automatically give you new IP address.

  35. Sonia

    I was deleting some old e-mails and suddenly “error 999” appeared… I just want to ask if it is something temporary, as Yahoo! says. Does it work properly after a period of time? How long does it usually take? Hope I haven’t lost my address…Thank you, thank you!

  36. Dave

    Another sufferer! I lost a whole long email I’d nearly finished to France yesterday – cost me over an hour. I’ll try the solutions, but my mate says, “Leave Yahoo”. What a good idea!

  37. cokids

    My husband is getting the Error 999 message on his Yahoo mail account as well and as his tech support wife, I am left to figure it out and fix it for him. Who is the enabler here?

    Anyway, changing accounts is very tempting, but I don’t wish to hear him complain that he has a new address to share with everyone AND later when he has other problems that he thought it was FIXED! Surely you all realize that any tech site has problems from time to time and it’s up to YOU to figure it out and fix it! It’s not like buying a Chevy or Ford and driving it 75,000 miles then turning it in for a new one. It’s like buying a Chevy or Ford, driving it 3000 miles then having to take it in for an oil change or some other maintainance! It isn’t fool-proof til death….til death do us part? Nope! Doesn’t work that way! These are machines and machines break down or get fowled and need adjustments.

    I know this isn’t very helpful, but it’s where I am right now and his machine sits on the other side of the room running a virus scan. I will then degrag and clean it hoping that gets him into yahoo mail long enough to clean out his 1300+ old messages sitting on the inbox. Could THAT have anything to do with the problem? Hmmmmm????

  38. cokids

    I apologize for the unhelpful diatribe! I have to rant now and then to bring my blood pressure down. If I figure anything out about this 999 error, I’ll share it here.

  39. cokids

    Scan completed and now he’s into yahoo mail successfully. Not sure what’s changed, but I’ll tell him he needs to reduce the number of messages in the inbox. That would be a good start!

  40. guyz.. there is no solution with your problems…. its the internet (cyberworld) itself.

    many sites are now cloning your ip address or either mac address….

    if they do this…

    your proxy will be blocked and will ban you in a site for a anti-spamming reasons…

  41. dany

    what will happen? everytime im going to chat room, allways came out the 999 error. how can i fix it? then if im going to chat room, never came out again the 999 error. thanks and more power.

  42. matt

    Its basically about your bandwidth and it always seems to happen when your really trying somthing also be aware of bandwidth thieves thats why i’m not downloading anything else from annon web sites or trust worthy web sites becuase you dont know now adays people are *sses

  43. Andy

    I’ve been having problems with this 999 error when trying to access my yahoo mail. I have since downloaded Yahoo Zimbra which is a program that collects my email messages. I can now access my mail through this. But still, it’s a right pain and I’m thinking of terminating my account with yahoo. It’s very unprofessional to not be able to access my mail easily.

  44. jpgonz

    There is one sulotion to your problem folks…

    you need a static ip and mac address from you Internet Service Provider(ISP)

    include the browser’s default proxy and DNS server…

    by the way… im just a 14 year old guy.. with a clever brain :P..!! hope tkis info will help you…

    some of the ISP block the yahoo site even the messenger… check-out MSN for alternetive mail server…

    hehehe.. love you folkz

  45. jpgonz

    also some info… there is someone nor something that is reusing/cloning your MAC and IP address…

    like this site:

    and this famous program:
    Invinsible Browsing by Amplusnet

    you cant blame them…. i also use this for some reason like hacking and some techniques…

    hackers need to hide their identity… and im one of them :P


  46. mel

    Ever since purchasing a new dell laptop, i have had the dreaded error 999 message. I am unable to get into my emails, regardless of whether i am using my laptop or desktop. If i turn off my hub (UK) whilst on holiday and use my mums (in france) internet connection, will i be able to access my mail. And will normal service resume on my hub when i switch it back on after 2 weeks?

  47. dora

    same sentiments with mel.. i hate it.. makes me feel lost w/o my email.. but all i can do only is to WAIT! done those steps but to no avail..

  48. Lou

    This happened to me after I bought a new Dell computer. I can’t prove it, but I think it is the computer’s fault. I asked that Dell not put any software I didn’t request, but something seems to make this computer bring on the error 999.
    I think of it as my new computer throwing spitballs of spam. Yahoo thinks they’re being sabotaged. They shut you down. I know this because I have 4 yahoo accounts and all the others work. I only tried opening that one address on my new computer. we even tried opening it on a different IP, but the damage had already been done.

    What does work?
    You have to unplug the modem and let it reset. You also have to give yahoo time to realize that the IP is no longer attacking it. The first time it happened I just unplugged overnight and reset in the morning and it was fine.

    Till I used my new Dell computer again.

    If any of you have this problem let me know if you did buy a new computer and what type it is.

  49. dora

    yes, i got a new Neo.. and ur right, i noticed it all started when i bought / used this laptop.. d***!

  50. Sharifah

    Thanks for the tip to get past error 999…wonderful!

  51. Jon

    I too encountered the issue. It would come and go. Adaware sometimes corrected the problem. It was on both of my systems at home. I introduced a third system, and could not get that to connect at all to the network. Using Microsoft’s (not to hail them) Diagnostics tool (patches) recommended I turn off my DSL Modem & Router.

    I turned off all equipment for 3 minutes and then rebooted the modem then router then comptuters. – I now have no problem connecting AND I can now get my email.

  52. Pete

    This link will explain everything about “Error 999”

    This will fix error 999

    Open your network connections icon in the control panel and right click on your internet icon, then click on repair. This will clear your IP address and give you a new one.

  53. Pete

    This is a good link to access your email if you get error 999 is a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) gateway into Yahoo which allows you to access Yahoo Mail. It’s very limited but at least you should be able to view your email. Doesn’t help you access Yahoo Groups or other Yahoo services though.

  54. Phil

    Hey guys I got this issue this weekend and figured out my issue. Not sure if everyone else has the same thing but I installed Skype this weekend, I run firefox and one of the symptoms that things weren’t working right was that my pages were caching and not updating when i hit refresh.

    Yahoo also wouldn’t let me into my mailbox. Both at work and at home where i had done the installations.

    The issue is the web toolbar that skype installed, once i removed that i could access my e-mail again.

  55. Andy

    I dont think this si simply a mater of renewing an IP. My client is getting it from all 3 systems at her house, 3 at my office (diferentr ISP) and at least 2 others. She gets it while attempting to go to her mail. She can goto her AT&T mail account (also Yahoo driven) and her husbands Yahoo mail works fine from all of the systems. It is tied to her inbox, not an IP.

  56. Network Professional

    I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here but the continuous 999 error is due to Yahoo blocking your IP for spamming reasons for a period of time. The only way to get around this is by changing your IP – If using a router, make up a new mac address on the router itself and apply, unplug your ISP’s modem for 20 seconds and then plug it back in and your router should get a new address. If no router and you connect directly to your ISP, use a proxy or an anonymizer with OpenVPN capability – ( to mask your IP address. To anyone else – please quit providing others here with false or made up information. It just makes you look stupid.

  57. Pete

    Just fixed my problem with error 999. I noticed that after I log on to my Yahoo mail and I tried to open and read my email, my DSL modem would be flashing all the time like it was constantly trying to open my email but never would. Then if I logged out and try to log on again I would get error 999.

    After a while I was able to log back on and noticed on the main email page there was a link to upgrade to the new yahoo mail, so I did and all my email problems are gone.

    Hope this helps.

  58. TJ

    I’m in the same boat as Andy’s client, which I think disagrees with Network Professional’s take on the issue. My wife can view her mail from two different computers in her home, but I’m getting hammered with this issue from all 3 of our home computers, while using Firefox, IE, and safari with XP, Vista, and OS X. I contacted Yahoo!, and their response was to contact my ISP, which I’m not going to do because it doesn’t seem likely that Time Warner would prevent me but not my wife from accessing Yahoo! mail. To the person who mentioned Skype, I had also installed that recently, but only on one of the computers, so that is not likely to be the issue here.

  59. Mina

    I’ve been getting 999 for the last week trying to get to yahoo mail. i’ve done everything everyone has suggested and nothing works. I called my IP provider and they told me to tell Yahoo to stop telling people to call them because it’s not their problem. I proved this by going to 2 of my friends houses who both use different IP providers and I still go the 999.
    I’m sick of this but I’ve got dozens of resumes out on the web looking for a job with the yahoo mail address.
    I’m sick of Yahoo ignoring the problem.
    I’m switching to gmail and I will never user Yahoo again. I staying loyal to Yahoo even after Google got so popular but this is the limit. I’m done!

  60. Muzaffer

    If the IP address to you is assigned via DHCP, then goto Start->Run->cmd (hit enter)
    Under the prompt type – ipconfig /release (Now u see the ip-addresses go all 0’s!)
    Then type – ipconfig/renew (This time a new ip-address may get assigned via DHCP)
    Try and you will be able to access the yahoo!

  61. Xwireless17

    I have been receiving the Yahoo 999 error for 2 days now. I believe its due to the amount of activity with eBay. We buy/sell a lot of stuff from there and I receive a ton of messages notifying me. I REALLY need to find a fix for this ASAP.

  62. just me

    I made a blog post the first of the day and got this error also,

    using firefox on vista, tried the steps above and just kept getting the error.

  63. Good ol Myko

    Yahoo’s WONDERFUL Error 999 Please make it go away!!!!

    Alright everyone with this issue, I ran into thisissue today,
    I was the cause of the error (and Thankfully I was the resolution to this error)

    The following is a follow up follow email to the Branded Generic reply from that Corporation (Yahoo. Granted the “Browsing History section is labeled “temporary Internet History” in Internet Explorer 6, please locate that section IF you have IE6 or lower for IE7 and up it is “Browsing history”. Well Good Luck and here is the explanation…you may have to delete your IE history and all that But check this option. MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Email to Yahoo support beginss…..Now…..


    Ok guess what else I did to my Internet Explorer settings, that I forgot to add to the Error Message report that I had typed to you. Ok.. I changed the option under… wait are you following me. O.K. here it goes

    Internet Options/Browsing History/Settings (button)… “check for newer versions of stored pages” I change it from “Automatically” (IE default setting of course) I changed it to “Every time I visit the webpage”, closed the Internet options down. Thought nothing of it.
    Then went to your website lgged in and BOOM the error begun. well I sent you a cry for help and upon noticing the general reply, I figured I was on my own…Nothing new to me. I began to backtrack and…Wow discovered that I changed that setting. Went back changed the option back to “Automatically” check for newer versions of stored pages. Went back to Yahoo logged in and POOF No Error!! Soooo for YOUR future reference (please do not get me wrong I am well aware of how many different PC and Macintosh configurations there are in this tiny world) But it may help ya.

    Please confirm that this was actually read by a human being?

    Thank YOU have a Good Day

  64. DeaconTom

    I’ve had the same Error 999 problem with Yahoo for several months now. I’m going to take a little poll and ask the people who read this to post a brief message to see you is using Yahoo Classic Mail or the New Yahoo Mail. I have a hunch…that is all. Thanks…

    Mine is Yahoo Classic Mail

  65. Nicole

    Hey, is it true that Yahoo don’t like it when you put Wiki links in your answers? I’m a Yahoo Answers contributor with %50 best answers and can’t show my website’s links or Wiki links in my source box. It’s been like that for a week or so and really annoying.
    I hope this is the right place to put such a question.

  66. Beck

    Using Yahoo classic via Firefox (Tor button enabled) just about always gets this error

  67. Dave

    Like Beck said, “using Yahoo classic with Firefox (Tor enabled)almost always gets this error.” I have been looking for a fix but have not been able to find one in the many forums and troubleshooting tips, FAQs, tech sites. If you want privacy of Tor then there is a trade off.

    Now Google repeatedly requires captcha verification, and continually blocks search or gmail when I use Tor. Makes sense: Google wants to know everything you do online, and Tor and privoxy, etc, get in the way of Google’s business model.

  68. Dave

    Also getting the 999 message. I have tride changing my IP # by running the ipreconfig /release pathway, deleted cookies and so on, but i still get the message. not sure what to do from here other than stop using yahoo.

  69. Tatt

    getting this error message also. tried everything listed here, none of it has worked.

    using classic email. any other suggestions? yahoo only replies with a generic message.

  70. Pam

    I found a solution that works for me in the Error 999 issue. I’m with Hughes net. I got to the Hughes Net system control center and click on the little tiny man under the “system info” radio button. After I click on the little man go to “turbo page” on the left side. Go to “turbo page configuation.” Then disable the turbo page. I had a terrible problem with the 999 error and it seems to have solved it. I came across the error again, so I “reset” the turbo page and was back on again. Hope this helps someone. (This may slow internet somewhat, but not noticeably. If I really need something FAST, I re-enable the turbo page for that task, but only needed to do that once or twice ever).

  71. a

    this showd up when i made around 10 fake yahoo email accounts…

  72. nayhem

    Using Yahoo! Answers, if I suggest a Yahoo! Search link, my answer gets 999’ed and doesn’t show up. If I suggest the same search via Google, answer gets posted like normal.

  73. anya

    I’m using the new Yahoo mail. It happens sometimes when I try to get to a new inbox message by clicking on the ‘quick link’ just below my status update bar. Tried changing computers, restarting my internet, etc. and nothing works. But it’s only on ONE of my Yahoo mail accounts. I have 2 email accounts on Yahoo – the other one works fine whenever I get the 999 error for the first account. So it’s definitely tied to my inbox rather than my IP address or anything like that.

    But then when it happens, I switch to Yahoo Classic Mail and the error is gone.

  74. yagnik

    I received the yahoo 999 error a few times while trying to login into my Yahoo email account. I tried the suggestion in an earlier answer to the yahoo error 999 below.

  75. Lisa C.

    I’ve been using New Yahoo Mail and been coming up with this answer within the last week or so. FIrst time on the current computer I am using. Extremely frustrating. Anyway, I read a suggested to switch to classic Yahoo Mail, and that seems to have solved the problem. Takes some getting used to, but I’ll adjust. I feel so much better now that I have access to my email. :-) I hope Yahoo is planning on fixing that problem. I seriously thought it was caused by a virus . .. :-( even though I did all my scans and such. Thanks for the suggestions.

  76. amanda

    ive had the 999 message for 3 days now everytime i try and submit a question on yahoo answers. there are no links whatsoever in my questions so i dont know why it is doing it. its ticking me off and wont even let me contact yahoo support. ive tried everything to fix it and it still wont work. #@$^@#%^$@%^#!

  77. jon

    We all need to get our complaints to the Yahoo techs who can fix this if they’re made aware how many users it’s afecting.

    I heard it was caused by lack of server capacity, easy enuf to fix if the $ is spent.

    Or fix how the busy server que’s, i.e., puts the YA Submissions or email access requests on a waiting list to process.

  78. Irene

    I just set up a gmail account and used the import feature to bring my yahoo mail across. This worked fine for some time then I got a can’t access server message. Thought I’d leave it for a while but no access. Then I went into my yahoo mail and thought I’d weed through and delete some of the mails prior to attempting another import. That’s when i got the 999 message. It’s definitely because of the amount of activity I’ve actioned against my account but…. I still need mails that are stored in their. going to try the classic mail view to see if that makes difference.

  79. Irene

    Just checked re reverting to classic mail view and find that this is no longer an option. It was removed some time ago

  80. Sue

    I encountered the Error 999 for the first time tonight on one of my Yahoo email accounts, and already I am frustrated enough to hop over to Gmail. I can login to Yahoo, but every time I click on the Mail link the error page appears. Since I’m able to access my 2nd Yahoo mail account just fine from the same computer, I’d say that invalidates the IP address theories. I don’t send out spam and only send maybe 1 email per week, so spamming can’t be the problem either. Since the option link to switch back to Classic Mail has evaporated, so much for that fix. Besides, what good would that do when you can’t even access your mail screen? The only way I’ve been able to access that account is by using the wireless gateway suggested in an earlier post. It appears this Error 999 issue dates back more than a couple of years. Yahoo, it’s time to get it together and fix this problem or other mail servers will be saying hello to your former email clients.

  81. denngrimm

    i just got this error and after 3 hours of research and trying everything under recommended on many sites…I GOT IT FIXED!!!!..

    i have a mac and am running safari.

    go to system pref

    than network

    config ipv4-turned it off. than turned it back on.


  82. Dan

    Switching to yahoo classic doesn’t work either and neither does cc cleaner or anything else I have tried. Obviously yahoo is absolutely no help at all. They don’t care

  83. Steve

    Easy fix………just reinstall you web browser ex. windows 8, firefox…………….

  84. Jeneane

    I am getting the error message 999 and am getting it on multiple computers so I dont think its an issue with my computer…help!

  85. Anthony

    I was trying to create a new Yahoo! account after creating alot of Yahoo accounts already. Is this a temporary issue? Or will I really be BANNED?s

  86. BLGUSR

    dhcp disabled

    clearing the browser cache did the trick

  87. i have problem with my contact list dont open
    please help

  88. jbk

    I can almost guarantee an “error 999” if I post any comments on yahoo news articles that are critical of right-wing, for example: FAUX News, Bush Administration, current wars.

    I thought it was a fluke at first. But I started paying closer attention to my activity and it seems there is a connection. The denial of service can last for extended periods. IF you go into your profile and delete posted comments, the error 999 vanishes more quickly.

  89. Sapphire

    I had this problem,last week,did all your letter/response said to,and finally it seem to have been rectified,as it was not on my end of things. Now yesterday,it is starting all over again, Please rectify this problem,as it is very wrong and very disruptive,I do not want to good through this anymore,it is a shame,as I am a level 7 contributor,and have helped many people,and just cannot tolerate this anymore,makes no sense either and just takes the joy out of yahoo answers,and takes from those who need advice as well. Please fix this problem,as i FIND IT VERY SUSPICIOUS at this point it’s now reccurring again. When reported you just get the same generated letter over and over,even though you repeatedly tell them you have done all in that letter,still it is not addressed or fixed.

  90. Sapphire

    I just put in a complaint to customer service,asking to speak to a boss as I am still having problems getting this 999 err,do not get why this problem is not being addressed and fixed. Anyone else going through this tonight?

  91. I Know

    Listen people– Error 999 is in fact a BAN, sometimes automated, sometimes not. There are a variety of reasons you might get this. Certain links and words will get you banned. If a moderator sees your content and doesn’t like your viewpoint, they will ban you with 999. It is usually temporary. There is no way other than waiting that I know of to fix it. For example, I used an offensive picture on Yahoo Answers earlier and I have a 999 ban now. It goes by IP.

  92. jack

    yahoo is a communist

  93. FF

    So many people have complained about Error 999 (I often can not get to my email for hours.) that Yahoo should do something about it! But it seems that they do not care.
    Only when people begin to discontinue using Yahoo and switching to other email providers that Yahoo will finally get the message — their advertising dollars.
    I for one no longer recommend Yahoo to friends and others. I am shopping around for another email provider. Any suggestions?

  94. thomasina838

    i can send mail from yahoo mail but i cant post to any of my groups using the reply button. really annoying. and no help available either. my ESP says it is yahoo. yahoo says it is the ISP.

  95. Jack McElwee

    I think the answer is a whole lot simpler. Yahoo! seems to block whatever they like or rather don’t like! They hate me and they hate all other 64 yr old white males who are senior, unemployed, retired, being denied rightful benefits for a disability by US govt and especially the HATE all US Veterans! They are not alone either. Most online survey groups hate us too otherwise why do only minorities like race, creed, females with kids and non US Vets ever get chosen for surveys or get surveys they know we won’t fit the profiles or get surveys we already did or why do we never ever win these rigged contests won by their own family and friends? This is discrimination and the govt and the ACLU does not CARE! How about if we all BOYCOTT Yahoo! and tell our friends and families to do the same? 999 is just another typical misuse of power by Yahoo!

  96. Emory Rowland

    This is also known as the Herman Cain error :)

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