About Clickfire

Clickfire is a resource for the digitally outspoken. We feature content to inspire those who love blogging. Emory Rowland started Clickfire in 1997 as a place to experiment with online ideas. Many stories and millions of visitors later, we’re still a refuge for bloggers, digital marketers, social media powerusers and those who thrive on big, bold content.

The Backstory

Clickfire arose from a guy who couldn’t make it in the “real” world. He tried many times to find meaningful fulfilling work. But work was work and fun was fun and work was no fun. Until one day the Internet came along. He got a domain and started building, writing, connecting with others online. You might say he was blogging even though they weren’t called “blogs” yet. He created digital stuff and gave it away. Visitors came. He learned. More visitors came. Work became fun. He met a girl on this Internet. He made it.

Let’s share some of our most awesome content with each other.

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Digitally Outspoken

Whether you’re playing Farmville or bringing down totalitarian governments, we all live in blogging and social media. But there is a difference in the casual content creator and the sorts of stuff that creative bloggers are doing. A big difference. Our friends and our enemies are speaking ideas into the digital battlefield, changing your world, hurting it, helping it. They won’t be stopped. Saying nothing is not an option and saying something is easier than ever. Read on if you suspect blogging can change your life and the world.

Who’s Speaking Out?

Expressing yourself with anything less than extraordinary content is no longer optional. Everyone from individual bloggers to big brand social media teams are in the same digital ring and duking it out for the attention of consumers. Welcome the age of big content.

  • Active Bloggers
  • Social Media Powerusers
  • Virally Conscious Publishers
  • Content Marketers
  • Link Baiters

The Consequences

Success – You could meet a lot of people, make lots of money or become famous.
Career – If what you’re saying catches on, make it into a career.
Jail – It’s rare in the U.S., but some have found themselves behind bars for being digitally outspoken.

And, consider the consequences of not saying what’s been on your mind.


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