GetResponse Email Marketing: A Beautiful Way to Get Noticed

GetResponse‘s message is simple: building an email list in this day and age does not happen in a vacuum. It happens with integration – whether you’re talking about social media or the mobile web – and it happens because people come to find your email marketing efforts in a myriad of ways.

It’s not a bad approach, and it certainly has its appeal with today’s savvy Web 2.0 crowd, the type of user who expects just about anything and everything to integrate with Twitter and Facebook. And while many vertical response platforms are capable of integrating with social media profiles, few place the emphasis in the sales pitch – and then the execution – like GetResponse.

Of course, that’s not the only characteristic that makes for a quality vertical response service. You need the whole picture: quality in features and in services. GetResponse delivers on all fronts while providing an easy-to-understand pricing system to seal the entire deal. Basically, GetResponse is an excellent service that you’d be proud to recommend to friends. For my part, I’m happy to recommend it to you. In this GetResponse review, you’ll learn why.

This GetResponse review enjoys everything from the main page on down.

The Features Make the Sale

Many email marketing services advertise their individual features as a litany of reasons you should make the purchase at their site. GetResponse’s features are so well-developed they’re listed in feature type and still impressive. Among their features you’ll find split testing, voice messages, video email marketing, social media integration, iPhone app integration, online surveys, hundreds of templates, unlimited follow-up messages: it’s a cornucopia of GetResponse goodness and it happens even if you’re going with their minimal price plan. Worth noting is the fact that users can pick up the phone and talk to a real person for support.

It’s a good start.

The entire list of features explains how GetResponse works: it’s basically a do-everything-at-once email marketing service that allows you virtually limitless options for how you construct your marketing campaign.

If you’re an avid Twitter user and want everything to run through there, you should have no problems doing that. If you’re all about the templates and need to create a really attractive email message, GetResponse has you covered. If you’re a marketing geek who’s all about the analytics, you can run split tests to your heart’s desire. It’s really all there for you.

Of course, none of this would really matter if the interface and control panel were tough nuts to crack. You don’t want all of those excellent features hidden behind a thick shell. But there’s nothing about the GetResponse interface that will trip you up any more than the other services out there – heck, I think it’s probably easier to navigate than AWeber. Issues like choosing signup forms and browsing through HTML templates are really not issues at all.

If we’re going to evaluate the entirety of the GetResponse service, we’re going to have to be comprehensive and remember that none of this really matters without a solid price. And while we’re accustomed to “getting what we’re paid for,” there’s another pleasant surprise in this area of GetResponse’s strengths.

GetResponse and GetPaying

First, I have to get it off my chest: there is one major – major – advantage to the GetResponse pricing structure that catapults it up into 5/5 stars territory.

Free? Yes, free!

It’s the option to always use GetResponse for free. Yes, there are limitations – you can only host up to 100 subscribers for that price – but this is such a rare offer in the world of email marketing that it genuinely excites me. If you’re serious about building a subscriber list that’s bigger than 100 members, then you can afford the next-highest tier.

But if you simply want to indulge your curiosity and sign up with GetResponse right now, the always-free option should confirm that you’ve made a good decision.

Simple? Yes, simple!

The rest of the pricing structure over at GetResponse doesn’t disappoint. The structure is easy to understand and the prices are fair and modest. $9.95 monthly is all it will cost you for the first non-free tier, in which you can get up to 200 subscribers and send unlimited emails.

And, yes, that does mean all of the higher pricing tiers include unlimited emails, as well. Score one for the frequent emailers.

If this isn’t an exciting price plan for you, it’s probably because you’re focused on the limitations of the free option. Yes, there are limitations. But there’s no limit on how long you can continue to keep your email list free, provided you retain a small email list. If you’re building something even greater, then you probably don’t have to worry about the price of your email marketing software anyway.

If you’re interested in more options for a free service, then you can check out Constant Contact‘s 60-day free trial, which gives you plenty of time to indulge your email sweet tooth without so much a commitment as giving them a credit card number. But GetResponse also facilitates your desire for “free” in a mostly satisfying way.

Get GetResponse

I’m not going to tell you which email platform to use, because there are a lot of advantages to the different 5/5 star-rated ones you can find here at Clickfire. The aforementioned Constant Contact’s excellent free trial is worth a look, for example. But GetResponse’s permanent free trial is a great way to “dip your toes in the water,” so to speak, and should introduce you to a really professional, simple experience that grants you access to a lot of features you never even knew you wanted.

That’s a fancy way of saying that you get lots of stuff at GetResponse. Lots of integrations, lots of features, lots of abilities. It’s email marketing done right, and if you want your email list to reflect someone who knows what they’re doing, then you’re going to want to use a service like GetResponse. Everything is attractive and easy enough to use that there’s really no excuse: even newbies should have no problems with the initial introductions.

GetResponse is by Simon Grabowski’s Implix and is an example of something that nails just about every feature possible: quality, quantity, and pricing. If you’re looking for a better email campaign manager out there, you might want to quit before the going gets tough and simply opt with a service like GetResponse.

Rating:5 out of 5 Rating

GetResponse Free Account

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.


  1. Dookie

    I love the idea of gettin a free GetResponse trial version from their official website! It’s a great way to try it :-)

  2. Thank you very much for this detailed review showing us both sides of the coins for this tool. The no refund policy is a big setback for them and I can see why some users are upset but then there is a 30-day trial period for users to make their decision.

    I am a user of Getresponse for a number of years already and still find the calender scheduling kind of confusing to use.
    Appreciate your effort in this great review.

  3. I’ve been using GetResponse for a very long time. Though AWeber is bit costly compared to GetResponse but having some of the advanced features compared to GetResponse.

    Currently, I’ve also been falling in love with ActiveCampaign, it makes the marketing automation really awesome. Have you tried it?

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