GoDaddy Express Domain Name Appraisals – Why did I do this?

There are still times in life when you’re left with the telephone as the most efficient medium of communicating with your domain registrar. Before engaging GoDaddy customer support with Alexander Graham Bell’s 19th century technology, I often feel a twinge of adrenalin flowing in my veins because I know that their ultimate goal is to get me to renew my domains. It doesn’t matter if I have autorenew turned on. It doesn’t matter if I don’t care and my house is on fire, the question always comes. And it always begins with:

“I see you have some domains here that are coming up for renewal…”

This time the GoDaddy rep caught me off guard when he mentioned a special deal that would allow me to get an Express Domain Name Appraisal. Interesting, I thought. If a domain I owned were worth millions, I’d want to know about it. Wouldn’t anyone? I spent about 15 minutes negotiating with the guy and ended up spending $71.48 for 9 years of domain renewals and 4 Express Domain Name Appraisals. I figure I got pretty good value on the domain renewals alone, but the domain appraisals left me scratching my head.

“This appraisal will allow you to bid with confidence on an existing auction or set an appropriate asking price for your own auction.”

GoDaddy Express Domain Appraisal

How liberating. I can now set an appropriate asking price of between $84.00 – $260.00 for should I ever decide to sell the domain. I can just see myself staying up all night trying to decide if I should let my nearly decade old, content laden, labor of love sell for for a two digit figure or retire early on the profits of the three digit figure.

What’s the Methodology to the Madness?

“Our rating methodology includes metrics found at all domain appraisal sites as well as proprietary factors available only from the #1 registrar in the world,”

That’s it. Besides briefly referring to “comparable sales” and “recent trends,” the only other hint at methodology precedes the above where GoDaddy indicates that the domain appraisal is:

“based on a variety of factors related to the name itself.  We have compared the name to recent sales of similar domains, evaluated recent market trends, and applied a desirability factor based on these trends.”

Can’t I get some details on how the value of my real estate was determined?

The quote is later stated to be independent of any associated “brand equity, revenue, income or profits” in case that weren’t obvious.

GoDaddy Appraisal? Stop Mother, it’s a termite inspection!

Ah, Much Better… DNScoop Domain Apprasal Tool

DNSoop Site Value Report

I may have just become a willing victim of link baiting. I’ve been enjoying the tool lately for a very good reason: The DNScoop tool says is worth $37,204! This may be a wee bit on the high side given that they are looking at the domain name itself without revenue. Never-the-less, I’m having lots of fun with the figure, especially after the depressing score received from the Godaddy appraisal ($84 – $260). The DNScoop tool does have some real value in that it reports data of interest to the SEO conscious domainer:

  • Domain Age
  • PageRank
  • Inbound Link Count
  • Inbound Links
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Number of Indexed Pages per Search Engine
  • Domain Name IP Report – other services limit the number of domains you can see hosted on a server or require a login.

I wonder if there is a script functionality that can measure webmaster ego?

Emory Rowland

I'm editor and keeper of the flame at Clickfire, fanatical social media blogger and builder of Internet things from way back. My love for social media and success with organic search led me to start my own consulting company. Apart from the Internet, I could be considered pretty worthless. More...


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  2. Steven Bradley

    Emory, I’ll go as high as $267.83, but that’s my final offer. I want to help with the retirement plans after all.

  3. Emory Rowland

    Let me check with my financial advisor :)

  4. Wow, talk about sweat equity. You’re making about a penny and hour on your efforts if that. You might as well take Steven’s offer. ;)

  5. Scott

    Great! That means my North Georgia site that’s about 2 days old is worth about .98 cents.

  6. Rob

    I decided to try to protect people from using GoDaddy’s paid domain appraisal service. I paid them for an appraisal that was completely worthless. The domain name was valued at about 10% of the price I ended up selling the domain name for. Fortunately, my common sense told me how wrong their appraisal was, but had I followed their advice, I would have sold the domain for 90% less than the true value (ad proven by the market). Even laymen could see the value of my domain, and I truly think that GoDaddy’s appraisal system is just a machine that doesn’t necessarily recognize a solid domain name. I gave them a second chance by asking them to take another look, but they stuck with their wildly low value and didn’t offer any refund when I told them it was much much lower than offers I had received (which proves the invalidity of their appraisal).

    Otherwise, I like GoDaddy’s domain services, but STAY AWAY from’s PAID appraisal service!!!

  7. You point out that the valuation does not account for revenue. I would suggest that you are seeking a business appraisal, not a domain name appraisal. A domain is one asset of a given business, and has intrinsic value on its own. Start factoring in cash flow and other items that are part of a “going concern” and you are really looking for a website or business valuation rather than simply a domain name appraisal.

  8. Bill Zint

    zeteti – Good comment. The Web is maturing and with that investors will look at more than just a Domain name. Will this cause domain names to lose value in the coming years or will good and short domain names continue to go up in value?

  9. Tim McConnell

    We also do appraisals, depends on market for them, the name itself, if its easy to remember, if its a .com,does it get traffic, etc. If someone wants your domain name and they see a big value for their business, they will make you a great offer for it.
    We also sell domains and websites. Listing, membership is free, domains/websites are free to list until sold, and you can register names, transfer registars, etc. Please visit us at:

  10. There seems to be some quirks with the tool, but I think that the value (or lack there of) can be over and under valued. It does look cool though.

    So, how are you going to spend your $37K?

  11. Emory Rowland

    Yeah, I think it has some good ideas there and I like the way he’s integrated ads into the tool.

    I’m about as good with domains as I am with the stock market, which means I’ll ride it back down to the Godaddy price :)

  12. Atwitznd

    I buy and sell domains for a living. I generally sell privately with my own marketing but have also used Moniker or Sedo. My cohorts and I keep a close eye on
    to see what the market is doing.

    Although I do use Godaddy for all my domain name purchases, I had not used them for appraisals…until I began negotiations with a company who wanted to acquire one of my very special domain names.

    I submitted my name to godaddy and also to another company for certified appraisal, just for kicks. Oh, let it be know that the company that wants to buy my name (universally popular name), had offered me a 6 figure amount.

    When I opened the email from Godaddy, and looked at the appraisal I almost fell on the floor. Their certified appraisal came in at $810-$2,340!!! The appraisal from the other very successful appraisal company came in at $85,000-$196,000.

    I spoke to godaddy about this rather large discrepancy and questioned them as to their actual appraisal criteria and I was given a big song and dance. I explained to them that they were cutting their own throats by giving such low ball appraisals. These names are like real estate….they just ain’t making no more. And if they are trying to get into the market of domain resale, at 10% comission, then they really need to rethink how they are appraising these names. This is big business now and will only get more profitable as the net takes over the way we buy and sell and communicate. Can we say MySpace!

    I also shared with them that I went to their site and did a quick appraisal on a 5 letter domain name that I once owned and it came in a $50-$200. The same domain that I sold 2 years ago for $25,000! Had I sold it through Godaddy they would have made $2,500 on the deal!

    Needless to say they gave me a refund for my appraisals.

  13. Kristi Ambrose

    I have been going over this for weeks now. WHo do you trust? Who do you goto? I mean if someone has 1000 domains do they REALLY get them ALL appraised for what $20 a pop? That to me is just ridiculous. And you cant trust the free ones (obviously) they all say different things too. Nameboy appraised one of my domains for free for $8k. Then someone else did a consultation and told me $1-3k. Then he said “Im not a professional tho so get a paid one” so I did. Went from $8k to $700 lol. So now I dont know wth im doing. Im really confused and none of these so called “professionals” are willing to just help someone out by letting them know “your domain sucks” or “your domain is awesome, sell it!” It makes me nauseas and dizzy and overwhelmed. I was told recently that “if you do a bulk appraisal you can get $5 off”. Hm. $15 per domain is still a lot. BTW I tried DIGITALPOINT for a FREE appraisal and no one was of any help. In fact I got laughed at.. twice for the domain I listed. Dont cha ever wish there was a “do now pay later” option lol. Tell me the price now, and when I sell it Ill give you the money!


  14. Richard

    That’s sad, I almost ordered an appraisal through them just now then your post come up in google. Thanks for the tip! There’s a lot of free ones, I’ve found to be on the money most the time. sedo is nice as well

  15. Emory Rowland

    Richard, I got a much more reasonable assessment with that estibot tool.

  16. Ya, estibot is a pretty reliable good site to go on. I use that a lot through out the month for my domains or domains i might buy or might register.

  17. Online War Games

    GoDaddy Appraisals suck…The express ones are automatic so it’s not worth it.

  18. I’m looking to sell the domain name, I was looking for appraisal services and after reading this post I will definitely not be using GoDaddy’s service!

    Any suggestions on how to sell it privately?

    • Emory Rowland is one to try.

  19. Sebastiaan

    I just appraised LIVEMATCH.TV through godaddy (for 29$) , guess what they came up with….

  20. Rosie


    Reach out to me about selling my domain name for a fee. I’m interested in selling a pretty cool domain name.


  21. Mohamed Ridvan

    Thanks guys. You saved me. I was just suppose to do my domain appraisal with godaddy.

  22. Jason

    Thanks! Good thing I read this. I’ve also used in the past.

  23. bassem

    hello guys can you give an estimated evaluation of those domains

  24. Emory Rowland

    domain offer to buy lol

    I just received an “offer” for, lol

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