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I’ve been wanting to have some fun and publish some of the material I drummed up for the SEO Contest held last year by Webmaster-Talk Forums: Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity. When the contest was over, I realized that I had ended up creating a ton of content, some of which is worth sharing. I threw together the piece that follows for the purposes of article promotion (in case anyone was thinking of taking it too seriously). If any of you are considering entering a SEO contest, this may be helpful to think about before committing. It helped me. I promise you I’ll eventually shutup about this contest… just give me a little more time :)

How do you win an search engine optimization contest? That’s the question that  SEO’s and webmasters ask themselves before investing what could turn out to be a great deal of time competing in an SEO contest like Nigritude Ultramarine, Isulong Seoph or Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity. Consider a few points before embarking on the journey to win a SEO contest.

Understand the Rules
Don’t dive into the water without first knowing how shallow the pond is. It’s easy to get caught up in the lucrative prize offerings promised by SEO contest sponsors. Carefully examine the rules as publicly stated by the contest sponsor. Are the rules fair? Do they give advantages to experienced competitors who control lots of links or does the average Joe webmaster have a reasonable chance? Also ask if the contest rules have safeguards against cheating, spamming and unethical practices.SEO Contest

Know Thyself
Perhaps the next most important questions to ask is can I win the contest?

Realistically assess your SEO talents and capabilities against the rules of the contest.

Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character made a statement that should resonate for any potential contestants: “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” If you are an aspiring SEO or SEO newbie who will be competing against hundreds of professional SEO’s for tens of thousands of dollars in prize money, you may wish to make your debut in a smaller stakes contest. The risk of wasting valuable time may be far greater than the chances of reaping the reward. After all, you may be better off working on your own web site’s long term growth.

Have a Strategy
If you’re convinced that you have a reasonable chance to win an SEO contest, formulate an initial strategy based on what you know works and especially what has worked for you in the past. Of course, you can and should adapt your strategy. As the contest progresses, you will want peak in on your competitors and see what’s working for them. Even if you don’t win, you will probably learn a few new tricks.

Emory Rowland

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  1. That’s what I’m thinking these days. How would a newbie SEO aspirant get a chance of winning an SEO contest? Well it seem hard to see the difference between what we are doing and what they are for the contest. Unless one could do the trick by cheating or beating the search engines’ incapacity to think logically in a particular situation that may not be in the perspective of the software program (a bug).

    That’s right, we have to know the rules, know your strength and weaknesses, and have a strategy.

  2. sam

    Thank you very much for this one, I am joining a contest and I surely can use this to win. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. I myself am participating in an Israeli SEO contest, which ends in a week. I’d be happy to hear where I can get strong links to my blog. Thank you


  4. Geansai Gorm

    I have just entered an Irish based seo contest so appreciate all the useful tips and advise. I’m currently in 9th place with 10 days to go so who knows….

  5. darlyn

    yeah those are important elements of winning an SEO contest. but for a newbie like me it is impossible to win an SEO contest especially if i am learning something new. But of course I take note your post for another SEO contest someday

  6. Emory Rowland

    Be encouraged, darlyn. Everyone who ever won anything was a newbie at one time.

  7. darlyn

    thanks Emory… yeah I should think of that… and learn from the experience of others :D

  8. oes tsetnoc

    Nice article. Just joined my first SEO contest so anything will help.

  9. Thanks Emory for the info

  10. AMIR

    Thanks for the article.. :)

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