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Is This The Guru For You?
Logo design can be like a recipe. You’ve got to start off with a good chef, sure, but if you don’t put together the right ingredients and follow the process correctly, even the good chefs out there can turn out some pretty bad food. So can gurus of logo design, the exact type of “chef” attracted to a site like Logo Design Guru. What is it?

Well, you wouldn’t have clicked over to this Logo Design Guru review without knowing that you were at least interested in finding out. So let’s start there: a simple definition. Logo Design Guru is a crowd source site, which means that you’re actually turning to a “crowd” of designers to finish your logo work. But rather than paying a team of some 99 designers to complete your work, these designers are actually competing for your project and hoping to win your affection by standing out from said crowd.

Confused yet? It’s actually quite a simple process, and once you check out a site like Logo Design Guru, you may just be hooked on the idea of crowd sourcing. But unless Logo Design Guru actually delivers on what it promises, it’s just another site you’ll want to delete from your bookmarks and move on. So what’s the verdict?

A Logo Design Guru review with a'tude.

Talking to the Crowd

Crowd sourcing is an interesting phenomenon, and even I – a humble freelancer myself – don’t really understand how the economics work. How do so many designers find that submitting their work as just 1/90th or so of what the customer has to choose from end up being economically viable for the designers? Sure, we know it works out quite well for the logo buyer – they get a cheap logo and they get to choose their logo from among many – but it’s hard not to wonder if the designer isn’t ending up, in a manner of speaking, screwed.

Obviously this isn’t the case, because the sheer amount of designers that flock to sites like Logo Design Guru (where they promise you can expect to see around 50-150+ designers competing for your project) dispels the very notion. Crowd sourcing works, and Logo Design Guru probably works too.

Is Crowd Sourcing the Solution?

But how does Logo Design Guru do it? In the normal fashion, to be sure: you post your project – very easy to do, by the way, and we like that – and you make sure you’re able to pay for it, and the designers are off to the races. A simple browsing of the site’s current project board yields a hive of economic activity, and even shows off some of Logo Design Guru’s nice features, like posting private projects and making your project “featured” to attract even more attention.

All of these little details count when you’re running a site like Logo Design Guru. Why? Because there are so many other crowd sourcing sites out there these days and the concept is so simple that these little details become major indicators of a quality service. Logo Design Guru nails on most of them, which is a good sign and an indication that this might just be the crowd sourcing site for you.

Prizes and Prices

Two sides to the same coin, really. What is a prize for one logo designer is a price for someone who’s interested in finding a logo. And depending on how high or how low that price is, someone will be at a disadvantage. In other words, the prices on any crowd sourcing site can’t be a major coup for both designer and buyer, right?

You’d be surprised. If someone had been paying a graphic design firm thousands of dollars for all of their logo needs and just needed to simplify, a much smaller price at a site like Logo Design Guru is a major coup. And even though this price may be smaller than the thousands earned before, a nice-sized project can be well worth a designer’s while.

That’s how the economics work, and that’s why looking at the prices and prizes is so important.

Logo Design Guru does a good job at keeping the prices reasonable. A minimum project will run you about $179, which is not too bad considered how often people will pay several hundreds of dollars and well into quadruple digits to secure the same type of quality from a well-established firm.

It’s near the standard industry price for crowd sourcing these days, but considering the overall ease with which one can acquire a logo now, that’s not a bad price base at all.

Usage and Interface

All of this overall karma is let out of the balloon, however, with a bad functionality. Luckily, Logo Design Guru meets my personal standards by opting for a pretty straight-forward, simple approach that shouldn’t confuse anyone who has more than a few hours of experience on the Internet.

There aren’t any major labyrinths to find, and the big buttons up front tell you how to get started right away. Hey, I’m not a computer genius – I need big buttons telling me to what to do!


Overall, I’m left with a very positive impression of Logo Design Guru. It’s not spectacular in any one way, but it avoids many of the easy pitfalls a crowd sourcing site with lesser standards might fall in to.

When you add in a money-back guarantee to seal the deal, you realize there’s no reason at all you couldn’t check out Logo Design Guru in addition to some of the big boys like 99 Designs.

Is this the first crowd sourcing site you should check out? Well, that’s a matter of taste. I personally don’t think there’s such a difference between all of these logo design sites that you need to choose one in particular. If you have a logo that needs designing and you’ve got the budget for it, you can get started on the process today.

Sites like Logo Design Guru are great at making you wonder why you ever waited in the first place. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking those big buttons.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating

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