LogoYes Review: Is the Verdict a Yay or Nay?

Clearly, if you’ve read our review of LogoMaker, you know that we have a certain genetic predisposition to the idea of creating your own logo. The process is enticing indeed, for a number of reasons. You get to pay a lot less for your logo, for one. For another, you have virtually limitless control over your own logo, considering you’re the one in the driver’s seat. And you get to have the logo quickly, downloading it as soon as you’re able to pay for it.

But it’s that whole “pay” thing we wonder about. I mean, fifty or sixty bucks for a logo I created myself? Really? Would McDonald’s charge me $3 for a burger if I went in the back and cooked it myself? (Well, I’m not sure how their employee discounts work, but I’m hoping the answer is no.) Maybe I’m just bitter because all of these do-it-yourself logo sites advertise themselves in their meta tags as “free.”

With that context well established, we arrive at the site of LogoYes (web.com), another web site aimed at bringing us in to design our logo and sending us out with a fresh new order placed on our credit card. If I sound a little suspicious, it’s because I am, and you should be too. So in this LogoYes review, let’s take a peek around the site and see if there’s anything that makes the service worth our while.

LogoYes is another logo service calling itself free.

The Selling Points

If you’re going to impress me with your logo designing prowess, you need to have a particular selling point. For example, if LogoYes was the cheapest logo designing tool I could find – and no, it’s not cheaper than LogoMaker – then that would certainly qualify as a strong selling point. If LogoYes had particularly high-quality designs, templates, and fonts, then maybe that would push me over the edge. But alas, I found their templates to be nice and professional-looking but ultimately not enthralling.

So what is LogoYes’s unique selling point, the factor that’s going to make this a quality logo design site you’ll want to remember?


I can’t find anything. An exploration of the finer details of LogoYes’s services continues to yield bucketloads of problems. For example, you can only save two logos at once. What? For the price, I want to be able to save at least ten, if not as many as I please so I can have people look at them and tell me which they like best. Really? All I get is two? I thought this was America.

So the best LogoYes can actually do on its individual selling points is equal other sites like LogoMaker. It certainly doesn’t exceed the overall quality of LogoMaker, and since we’ll talk about price in the next section, suffice it to say that it doesn’t stack up in that department.

But before I go on, it’s important to mention that LogoYes does have some redeeming qualities. If it didn’t, I’d rate it a zero out of five stars, after all. If you do purchase a LogoYes logo that you, ahem, designed yourself, then you’re going to at least be able to create something clean and professional. Yes, that’s what you should expect, but at least LogoYes doesn’t fail in that department, either.

As for my overall impression, let’s put it this way: if my mom was using LogoYes to create a logo for her new online business, I’d try to stop her before she paid for the logo. Why? Easy: price.

The Price is Wrong

It’s just too expensive.

LogoYes will charge you $69 for your own logo, dozens of dollars above competition like LogoMaker, which is certainly no slouch when it comes to the broken promises of a “free” logo itself. So why would anyone ever choose LogoYes for their design needs? You got me.

Either they can create a cheaper logo themselves or they can decide that you get what you pay for and spring for the couple hundred or so a more professional, tailored logo would yield in today’s online marketplace.

That about sums up the whole problem I have with the price, so let’s move to the good news: LogoYes can come with an affiliate program (seems to be inactive at the moment) so you can actually make some money helping them sell their do-it-yourself logos. That’s a much better prospect than actually buying one of the logos yourself, and even if you don’t believe in the LogoYes product necessarily, it’s not like you’ll be ripping anyone off: for the price, they do in fact get to design their own customized logo.

It’s not the best price on the market, but maybe it’s the best you can sell.

Is that a bonus for anyone who’s looking to design their own logo? Of course not. You’re not an affiliate marketer; you just came here to read about makin’ cool logos ‘n’ stuff. So despite the nice promise of an affiliate marketing program, I still have to keep LogoYes down in the dumps at two out of five stars.

New Title Suggestion: LogoNo

LogoYes does have its upsides, but it’s surrounded by a moat filled with downsides – so much so as to make the entire process not worth it. There are cheaper ways to get your logos if what you want is a cheap logo. There are better ways to get unique designs if what you want is a better, unique design. LogoYes unfortunately sits in that odd piece of territory between the cheap do-it-yourself logo makers and the more pricey-but-often-worth-it crowd sourcing sites.

Should you avoid LogoYes at all costs? I’m not going to say that, because it’s not like you can’t get a quality logo over at LogoYes. It’s just not the kind of quality that should come attached to their price of $69. But heck, there’s never any accounting for taste, and it’s free to try out – before you download your logo, that is.

Whether or not you’ll want to complete the logo designing process with a purchase will be entirely up to you.

Rating: 2 out of 5 Rating

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.


  1. Ari

    I bought a logo from LogoYes.com for $0.99! Sounds cheap!
    Until a year later; they started taking $9.95 off my card A MONTH!! They said I had been automatically signed up to a website subscription!
    Thieves! Buy off LogoYes.com, and they’ll sneak up on you after a year and steal your money!

    • Janet Kleyn

      How did you cancel it? The same thing has happened to me… DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

      • Miguel

        It happened to me 2. They are thieves.

        Cancel the card that you used to buy from them. It is the safest way

  2. Ernie Pallas

    Over three years they took nearly $400 out of my American Express Account.

    I signed nothing agreed nothing never got any communications from them to support transactions.

    I live in China and I cant even get the web site to load here. Phone rings out no answer.

    This is the first scam thats hit me.

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