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This weekend I finally got around to doing a little spring cleaning and organizing of computer files. I found a few lists of domains that I had wanted to register but found that some other zealous webmaster had beat me to them. It’s always disappointing to find out that someone else had the same idea and went about the perfunctory task of registering the domain and thus shutting you out.

With this set of domains, I had checked the availability and very soon afterwards went back and tried reserving them. They were gone (by the way, don’t waist your time doing a whois on Yahoo.com. Someone has already reserved that one):

  • webover.com – This was my first domain registration snooze and lose lesson. I actually sketched a business plan for this site. Essentially, Webover was going to be a play on the term, makeover. Web site owners who needed a web site makeover could enter some info and get a site evaluation, then get redesign recommendations, some of which would have been leads from advertisers. I had gone as far as to write snippets of copy, design notes, and even thought as far ahead as like an affiliate program and press release.
  • 2008election.us – Seems like a no brainer, but I hesitated too long. When I went back to register, the domain was taken.
  • govrates.com – I had actually checked this a day or so earlier and it was available.

Here are a few that I thought of retrospectively and rushed to check and see if by some chance the domains were available:

  • freedomfries.com – I missed owning this domain by 22 days. On 3/11/03 I realized the value of this domain after the controversy erupted over France not supporting the U.S. position to go to war against Iraq. Freedom Fries had just become a buzz word. Although congressional restaurants changed the menu items from french fries to freedom fries, the buzz appears to have died out now. I checked the availability. It was taken around 2/17/03.
  • shockandawe.com – Another war related buzz phrase. I missed this domain by 2 ½ months.

It’s no good dwelling on what I should have done. There are other domains out there just waiting for a home. To the owners of these web properties, I would like to wish you the best of success and let you know that someone else was out there poised to snap these up. You may not realize it, but you just barely got them. Congratulations. You have great timing.

Yet More Missed Domains

I keep learning this lesson over and over: a domain is useless unless you take the time to register it. I had mentioned a few domains that I had wanted to register but sadly missed. As I continued my spring cleaning and organizing of computer files, I found a file named Domains to Register.doc. The file consisted of a list of domains that I was watching and considering registering at some time in the future. Can you guess where this is going? Fellow procrastinators read on.

These domains were all available and I considered reserving them:

  • download-software-files.com
  • Filegirl.com
  • Ninebest.com
  • localjobboards.com
  • seowebdesign.info
  • directorysite.info
  • seowebdesign.net
  • nichedirectory.info
  • nichedirectory.net
  • insurance-reviews.net
  • HealthInsuranceReviews.com
  • auctioncrib.com
  • findyourcoupons.com
  • lookupcoupons.com
  • couponlookup.com
  • crossblog.com
  • downloadavatars.com
  • keywordpeople.com
  • techfolk.com

Someone thinks these are worth the risk of buying and holding them for years. Are these domains really valuable? Some contain good keywords and others perhaps some merit for branding. Best wishes to the owners of these domains that might have been mine and yours!

Missed Premium Domain

Promise not to laugh at this one. I consider myself heterosexual but fairly dysfunctional as a domainer, to the point where I somehow managed to be the winning bid for femaleperspective.com, a domain which I had found listed on Godaddy’s TDNAM.com auction site. I was on vacation and bored at the time. The price was under $200.00.

Okay, great. I win. Here’s my payment. Now, may I have the domain please? It turns out that the responsibility of collecting the domain falls to me. I managed to get a few responses from the seller but no domain. So here I am arguing on the phone with Godaddy customer support showing how manly I am demanding my femaleperspective.com domain and thinking how silly the whole thing was. I finally gave up and let Godaddy credit my account back for the purchase amount. The total waste of time, I’d have to cover myself.

Domains I Didn’t Miss… One “Dough” main

Finally, I hit one. I registered socialcoupons.com years ago and sat on it. I decided to list it on buydomains.com. Someone took it off my hands for a nice bit of dough.

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  1. c4

    WebOver is a great domain name

  2. siva

    I dont understand this domain name business. Whenever I try to register a domain name I like, I find it is already registered, and in most cases, there is no website, just a sponsored listing offering the domain name for sale. For my latest Paint Sprayer Reviews blog, all the paintsprayerreviews domain names were taken, and none have any real content. When I looked for review.com sites on other topics, it was the same case. There are so many domain names that are just registered and blocked with no content.

    • Emory Rowland

      @ siva Ah, domain squatters strike again. I’ve started looking at premium domains first because I typically find out I’m 5 years too late.

  3. siva

    Yeah. What I don’t understand is, how do they manage to remain squatting for years together without any returns? How do they benefit?

    • Emory Rowland

      The really good professional domainers can sit on a large portfolio for an extended time. They know how to monetize parked domains and if 1 out of 100 sells, they can make a big profit.

  4. Ken

    One of the best domainers I’ve seen is Doma.in . They sell tons of domains at $69-$300. … All of which I bet they bought at under $10. Smart biz going for volume and margin rather than the high profile one word domains. They also put on a boot camp for aspiring domain investors. Check out the owner @sharonhayes on twitter.

    • Emory Rowland

      Hey Ken, looks interesting. I’ll definitely check these out. I wonder to what degree the premium one and two word names are going to hold their value over time.

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