Want to Become a Successful Blogger? Just Niche Down

You gotta niche down

Niching down could make you a better blogger, though it may not seem to be that way. When it comes to blogging, we all like to think of ourselves as being able to cater to a wider section of the audience. The concept is if you write for different categories of people, it increases your readership.

But, honestly, put yourself in the shoes of a reader and you’d probably think of it in another way. If people just refer to your blog as the career blog, well they think of it as just another blog. But, if you say it’s a blog about making yourself more presentable for interviews, or about fishing out the right kind of jobs from the classifieds, then the reader thinks, “Wow, there’s something in it for me.”

Every successful marketing strategy has the same good old strategy- addressing the right individual. It’s here that having a niche or focus becomes very significant.

When You Niche Down, You Become an Expert or an Authority

What niching down does is make you an authority on a specific subject or topic rather than being considered as someone who dabbles in everything. So, identify the niche you wish to specialize in and keep your blog posts coming in that direction.

But that doesn’t quite mean that you shouldn’t write on absolutely anything else. You can have those occasional off-topic posts too since blogs are personal pieces of practical literature. But make sure that your regular blogs are on your niche topics.

That ensures an interested and dedicated readership which helps you earn easier. Ultimately, people want to listen to someone they trust as an authority on a specific topic.

An Example of a ‘Niched Down’ Blog

Take a look at the Heyjudess blog:

Heyjudess blog


In the homepage, it’s all clear what this deals with. Right below the title you have the description, “blogging + productivity tips.” Active and wannabe bloggers get what this is about and sense this has what it takes to help them on their journey. There’s a banner below which is about a free online course run by the blogger about building a profitable blog.

And, it also tells why she’s qualified to be offering this course. She has started this blog and it now earns her $4k per month. That’s helped her build authority as someone who’s been there and done that.

Here’s her intro on the home page that presents the individual and the blogging expertise she’s built up:

Home page intro

Checking out her blog posts, you find they’re all about various aspects of blogging. Her three latest blog posts appear on the home page and that further make readers want to check it out:

Latest Blog Posts

That’s how you niche down, build authority, and make your blog specific about the valuable and actionable advice you offer.

General Blogs and Niched Down Blogs

The blogs you find in the Internet can be broadly classified into general or multi-topic blogs and niche or specialized topic blogs. General blogs usually contain posts by multiple bloggers on various topics in a broad category, such as fashion, sports or finance. That’s not to say that there aren’t niche blogs where multiple bloggers contribute to. For instance, check out The Write Life – it’s a blog focusing on writing, freelancing and blogging, is an example of a niche blog with posts by various bloggers:

The Write Life

However, general blogs perform best when they’re run by a business, company or any other organization such as an educational institution or university, with multiple writers contributing to it. But when you, as a writer, are running a blog of your own, it frankly is overwhelming to deal with all the topics under the sun just because you want to attract as many readers as possible.

Let me tell you this- it doesn’t work that way. A blog is not just about giving information to people, but it’s about sharing experiences with them in relation to the actionable advice or tips you’re giving them.

The secret to a successful blog is building a good deal of engagement with your audience. That happens when the audience recognizes your area of specialty, and realizes that it’s what they would like to know about, particularly with regard to how you’ve tackled the challenges you’ve faced.

Why Niching Down Is the Better Option

You can’t specialize in a million topics, and the audience knows that. So, it’s wiser to specialize your blog to what you’re an expert in. Share the tips and the experience you’ve gained, and that’s how the audience feels the connection with you, says Judy who owns the Heyjudess blog.

You can find the personal touch in that blog, as opposed to a blog that deals with a zillion topics under the sun covering a broad category. That’s how you can bring in the earnings, for nearly half the effort you spend in researching and churning out blogs on multiple topics.

For a multi-niche blog, it’s also tough to figure out the SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is essential for your blog to get noticed and the visitors to keep coming. For good SEO, your blog should be focused on a specific topic, says ShoutMeLoud blogger Harsh Agrawal.

Search engines rank blogs on the basis of authority and brand. As we’ve seen above, with a blog focused on a single topic, it’s easier to generate the authority than a blog that deals with multiple topics.

A Niched Down Cookery Blog

A niche blog can make you an expert easily. Cookery blogs are great examples. Here’s one run by a couple that’s turned out to be extremely popular – Pinch of Yum:

Niched Down Cookery Blog

As you can see, there’s a personal touch to the blog with a personal post thrown in between. But it sticks to the niche, and the personal posts help in engaging with the audience.

Niche blog example

So you can have personal posts, and occasionally post off-topic too, because a blog is all about your personal experiences and how your audience connects to it. But ensure that you stick to the niche by and large.

Identifying Your Niche

So how do you find what niche you must specialize in? There are three steps here:

  • Find out what interests you – It could be your passion, your free time interests, or something which you just have a good deal of information about. Whatever you select, you must be knowledgeable in that, update yourself to the latest trends, and be able to provide practical and actionable advice.
  • Then, you need to figure out if your blog idea is profitable. Can it give you significant revenue? How about something like an ecommerce website that sells a particular product. For doing that, you need to identify your prospective audience and what they’re looking for. You have many profitable niches, but you need to figure out which of these you have an expertise in. Additionally, you also need to find out which niches can attract advertisers and affiliate programs, because you blog for a living and advertisers account for a good deal of the earnings. If a niche has too much competition, you might want to look at another one. Once you’re done that, it’s possible to convert your existing blog into a fully fledged ecommerce store.
  • That’s where you’ll find your audience – a niche in connection with your expertise, which really caters to the needs of people but does not have adequate blogs or resources.

Identifying that niche already takes you halfway towards your goal of running a profitable and popular blog.

I wish you good luck as you niche down your way to a profitable and engaging blog!

Catalin Zorzini

Catalin is the founder of Inspired Mag, and his current obsessions are Sun Ra and matcha tea.


  1. Hi Catalin,

    This is a great post about why having selected the right niche is important for success. Usually, bloggers decide to have many niches or cover the full spectrum of a niche is because they are undecided really. They don’t know exactly where they have the most comfort. If that’s the case, I would actually advise them to write content on different topics and see which one they feel more comfortable writing about.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Hey Catalin,
    Definitely a great post. It seems that people are also saying these days, it’s a good idea to niche down the types of posts we write. Such as ‘How to’, ‘Listicles’ etc – or at least begin with one type, create a following and then build out from there. thereby creating a consistent format so people know what to expect when they come back to your blog.

    What do you think about this?

  3. I absolutely agree that writing about your passions and interests is key to becoming a successful blogger, also trying to find a niche that isn’t already overly saturated is a must.

  4. Lewis Robinson

    I love this article! Often we as Business people run into wanting to have the world as our target market, when in reality that doesn’t work. Great work!

  5. Siberian wellness

    I absolutely agree that writing about your passions and interests is key to becoming a successful blogger, also trying to find a niche that isn’t already overly saturated is a must.

  6. finding a niche that is profitable is difficult, but can be done. I also recommend finding what interests you the most and to just write about it. Blogging is tough and results are not imminent.

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