Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity

Retsambewers, start your engines (no pun intended). The Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity SEO Contest announced by Tim Shroeder of on April 3rd carries a smaller cash and prize value than the big contests like the Shoemoney SEO Contest we reported earlier. The Webmaster-Talk SEO contest cash and prizes are valued at $5000 or so while the Shoemoney contest is said to be valued at over $25,000.00 (details are forthcoming). But, the booty is not the only factor that webmasters and SEO’s consider when joining. What I like about the Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity contest is Tim’s careful consideration in formulating a fair contest for new webmasters as well as experienced site owners. A few of the key rules that will no doubt hamstring some are:

  • Bloggers may not benefit as easily because no remotely hosted blog domains or even subdomains are allowed (except for backlinking).
  • Owners of older domains cannot get a leg up in rankings from any Google bias toward the age of their domains or existing incoming links because a new domain name must be used (must be registered after 4/3/2006).
  • Perhaps the best leveler of the playing field is that the contest keywords (Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity) cannot be used in the domain.

I’ve been a member at Webmaster-Talk since 2002 and have enjoyed reading and posting on the discussion forums there. Tim has done a great job of thinking through and planning Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity. Charity sites are not the most SEO friendly. It’s especially nice to see the benevolent side of webmasters being brought out in that one of the goals of the contest is to put focus on charity sites. I’ve set up a special Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity site to keep up with the contest, push for charity, and hopefully to compete with fellow webmasters and SEO’s. Let’s see if the Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity page attracts any attention from search engines. The full details of the SEO contest are available at Webmaster-Talk Forums.

Emory Rowland

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  1. retsambew dash klat for charity

    I am glad to see that a lot of other people are entering this retsambew dash klat for charity SEO contest. My personal entry is I want to wish everyone the best of luck in this contest, and just want to remind everyone that it is all for charity, so let the best man win! :-)

  2. Emory Rowland

    You’re one notch ahead of me! Looks like I’ve got work to do :)

  3. Don

    Good luck, I am also in!

  4. Anonymous

    Exactly 45 days left to go in this contest!

  5. Sam

    When you SEO your site, remember not to misspell, hahah…

  6. Emory Rowland

    With only one month left in this contest, I’d say it has been somewhat uneventful. I am ready to see some action.

  7. seonewbie

    I would like to know what SEO tactics are being used by the leading contenders. Anything new here or just the same old who-can-get-the-most-links/link bomb type stuff?

  8. Emory Rowland

    Here are a few tactics I’ve observed during the contest:

    1. Moderators of search engine friendly discussion forums similar to webmaster-talk with hundreds of existing posts plugging in their retsambew dash klat for charity sites into their signatures. Great idea because it gives them tons of back links from topically related pages which are older than the contest.
    2. Signing up for free blog hosting to drum up pages and link back to contest sites.
    3. Use of social networking and bookmarking sites.
    4. Scraping RSS feeds of competitors.
    5. Some comment spamming (Although, I think this has been ineffective).
    6. Some reciprocal linking and even one or 2 cases of suspected link purchasing.
    7. Digital Point Coop Weight?

    I guess the real question is what tactics are working. I believe we will find out more answers to this after the contest is over.

  9. webmistress

    I see one site doing one of those 302 redirect hijacky thingies. Not on the first page of Google results, yet, heheh.

  10. Alex

    I wish that I had the patience to design my web sites as good as yours.

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    I am participant in Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest organized by Net Builders. I liked your post on how to win an SEO contest. The post have given me lot of inspiration and I am going to put my maximum effort in Sulumits Retsambew Contest.

  12. an do

    I hope i am as great as you. I want to join this contest too and seo contest but how should i start? Please help me out.

  13. Emory Rowland

    an do, I haven’t heard of that contest but I bet you could use some of the tips here to start optmizing.

  14. Let’s go to be the winner (sulumits retsambew)

  15. Sulumits Retsambew

    Sulumits Retsambew seo contest is so hard to do but interested.

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