RSS Water Fountain

I went to the water fountain, leaned down to get a drink of water, and saw this…

RSS Image Closeup - Drink up Baby

RSS Image - Zoomed Out Water Fountain

RSS Image Very Close - I'm so Thirsty

Working in the search engine marketing industry means you have to spend all of your time on the Internet. Sometimes, the segue into the real world blurs. This is one such case.

Have you ever spotted an object in real life that strikingly resembles a familiar Internet object?

Dragging it to the RSS reader won’t be easy. But, I’m thinking about replacing my standard RSS icon with this last image for a more industrial look. Why follow the pack of other bloggers?

Do you see a water fountain or an RSS Logo?

Emory Rowland

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  1. Mayday! Mayday! RSS is drowning!

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  3. Jamie MacDonald

    HEY! I posted a pic like this on Flickr December of last year!

  4. PHP Scripts

    You’re right, that really looks like the RSS icon.


  5. Emory Rowland

    Nice pic, Jamie. Glad I’m not the only one seeing Internet stuff offline.

    What kind of reader would you use I wonder?

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  7. WOW!! Thats awesome!! That looks just like the RSS Icon. I’ll have to take a double take next time I’m at a fountain.

  8. Bryan

    hahaha! yeah you’re right. That surely looks like a rss button. you’re pretty observant.

  9. Video Avatar

    That would be a great icon, no need to edit much if you will be using it for your RSS. I think I’ll be more observant next time haha. Maybe this is where they got the icon from, flowing water and flowing feeds? hehe

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