sTile Seamless Tile Creator Review

A Freeware Solution When Graphics just don’t “Seam” Right

How many times have you patted yourself on the back for creating a snazzy graphic, then thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I could use this as a web background, wallpaper, or 3D texture?” When you try, you often notice that when the images are tiled, they usually appear with some degree of unwanted “seams” where they join. Blending edges in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop can take time. These programs weren’t especially designed for seamless tile creation. sTile is.

You won’t recognize a truly seamless tile when you see one. However, most people realize that something is wrong when they can discern edges on a tiled image. Undesirable seams are a sure sign of unprofessional design. Steve Harman, an accomplished Delphi programmer, wrote sTile to eliminate this problem. The program allows fast creation and testing of seamless tiles. It’s a useful tool for ridding your image of ugly edges that appear when “lined up adjacent to itself.”

sTile Seamless Tile Creator Screenshot


  • Scrolls a tile to center seams for editing or saving
  • Full screen Test Tiles function shows a quick preview of an open image.
  • Edge merge and four way flip.
  • 60 + filter style effects.
  • Load an image into a buffer and merge it with another image.

sTile turns out to be another underrated freeware program that can add value to your web design projects. We recommend sTile to anyone curious about making good seamless tiles. Newbies and experienced graphic designers will both likely enjoy it. There’s no “harm” in trying.

Visit HarmWare for robust sTile tutorials and a plethora of seamless tile examples.

Emory Rowland

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  1. Trilogy

    Harmware? and then I saw the word “bogus” while the site was loading up. With words like that, I won’t be downloading anything from you.

  2. Moonbeam

    RE. Trilogy comment above – DORK!!!!.. Harmware is the name of the software – I downloaded it and love it.. and I recommend it as an excellent little program for making seamless tiles.. I use it to create backgrounds for digital scrapbook projects and it works very well.. A very simple but great program.. thank you for the freebie -I am pleased with it.

  3. rembo

    This is the best software to make seamless tiles there is!
    You can use it (plus some other software) to make seamless textures for in games.

  4. Makes perfect seamless tiles! However, if there is any glitter it removes it when I upload it. Can anyone help me?
    Is it possible to keep glittered graphics? Thanks.

  5. DK

    I’ve been using this program since it was called ‘Harm’s Tile’ way back when. I’ve found it to be very useful, very versatile and a heck of a lot of fun to just play with. Makes everything from seamless tiles to map textures to bump maps. Couldn’t live without it.

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