Metty Tutorial

A brief demo of how to use Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker.

Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker Tutorial

To get started, open Metty and a Title in the Title field, some keywords that distinguish your website in the Keywords field, and a short description of your site in the Description field. You may also fill in fields for any of the other available fields.

Screen 1

When you have filled in all of the the form fields for which you want to create meta tags, click Tags, then Generate Tags from the menu bar.

Screen 2

Metty automatically takes you to the Generated Tags tab to view your meta tags. Aren’t they gorgeous!

Screen 3

Now you can copy or save your tags. To copy, select Tags, Copy Tags from the menu bar. You can paste these into an HTML file of your own.

Screen 4

To save your meta tags as a template for later use, select Tags, Save Tags As from the menu bar. Type a name for your file and click Save. Metty will save your tags as a .htm file.

Screen 5

Meta Tag Menu


Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker

Meta Tag Maker Screen Shot


Screenshot of Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker

Meta Tag Help

Search engine technology has become more sophisticated and no longer puts the weight on meta data that they once did.

Directories may get meta data from the title, keywords, and description meta tags to display a site listing.

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