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Transparent Favicon


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Transparent Icon in Favicon Format

So you think you’ve “seen” every favicon out there? If you don’t feel like creating a favicon (the little icon that shows up in many browsers when your site is bookmarked), then you can take the easy route and go transparent. The neat thing about this one is that it blanks out the default Microsoft icon in Internet Explorer. It might have the effect of getting someone’s attention or at at the very least serving as a conversation piece.

If you’re not feeling creative and just want to block out the default icon from Internet Explorer as above, download and use this transparent icon as a favicon on your web site. The icons are free to download, modify, and use as content on your web sites. This transparent favicon file is in .ico format. Design your own favicon with freeware graphics programs like IconEdit32 and IrfanView.

Emory Rowland

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  1. flickvine

    No matter what I do, I keep getting a white background when I try to make it transparent. First I created a gif with a transparent background and used an online tool to transform it into a favicon. This added a white background. Next I tried, IconEdit32, but this appears to give me a black background when I attempt to delete the white. What do you think I should do? Thanks.

  2. Emory Rowland

    If you select 16 X 16 with 16 colors in IconEdit32, you should see a box listed in the color palette with a blue line through it. That represents transparency in the palette. So, in your image anywhere those boxes are should be transparent when saved.

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